Welcome to this first Yarps Tutorial, the web app that will bond all your adventures. Today we will briefly discuss the main dashboard, its functions and what we can find today and in the future. We always say we are talking about a product in development, whose Kickstarter is expected to start in autumn 2019.

In this image you can see the top part of the Yarps dashboard. In the bar at the top of the page we can find: the button to return to the dashboard itself; the Encyclopedia button, which contains each "entity" created up to that moment; the non negligible search button; the notebook (which has not yet been implemented); the files button to scroll through the documents uploaded by GM and Players.

Just a little lower we find the name of the page, in this case the Dashboard, and the version of Yarps itself. As of this writing, the web application has arrived at version 0.1.2, therefore far from being a finished product. This is actually very positive, because what we actually have is already enough and advanced to be able to dedicate ourselves to the World Building.

Yarps News and Recently Updated

Continuing on our journey, we find the news section. In this section the development team will update and communicate with users about maintenance, news, future developments. In the future it will become very important.

At the same level of the News section we have the latest entities modified by the user, without distinction of type. Whether it's a portrait, a faction, a character or a city, you will find everything you've worked on in the last few days. A quick click will take you directly to the entity in question, allowing you to continue working and make last minute changes.


In this section, located just below the two just described, we find all the drafts available to us. These are all those entities that we have not cataloged as terminated, therefore all those ideas still in development or correction. In this case we have a division by entity type, allowing us to quickly reach the draft in question.

Future developments

We conclude this first tutorial with a small preview of what is missing in the dashboard. We have already shown the Notebook icon but let's focus for a moment on the end of the page. We find GM announcements, Notes, scheduled sessions and in the future we will find many other widgets with which to customize our Dashboard!