Yarps is aweb application currently in development, recently reached a stable and already usable beta, which allows to cover every aspect of world building and campaign management. Do you need to create a city? You can do it. Do you want two or three factions, one of which governs officially and one unofficially? You can do it. Do you want your vampire wizard to finally have a portrait? With their portrait editor you can do it!

After a long period of alpha testing, from which our three tutorials on dashboards, the characters and portraits, was launched on Kickstarter of the project with the release of the open beta. You can access the registration page at this link. Despite our tutorials, some graphics have been moved and placed in different positions. We will update the tutorials or make new ones.


An ambitious project

We Seekers have been among the supporters of the very first hour of Yarps. The idea of ​​building a platform in which to bring together all the aspects related to role playing was really interesting and ambitious. If we combine this with the possibility of creating portraits of their characters and the automatic connection between different concepts, the tool undoubtedly becomes a tempting bite to take home. However, we would lie if we didn't say that the project is still far from being fully realized. From the beginning we expected the Kickstarter but we didn't think it would come one month from winter.

Partners from all over the world

In his adventure towards the Kickstarter, Yarps has found allies from all over the world, some even local ones. The most important is undoubtedly Pinnacle Entertainment Group, known for Savage Worlds and other major role-playing game brands. Added to this Ulisses Spiele, which will bring unique content for their products directly to Yarps, and Sonor Village, the studio that created the theme song for the Seekers of Atlantis live and many other wonderful songs.

What does the user earn?

For those who will finance this project, the usual benefits for Kickstarter of this type are expected. They range from simple access to the early beta of the final product to months or years of premium. The possibility of having a premium lifetime account, the possibility of receiving the new preview functions and more tokens to vote for ideas in the proposals hub are appreciated for 125 euros.

What goals did they put on the table?

Unfortunately from this point of view the painful notes begin. The stretch goals put on the plate are quite miserable, limiting themselves to the possibility of creating extra worlds for lenders and a cut in development times (which makes me smile as a computer scientist). There are several hand-made interactive maps, over twenty background music and free content for the hub. Those are certainly much more gluttonous and in fact have been unlocked very quickly.