We had already heard of Xenoscape da Alessandro Rivaroli e Matteo Botti, years ago, al Modena Play. The two, former creators of Urban Heroes (o #UH Thu e Thu find information) had talked about it as a novelty. A simulation game (like #UH) in which the goal was simple but complex: to survive. Protagonists: no longer the usual humans, but alien entities illuminated by evolution. No wonder, then, that Xenoscape ended up in our hands as soon as the Quickstart, and we're here today to introduce it to you.

One of the many images of Xenoscape

An essential Quickstart

You are about to be projected on Subject, a world where the memory of human civilization has now faded, a plant kingdom marked by radioactive deserts and crystal forests, populated by lethal and bizarre creatures. Civilization has regressed to bartering, writing is forbidden and the only thing that matters is staying alive. The Ancient stellar Empire of man, the apogee of the development of our species, is now a memory: the colonies no longer respond to any signal and are given up for lost. Are you ready to face the wildest struggle for survival you have ever faced in a RPG?

From the official Xenoscape Quickstart page, which you can find Wed

The Quickstart finished in our hands is a booklet on the cover flexible color about 90 pages with an inviting look. Inside the book is divided into two parts: a description of Subject, a regulatory part and the introductory adventure. The book contains everything you need to know to start playing and getting straight to the point, with very pleasant and pleasing images.

We didn't stay sorry by the lack of details descriptive by Matter: everything we have read has turned out functional for what we would try, without any excess of irrelevant or non-relevant information regarding the introductory adventure; it was nice to be able to approach the game without having to remember hundreds of completely unknown or probable places.

One of the many images of Xenoscape
One of the many images of Xenoscape

Rules and Adventure

After passing the pages of Materia, we dealt with the rules, thanks to our previous experience with Urban Heroes and aware of the propensity simulation role play. The struggle for survival manifests itself through some ability scores, related skills, and systems that have given us a little flavor of saving throws (without being, of course). An “urbanheroesesco” skeleton - forgive us the word - is there, and we were not disappointed.

The adventure manages to hit the mark on the aspects that should characterize Xenoscape once finished: the struggle for survival, hostile flora and fauna, old artifacts abandoned in a difficult, wild and unknown world; all signs that will characterize the final game. As our characters progressed through dangerous jungles and dark caves we felt the weight of survival weigh on our shoulders; every resource spent was needed and could not be wasted.

We can therefore promote the quickstart of Xenoscape and look forward to the release of the final game, scheduled for March 2022. If you want to support Xenoscape, learn more and get more details like stretch goals and collaborators, you can find the project on this page Kickstarter.