It's been five months since we first revealed our World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion at BlizzCon 2019. The whole team has been hard at work transforming the vision we laid out last November into a reality, and we can't wait to share our progress with all of you.

The recap about Shadowlands updates, which you can find Wed.

Shadowlands will enter our homes, therefore, before 2021. Could it be the end of this low and vigorous year? The new expansion of World of Warcraft - abbreviated WoW from now on - begins (or continues) to be talked about. The most famous MMORPG in the world is updated, like every couple of years now, trying to meet the tastes of the community and keep up with the times.

How are the works going?

With the quotation presented above, the announcement of the start of the "alpha phase" of Shadowlands playtesting began. A fundamental phase to test everything that the developers have introduced, changed and possibly request what has been removed. The chosen few who access Shadowlands, as we already know, will see their level reduced to 50 (to reach the ceiling of 60, lowered from the current 120) with a plethora of new content, missions and dungeons.

How are the works progressing? The article I posted continues with the details, giving more information:

  • all twelve classes will immediately have more or less radical changes in their tomes of spells, talents and even in the accumulated resources. A blog about these changes will be released later - to talk more about them - and the opinion of the players will be fundamental. Unlike the previous expansions, the conversation with the playtesters will be more "receptive" in order to understand immediately what can be improved and what has been "pruned" too much.
  • We are trying to improve the interface of the missions, trying to distinguish the main missions from the secondary and more localized ones. The 3d locator Blizzard is working on was born with the intention of minimizing the opening of the map for the zones, so as to make the leveling more immediate and fluid. There is also sharing the waypoint at stake, which would allow players to find each other more easily.
  • Regarding PVP, players will be able to continue using the current currency to upgrade and obtain PVP gear. As the situation becomes clearer (still being in alpha) we will have more details about the development of the pvp world.
The packaging of the collector's edition of Shadowlands

The Collector Edition

The Shadowlands Collector's edition (now sold-out) was also announced, a limited edition edition that contains:

  • a hardcover bound Artbook about the Shadowlands with concept, glimpses and landscapes chaimato Art of Shadowlands
  • A themed mousepad depicting the moment when Sylvana destroys the Lich King's Helmet, called Shattered Sky
  • digital key of Shadowlands' music tracks
  • four pins, one for brotherhood, to be affixed to backpacks, cases or general clothing, to carry your flag wherever you go
  • a new mount, the Ensorcelled Everwyrm
  • a new exclusive pet, the Soul Wyrmling
  • a new transmog set obtainable thanks to a series of exclusive missions for those who own the mount mentioned above
  • special effects for weapons, return stone and the classic boost up to level 50, so you can start exploring the Shadowlands immediately

The collector's edition will be available to anyone who can grab it at a cost of $ 119,00, about 105 euros.