When they ask me what my favorite fantasy film is, my answer is only one: Willow.

Now, after just over thirty years, Ron Howard's film, produced by Lucasfilm, will become a television series that will air on November Disney +. In this article, in addition to talking about the 1988 film, we will also examine the trailer, just released, of the television series.

Let's start with a few words about the film and some funny or interesting information.

Willow, the movie

Before you start reading, maybe it's best to know that there might be some spoilers. I don't know how spoiler something that came out more than thirty years ago can be considered, but it is better that I warn you.

It all begins with a prophecy. A queen with unimaginable magical powers and devoted to evil will be defeated by a young baby girl. To protect herself from this eventuality the queen Bavmorda He therefore orders that all pregnant women be arrested and released only after birth. The predestined child, Elora Danan, after her birth she is made to escape from the clutches of the evil queen, thanks to the help of a pity-driven nurse. Entrusted to the current of a river, she arrives in the village where she lives Willow.

Here begins the story of the young farmer Willow, eager to become a sorcerer's apprentice, but who is blocked by the same lack of confidence in his own abilities. The story unfolds through a land tormented by war and the harshness of reality, between horse chases, bladed fights, seeking help through magic, until it all ends in an epic clash where a fair amount of people take part in the scene. number of boars and one sow. Curious now? Haven't you ever seen the movie? Watch it even just to enjoy the interpretation of Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer playing the role of a brave and crazy mercenary with the name. madmartigan.


Willow Warwick Davis

But did you know that?

This film by Ron Howard, in addition to being a milestone for fantasy cinema, was also very famous for some rather peculiar facts. Primarily, this feature was written specifically to star Warwick Davis and is the first film to feature the highest number of dwarf people, surpassing Return of the Jedi and the Wizard of Oz.

It was also one of the first films to make massive use of special effects. How can we forget the iconic scene where Madmartigan alone faces an unspecified number of enemies and sees them escape, while in reality they were frightened by the two-headed monster who was born of Willow's poorly performed magic? Or even the numerous transformations of Fin Raziel who changes body after body, animal after animal, just because the protagonist continues to be afraid of his abilities?

But Willow is not only special effects, she was also worldly at the time. The character of Madmartigan and that of Sorsha, initially enemies, fall in love during the film and the funny thing was that the two actors also fell in love with each other and got married the same year the film was released. However, the two divorced eight years later.

And finally the sequel. Before the television series, many rumors were about possible sequels. Well, actually a sequel has actually been made. Between 1995 and 2000 Chris Claremont and George Lucas collaborated on the writing of a short story entitled shadow-moon. The events took place thirteen years after what happened in the film and who knows that something written in that book was not used in the next television series ...


The Willow TV Series, What to Expect

And now the painful notes. More than painful notes, the purest fear. Willow is the kind of film that I watch at least every three or four months and I must admit I felt a very strong thrill when, during the presentation of the product, I saw Warwick Davis in his iconic clothes. Reviewing Sorsha, and having the certainty that Madmartigan will not be present, given the health conditions of Val Kilmer was very hard I admit.

I almost lost a tear when I understood and remembered that the voice actor of Warwick Davis in the film was not the same since Gaetano Varcasia passed away in 2014, but it is the going of things. The premises look good. The captivating colors. The 80s can be breathed and you can breathe even today. I got lost watching, watching and re-watching the giant fish featured in the trailer, but most of all it struck me as absurd as it seems that Warwick Davis hasn't changed by a single day.

The conditions are good and the trailer is well done. If you haven't seen it yet, we leave it here below!



Now we just have to wait until November 30 to understand what will happen in Willow's world. There are so many questions that crowd the mind, so many doubts. Whether it is just a nostalgia operation or can this product really still tell something? Will Warwick Davis' charisma suffice? Will there be Sghembo and Strambo (Rool and Franjean for friends cit.)? How much more fairy dust will be used on the characters? Most importantly, will anyone use the magic acorns?

I don't know how I'm going to wait until that day, but one thing is sure, now I'm going to see the movie again, to get ready more than ever for the series!