Whitestar is the Megacorporation that decided to stay on Earth while the others were preparing forExodus. Do you remember? We talked about it extensively in two articles (part I e Part II).
After analyzing the Dark Eden, let's take a closer look at the development, within the universe of Mutant Chroniclesand Whitestar. Before starting, however, I wanted to point out that in the first and second editions of this game, this corporation was neither present nor mentioned.

Maybe they really were under the earth's surface.

Whitestar and the culture of survival

Long refugees in the depths of the Earth, the people of the Whitestar he carved out a part on the planet that the rest of humanity had given up for dead.
Their territory is sparsely populated. Each settlement is isolated and connected to the rest of the others only through a series of road connections and a fragile railway network. All the structures have a code name preceded by the word “Fortress”, whatever its size. Often the development of the base begins on the surface, and then extends through a dense network of underground tunnels built before the Exodus.

In the devastated landscape of Europe and Asia, the Fortresses of Whitestar they were the only bastion of civilization for years, before tribes began to extend their control over other areas of the planet.

The words that best define the Whitestar there are two: solidarity and stoicism. The Dark Eden is a harsh world, plagued by mutants, radiation and, lately also byDark Legion. There is no time for leisure, for waste. Every useful object, every ration of food is shared with one's companions. Solidarity and cooperation are the basis of their progress.
Stoicism, on the other hand, is what has allowed them to move forward. Fatalism is part of their existence, a kind of grim stoicism allows them to face everything this unpredictable world offers them. And they often face all this with a sardonic, sometimes even mad, smile on their lips.

Guardians of the past

"Your ancestors left because they predicted this world would die. Unfortunately for you we survived".

The words of Marshal Kirov to the Interworld Combined Expeditionary Force

La Whitestar it has also taken on a heavy burden. When all the corporations fled to the stars, not only did they simply strip the Earth of all its resources, they also tried to eliminate the past.
Unpaid for the destruction and suffering unleashed a veritable nuclear holocaust of global proportions behind them.

This is what the megacorporations are trying to hide. There WhitestarHowever, he has never stopped handing down this heavy truth from generation to generation, waiting for the firestorms, the acid rain with its radioactive fallout, to subside.

It was precisely for this reason that when the Bauhaus, the Mishima, Capitol and Imperial again attempted to return to Earth to begin terraforming works were mercilessly wiped out by the forces of the Whitestar.

Only recently, after long interviews mediated by the Brotherhood, the Megacorporations have been accepted again on Dark Eden, also thanks to the fact that the tribes have dealt some hard blows to the Whitestar same.

The Tsarina

“Calling her a charismatic person does absolutely not do her justice. Let me explain, the hosts of TV quizzes have charisma. The Tsarina radiates authority. The room seems to crackle with energy as she walks into it.
I couldn't take my eyes off her and it seems silly to say it but I've never met anyone like her. Not even the Cardinal ".

Hank Grit, Capitol News TV investigative reporter

How can we describe the Tsarina Alexandra Romanova, Empress of the Whitestar with mere words? Difficult, if not impossible! She is theHeroin, Savior, Mother of the Nation, A 'Living Icon.

Even for those who were not born under the Whitestar, the chance to meet her is an unforgettable experience. There My system he is a figure who exudes power and respect and, although his physique does not seem particularly athletic, he is quick in movement and lethal, as evidenced by the wars he has fought for over a millennium.
Yeah… it's been a millennium since the My system he commands and comforts his people. He laughs very rarely, but he smiles often and is tireless. She is seen frequently traveling on her train throughout the corporation-controlled territory to deliver a word or lead an assault.

Some theories speculate that Alexandra Romanova is not actually a direct descendant of the ancient Tsars. Its origins from time to time are alien or angelic, or that it was born of the will Gestalt of the people to have a strong leader. Others believe that the My system current is none other than the nineteenth or twentieth descendant of the progenitor.
Still others believe he discovered the secret of Rasputin's immortality.

Not even the Brotherhood and Sign have managed to solve the riddle that lies behind the figure of the head of the Whitestar. But one thing is certain: her people love her.

Tsarina Whitestar train

Comradeship in adversity

The basics of Whitestar they rest on a survival culture centered on industrialization. This people, because before being a megacorporation they are a people, built hydroponic gardens for their own nourishment. They reinvented their production to adapt to the situation and their army has also evolved thanks to this solidarity between the people.

Whitestar Army and Special Forces

Every citizen of the Whitestar it is also part of the army. Mindful of Russia's past history, citizens know they must be ready to take up arms to protect their homeland. But, alongside this civilian militia, many select units and special troops are constantly being trained to fight against the enemies of the corporation itself.

Second Specnaz Regiment of Streltsy

This internal intervention force is tasked with combating terrorist threats within the Federation area of Whitestar. Not all people in fact accept the dominion of My system and, as always throughout the centuries of Russian history, some seek to undermine the power of those in charge. In this case, however, it is not those who want it to incite the population My system fall, but are the heretical cults ofDark Symmetry who seek to destabilize the Whitestar to take control of a large part of the planet.

I Home, as the members of this group are commonly known, they tend to carry out cleaning and safety actions. Trained to deal with a multitude of scenarios and environments, they operate in any area of ​​the globe. They are entrusted with the best possible equipment complete with night vision goggles.

Witches of the Night

Unlike the other megacorporations, the Whitestar it does not own any kind of latest generation aircraft but, on its side, it has the Witches of the Night. These young women have raided parts of vehicles and flying vehicles, and then build their own wing jets, thanks to which they swoop down on the enemies of the My system with incredible speed and violence.

After hard training, during which they are taught to constantly balance their wing jets and repair their flying units in the most disparate situations, the best of these women are chosen as pilots for the space corps. It is thanks to their peculiar training, their rapid movements and high reactivity that they are sent to Kosmograd, where they build and pilot the Space Fleet Whitestar.

Hussars of Bones

Be a Hussar of Bones is having a title. Its origin is almost a legend. It tells of a boy who, left out of the bunker, got rid of the monsters day after day and then returned to his hometown with two blades of bones, the remains of a giant creature he had killed.

Today, whoever wants to wear this title, thus entering into this body, faces a similar initiation. The soldiers must survive for seven days outside the walls and only after this rite of passage can they return to their fortress, thus receiving the leather hat and cavalry jacket.

Only one in ten returns, but the one who returns to the city is the most terrible enemy you can ever face. These soldiers are highly respected and looked upon with a mixture of awe and reverence, but they are not just death machines, they are also true "party souls". Always ready to talk about their exploits and to toast with vodka, the Hussars of Bones have become the real thorn in the side ofDark Legion on Dark Eden.

Training of Hussars


We have not yet received much information on the Whitestar nor the telematic archives and listening sensors of the Cybertronics they managed to pick up many signals.
However, one thing is sure: as much as they may have accepted the return to Earth of those who destroyed it, we can be sure they have certainly not forgotten the past!