"West of Dead" is the new western roguelike game Upstream Arcade, Published by Raw fury, which made its appearance on the shelves of Steam on June 18, 2020. It is a very particular title that combines a typical western game design with that of a ghost story. The result is a game that can entertain and offer different challenges to the player, who will always be forced to think and adapt his strategy to the ever changing environment.


"West of Dead" is set in Purgatory, a place of passage for souls that is nevertheless found to be blocked by a mysterious entity. The main character of the game is a flaming-headed gunslinger (like Ghost Rider) with the incredible ability to be good at killing people. Thanks to our help, the gunslinger will discover more about his past, given the amnesia that pervades him, and will be able to shed light on the mystery that surrounds Purgatory.

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We come to the most important part of a video game review: how to play and what to do?
The aim of the game is to overcome the procedurally generated levels, making our way through rooms full of people willing to kill us, until we are forced to start all over again from the beginning. To avoid spoilers we will not tell you why but the possibility to start again will be very interesting, because if the character's abilities reset, the story still continues. The gameplay is easily explained as "twin-stick shooting that meets a roofing system" and represents the focal point of the game. The home screen recommends playing it with a gamepad but using the mouse and keyboard you won't feel the difference.

Who is it recommended for?

Like all roguelike games, "West of Dead" is recommended for those who like to focus on gameplay and challenges, rather than on the narrative system. In this game the story is there and it is very beautiful but, obviously, it does not represent the focus on which to focus to choose whether to buy "West of Dead" or not. Given the repetitive nature of the game, it is clear that the "average" player can get bored or choose to give up the game long before reaching the real end.