Seventh episode of Watchmen, once again a work of art. While in the last episode we had the pleasure of following the events of Masked Justice, this time we are struggling with our detective Angela, halfway between the vegetable and what it is. There is no need to repeat how full these reviews are with easter eggs and spoilers, so beware! If you missed the previous episodes you can find them here!

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An Almost Religious Awe

The episode begins with the narrated story of Jon Osterman, what we know will become Doctor Manhattan. As we have already seen, we understand that the Doctor will in turn also be the closure of the episode, in a circle that continues to continue throughout the series. The newspaper that is shown to us gives us, as always, a clue as to how the world of Watchmen is profoundly different from ours, while the title shows a rather famous phrase from the comic, picking up a string of the doctor's thoughts in Vietnam. "Often, they ask to surrender me personally, their terror of mebalanced my al almost religious awe"

We know in the following scenes the life of the young Angela Abarr, a girl who grew up in a Saigon conquered and completely Americanized. The hatred that brings hatred makes her orphan of both parents just during the feast of the conquest by the doctor. Interesting to see how in front of the viewer it parades Sister Night, a nun and heroine to whom Angela is devoted. Not too strange to think about the entire episode and understand how much the clue of the nun, married to God, was immediately clear. "A Nun with a motherfucking gun”Is also a track of the series!

Doctor Manhattan, puppet in Vietnam


Angela's awakening is anything but pleasant: Lady Trieu's temper at her side does not improve her confusional status. The doctor's piquant phrases give way to the invasive and annoying therapy that Angela shares (through a tube yellow) with a natural guest in an adjacent room.

It is quite clear that both are fighting to get something and, just as Silk Specter was at the center of the (apparent) league between Nite Owl 2 and Manhattan, Angela's memories now seem to be at the center of the conflict between the two. Lady Trieu cleverly hides her cards and Angela, unaware that she is playing cards face up, lying knowing that she is lying.

Lady Trieu and Sister Night in the final confrontation

In the den of the Wolf

Laurie then reaches Crawford estate to speak with Judd's widow and report Will's guilt. The discussion extends into an articulated explanation of Will's plan, and as assumptions about cavalry begin to make their way into Laurie's mind, things plummet. Crawford's wife, an accomplice of the Cavalry, plunges her into the abyss, capturing her. Detail that perhaps someone has missed: the horse is white, referring to Pale Horses of Watchmen-cartoon and the Horseman of the Apocalypse War.

Laurie awakens inside the cavalry headquarters, Joe Keene standing in front of her. It seems like it's time for the big BBEG speech, but let's focus on the bad talk: in the comics it's Ozymandias himself who tells us that the typical monologue is a recipe for failure. showing up already prepared, in advance, is the real road to success. Precisely for this reason we can assume (as it will happen) that the cavalry plan failed from the start.

Laurie Blake in the Cavalry Headquarters

Rorschach test

Let's go back to Angela: the very young (and very strange Bian shows up in her room to give her a test that looks like a Rorschach test in all respects. The young woman's questions return to plunge the detective into her childhood. orphanage and, later, the arrival of her grandmother, the beginning of her career as a policewoman and much more. Interesting to note how June and Angela eat a lunch at Borscht, a place already seen in Watchmen and symbolizing peace between Russia and the USA

Inside the Trieu laboratory we come to discover many things: Bian is Trieu's mother and not his daughter while in the adjacent room there is not Will, but a giant elephant (symbol of Trieu, as we have already seen). A final discussion between her and Lady Trieu reveals the cavalry plan (already known to us) and leaves Angela destroyed and worried.

Adrian Veidt in court

Intention trial

After a long absence, Adrian Veidt comes back to us, this time grappling with a trial. The gamekeeper seems to be going down heavy with our Ozymandias and, although the accusations are quite overwhelming, Adrian seems to take everything lightly.

The fact that the whole scene depicts the servants rebelling against the master / master easily connects everything to the episode: The Cavalry rebels against the system, Angela rebels against Will and Trieu's manipulations. During the whole process we can then observe a drawing of the “squid monster”, taken from the paro paro comic! In addition to this, we can see how the shouts "Guility" resume Adrian, surrounded by his enemies, just as Doctor Manhattan was surrounded by reporters, nagging, to the point of choosing exile to avoid being trapped in their lives.

An amazing Cliffhanger!

Race for Humanity

Angela passes the checkpoints without too much trouble, heading home quickly as if wanting to intercept the cavalry (?!?). When she arrives at her home, she finds Cal and, between the two, she begins a quite senseless speech. Between the two it ends in an unexpected and incredible way: Cal is hit in the forehead by Angela, who extracts the symbol of Dr. Manhattan from the skull of her husband. Outside the house, the Cavalry.

Small and final note, before the two final episodes of Watchmen: the book Cal is reading, For Whom the Bells Tolls by Hemingway, a book that talks about many things, including looking for someone why "man is not an island, he is a piece of a continent"