We continue our usual advance towards midnight with the fifth installment of the Watchmen series, stocking up on spoilers, easter eggs and much more. The entire episode focuses on Looking Glass / Wade Tillman, telling us his story in great detail. Of course it goes without saying that, being a collection of easter eggs and quotes, this review will be full of spoilers. If you missed the previous episodes, below you can recover them.

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Little Fear of Lightning

This episode of Watcmen opens in 1985 with a very young Wade at the entrance of a huge amusement park. Being part of a group of very young religious, his task is to stir the conscience in view of the midnight which is falling on all mortals. The young man then makes his way among the young people, being seduced by a girl who leads him inside the gallery of mirrors; stripped and abandoned, Wade survives the subsequent psychic shock and becomes Looking Glass.

Little Fear on Lightning comes from a line of the famous novel Twenty thousand leagues under the seas di Jules Verne, 1870. In this, men who live in the depths have no fear of lightning, as they rarely see them and are rarely affected by them. The whole episode will revolve around this sentence, with continuous references to the veiled and unveiled fear of the man in question, Wade Tillman precisely. An inevitable reference to the comic is the copy of the The Veidt Method, browsed by a boy, while the look of the thugs / young people is very illuminating, very similar to that of the knot tops already seen in Watchmen. It is also interesting to note how the Luna Park returns to the Watchmen environments as "the beginning of the story". In the comics this is where the story of Jon Osterman, the current D. Manhattan, begins!

One Wade Tillman stunned at the 1985 massacre

We're with the FBI, putting bugs everywhere!

Here I'm. We discover that Wade loves taking his job with him, so much so that he works as a commercial evaluator; its special power is to understand when people are telling the truth and / or lying. On his way to the station he is first tackled by Angela - pounding to find out more about the pills she gave him - and then by Laurie Blake, now head of the district.

It is Laurie who, making a big cross to the spectator, reveals that the reflective - the material that Wade's mask is made of - makes it immune to psychic shock waves from squid. Realizing therefore that Wade is no different from any Oklahoma man, unable to admit to being afraid, Laurie presses him to work with her to get the key clue about the already suspected Sister Night.

Mirror Guy meets Laurie in his new office

A magical evening, as always in Watchmen

Some enchanted evening by Frank Sinatra, as if to give the kick-off, surrounds Wade's life: a lonely man, steadfast in his certainties and his anxieties, who also uses the reflective in the usual cap with which he goes around. Just like breaking the spell of this splendid evening, Wade's squid rain-reveal mechanism breaks, leaving him exposed to possible - as unlikely - threats.

It is interesting to note that, just like Rorsharch, Wade also does not take off his mask to eat: we have one proof in Judd's office and another in Wade's home, while we watch the television transposition of Minuteman, "a true bullshit, ”quoting Petey.

The next morning Wade goes to Cynthia, his ex-wife, pet researcher and cloner. The woman reveals to him that it is Nostalgia, a brand of pills used to strengthen memory and then taken off the market because they are psychotic. The ex-wife also realizes the return of the cap on Wade and, despite his sincere concerns, the detective continues to lie about his current psychological state. Fun Fact: the Nostalgia drug already appeared in the list of drugs owned by Adrian Veidt, an excellent return to the scene for a particular secondary of the comics!

Object in the mirror are closer than they appear

Do not let her go!

Like our September 11th, November 2nd becomes a date to remember all over New York with survivors trying to support each other and seeking support in anonymous circles. Wade is part of one of these circles, and although his fears are buried under a thick blanket of hardness, he paws for some affection.

Please note: the black boy's talk about mutated DNA following exposure to trauma and psychic waves seems to explain Wade's innate sixth sense for lies and lies. Probably Wide managed to become what he is thanks to this power, passed to him by the huge squid that destroyed his life.

As if to want to stop those seven years of bad luck, a woman shows up at the support evening: she seems to need help and Wade is happy to help her, extending his evening in a pub. A chat leads to another and, also thanks to a good dose of alcohol, the two kiss. At the most beautiful the woman leaves him climbing on a very suspicious pick-up and, returning to be the usual investigator, Wade chases the woman, a probable member of the seventh cavalry.

Interestingly, the speech regarding Pale Horse, the fictional film based on the name of the band that played the night of the squid attack, is a parallel between Watchmen with a scene from the film Shindler's List in which a girl dressed in red is the focus of a black and white scene. Those who have seen the film will also remember its tragic ending.

Joe Keene goes out of his way to convert Wade to his cause

Wham! Twist!

Wade reaches what appears to be the headquarters of the Seventh Cavalry in Tulsa: there is the fake church where the video was shot, the pick-up loaded with lettuce from the first murder and a very strange dematerializer / teleporter mechanism. Wade tries to arrest everyone present but turns out to be a harmless trap: a method to make him see the truth.

It is Joe Keene himself who introduces himself to Wade, inserting the disk of Ozymandias addressed to President Redford into a huge tape recorder. A recording that reveals all the untruths behind the huge squid attack, the need to create a common enemy and everything in between. Wade returns home full of doubts, convinced (perhaps) to take the side of the Cavalry.

Back in the center, he frames Angela making her reveal that she is involved, thus collaborating with Keene. Back home, however, he recovers the reveals-attacks mechanism of squid previously thrown. A moment later a cavalry van nails in front of his house, leaving four armed men to kill him. Will our detective, after the skid, manage to regain control and get to the Watchmen season finale?

Technology suitable for walking in space, yes

Veidt Manor, Again

Let's go back to our dear Ozymandias, this time one step away from finally being free. In a very long and very slow spacewalk, Adrian Veidt transports the bodies previously catapulted outside / disappeared to form a sentence. He is brought back to his earthly paradise by the Gamekeeper, who places him under arrest.

It is interesting to note the contours of Jupiter in the landscape seen by Adrian, a sign that is probably located on a moon of the gas giant. It's probably Europe, according to the conversations that took place between Dr. Manhattan and Laurie Blake in the comics!

The song Careless Wishper, for our more attentive readers, it is always present also in this episode of Watchmen; as if to underline that Wade's fears will never vanish, despite the certainties and his constant trying and trying again. To repeat it is the ex-wife, the girl he meets at the beginning and even Laurie Blake. Interesting, don't you think?