We have finally reached the fourth episode of the series Watchmen; an episode that begins to outline, on the horizon, the end of the events. How? you say. Once you finish these reviews, you will probably understand. The focal point of the entire episode is based on heredity, represented by Seeds, Eggs and Sons.

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The fourth installment opens with an Oklahoma family intent on selling eggs. The Clarks live on a beautiful farm immersed in the countryside, loving each other with every daily gesture. This is until one night the already named Lady Trieu appears (played by a gorgeous Hong Chau). The trillionaire offers the two spouses the biological child they could never have due to her infertility. In exchange for their outfit and, finding themselves in front of the baby in swaddling clothes, the two accept. Moments later, what resembles a meteor crashes into the Clarks' ground, now Trieu's.

As in the first episode, much of this scene is related to Clark Kent; the farm, the meteor carrying a newborn baby, even the family circumstances are identical with John and Mary Kent. We can then note some details; starting from the clock in the room, the hourglass featuring the elephants symbolizing the Trieu Company and even the painting, Starry Night by Van Gogh. Not to mention the unoccupied chair in the center of the two and the song sung in the background , referring to how the two are distant from society.


Awkward legacy

Tulsa, here I'm. After the chat with Blake, Angela hurries back to her "bakery", making all traces of the old disappear. eggs, handcuffs, wheelchair and fingerprints are erased. He lingers for a few moments on the propaganda leaflet of the First World War and, in the meantime, receives an expected (and unexpected) call. At the Greenwood Cultural Heritage Center - where the answer to life mystery is life history - they went back to her ancestors and are waiting for her to communicate the outcome. He puts each piece of evidence in a bag, puts on the disguise and goes there.

Interestingly, by stepping on the burning flyer, Angela is voluntarily damaging her cultural heritage as a great-granddaughter (suspecting Will of being her grandfather). At the same time, however, he relies on his legacy to understand what is going on; curious Antiphrases.


Arriving at the Genetic Inheritance Center she receives an acorn which, planted in the family tree - ances-tree - digital, confirms what she suspected: Will is her grandfather. The virtual family reunion is interrupted by the fall of his car, as we saw in the third installment, a few steps from Laurie Blake.

The theme of time and inheritance / legacy seems to be central within Watchmen: we have already seen how the watch is repeatedly shown to us and, come to think of it, children are also at the center of this story. The first scene is about Will Reeves and the protagonist is Angela, his niece.

If you want to make an omelette you have to break some eggs

The Abar house is in a very bad mood: Judd's passing has left everyone particularly shaken, including children. Trying to calm a quarrel between his children, Cal teaches a cynical life lesson. "Judd has simply returned to nothingness" replies the father, expressing a concept of terrifying weight with a disarming simplicity. A strange cynicism for the lovely family man who is Cal.

Angela leaves the family and then heads for the Looking Glass "den", nothing more than a half-buried bunker capable of keeping her colleague safe. Looking Glass seems to have a particular propensity for studying squid from the sky; the two talk for a long time and, finally, Angela gives him Judd's KKK costume, asking his friend to investigate. Glass seems to be fascinated and frightened by "aliens", developing a strange and morbid attention to the life and permanence of these beings on earth.

Angela as she gets rid of any evidence attributable to her

Angela heads to the nearby freight yard, dropping all the evidence regarding her grandfather inside a wagon. She realizes too late that she is being stalked and observed by a strange vigilante in a tight suit; a chase starts which ends with the disappearance of the famous Lube Man inside a little hole in the sidewalk.

Against My Boss

Back at the headquarters, our protagonist first meets Senator Joe Keene, then Laurie Blake; the latter now administers the headquarters, having assumed the role as delegated of the FBI. After gaining information from Petey (who shows up with a strange nochalance) the three head to the Millenium Clock, home of Lady Trieu, to ask for information.

The speech between the two protagonists, on the car, is really interesting for the connections with the film as well as for the background song, the same used by Nite Owl 2 to rescue the burning apartments in the comics. Interesting spoiler, recoverable only through the wiki and the original script: Lubeman has been confirmed to be Petey. Laurie Blake already knows that Angela is guilty of hiding Judd's killer and, despite this, she still tries to frame her, sadistic in pursuing the truth.

Angela and Laurie have a lot more in common than they seem

Introducing the three, in front of huge aircraft / drones, is Bian, the daughter of Lady Trieu already seen during the second episode; the girl escorts the two women to her mother's studio / garden, also originally from Vietnam. A couple of shrewd jokes and it is Lady Trieu herself who reveals to Angela, using the Vietnamese, that she has her grandfather Will Reeves "hostage".

Small hint of the plot, perhaps missed by most: Lady Trieu betrays herself by talking about Adrian Veidt as if he were still alive, while at the beginning of the first episode we saw the newspapers announce him as dead. It is also pleasant to admire the symbol of the broken egg on little Bian's dress, another reference to the central theme of the episode.

Test tube humans

We move to the Veidt manor where an increasingly older Adrian has to deal with the artificial aging of newborns caught on the bottom of a lake: I know that what I have just written is strange, but it is even more strange to see the massacre carried out by Ozymandias during his room birthday. The multibillionaire has in fact killed all the servants and now teaches the two newcomers their role as servants. The bodies of the slain servants are then catapulted into the sky, disappearing in midair, going to fuel a plan not yet revealed by Veidt.

Once again we are represented the theme of birth / inheritance (Adrian throws the seeds / malformed babies and keeps the good ones) and a reference to Doctor Manhattan (the aging field is similar to the room of intrinsic fields).

Lady Trieu still has many cards to play

Finally evening falls: Bian wakes up from a tumultuous nightmare, reporting to his mother that he has strange visions; the young woman is heartened by Will Reeves, revealing himself to the public as Lady Trieu's business colleague, by no means confined to a wheelchair, determined to carry out his plan. The last shot, like all the previous ones, closes the circle showing a spacecraft departing from the earth.