We continue our reviews / list of possible Easter Eggs that you missed in Watchmen. The second episode, Martial Feats and Comanche Horsemanship, has fewer references than the first, but some of these are extremely juicy.

The spoilers start here, in case you missed the title!

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Raining propaganda

Germany, last years of the First World War. Miss Mueller she is called by her superior to write a propaganda leaflet, subsequently dropped on the columns of the American and English soldiers who are preparing to win the war. One of these soldiers he grabs it on the fly, reading it to himself and holding it for a long time. The soldier in question is the father of the elderly that we saw at the end of the first episode.

Will's dad picks up an enemy flyer

Angela tries to extort as much information as possible from his prisoner (Will): seems to be raving about a conspiracy, skeletons in the closet and much more. She also desperately needs pills for her the memory. Angela has no time, however; is called for Judd (hanged from the tree), and must return to the crime scene, pretending to know nothing.

Paying attention to Will's clothes you can see how they recall the basic colors of the named Hero Hooded Justice. The red, the black, the fact that it has to do with a hanging are clues. Incredible is also the surname of the German writer, Mueller, the same surname believed to belong to Hooded Justice in the comics (Muller was a strongman who disappeared from the circus, initially believed to be HJ's true identity)

Angela and Will converse about Doctor Manhattan's skills in Watchmen
This is also a reference to comics!

Arrived again at the crime scene, she leaves with Looking Glass pretending to be traumatized. The colleague has time to explain what happened in broad terms, after which a reporter equipped with wing gear crashes into his car. The police have to decide what to do, and as Angela helps bring Judd's body to the ground, she remembers the White Night.

The presence of reporters with mechanical wings is a reference to the parallel universe in which we find ourselves, more advanced than ours thanks to the discoveries of Dr. Manhattan; the figure, moreover, refers to broad lines Mothman, an early Minuteman. Looking Glass's way of "not" removing the mask is very reminiscent Rorschach of the comics, with the mask raised halfway up.

White Night and Damaged Clockwork

It is Christmas years ago; Angela and Cal are waiting for midnight dancing in the hall; suddenly the door is broken by a member of the cavalry armed with a rifle that chases Angela and wounds her.

Our heroine wakes up in the hospital, Judd by his side. Below is an explanation of what happened (and that we already know) to members of the police. Angela is destroyed by the death of her partner, who leaves three little children orphaned. He decides to look after them as his own.

Two details cannot escape in this scene: the third rifle shot hits the clock a few seconds after midnight, a fairly obvious reference to the comics. The second detail concerns Angela's line, intent on "educate Cal to surprises". Anyone who has seen all the episodes will understand the huge reference left here.

Angela and Cal moments before the White Night
Angela and Cal moments before the White Night

Redford has done mostly good things

Present. Many right-wing extremists are gathered in Nixonville, behind an imposing statue of the former president Nixon. The diplomatic route is a mere mirror for larks and, soon, the police and the population collide. Angela vented her frustrations on a violent who attempted to attack her before letting her colleagues do it.

He reaches a DNA research center to better understand who Will is, subjecting his material to analysis, suspecting (rightly) that he is a survivor of the Tulsa massacre. He heads home, where his daughters are playing with Cal, disguised as members of the Minuteman. He reports the incident to Cal, explaining that he will have to present at Judd's "wake". The husband decides to stay at home with his daughters.

In addition to presenting the costumes, albeit simplified, of a pirate (Pirate Jenny) and an Owl (night owl), we can see how the geo-mag of Topher, the eldest son, remember the manor where he currently lives Adrian Veidt!

We are presented with it Show who will follow us until the end of the series, taken with full hands by American Crime Story. In this Hooded Justice he is grappling with criminals in a small convenience store. The fight scenes are reminiscent of him Snyder's Watchmen, with deadlifts on the shots of the weapons and moves in slow motion. Little gem: there is a representation of Muller on the body coat found in Boston at the beginning of the episode in the episode!

The Minutemans as presented in the Snyder movie from the Watchmen movie
The Minutemans as presented in the Snyder film

A farewell ceremony

Angela shows up at Jane, Judd's wife, with a bouquet of red roses. It is here that he meets Joe Keene, a senator on the side of the police, terribly heartbroken over Judd's passing. A faint as useful as it is unexpected allows Angela to isolate herself from the many people present and look for clues in Judd's room, finding a Ku Klux Klan robe behind the wardrobe.

Small details. The red roses that Angela brings as a gift are a reference to the roses brought by the former Silk Specter in the comic. The lenses that Angela uses to find the dress from Ku Klux Klan are clearly inspired by the lenses used by night owl, in addition to recalling the investigation scene of Rorschach in researching the uniform of Comic. We are then presented with an enigmatic and clarifying picture, representing four Native Americans fighting each other by shielding their steeds.

Angela discovers Judd's Ku Klux Klan in the Watchmen episode
Angela discovers Judd's Ku Klux Klan

Returning to the pastry shop, she continues to question Will to no avail: in an attempt to get him into the car, however, the entire car and hostage are stolen from her by a giant magnet. A flyer closes the circle, ending up in the hands of an Angela stunned by what happened.

Brief parenthesis about Adrian Veidt, struggling with genetic mutations of tomatoes and the theatricalization of the birth of Doctor Manhattan, recreated in the smallest details by the tycoon, now ever closer to madness or (probably) to Eureka.

Thus ends the second episode of Watchmen.