La "War of the Spark" is upon us!

A few days ago, in our previous article, we talked about a poor homunculus missing for the piano-city of Ravnica, one of the settings of Magic: the Gathering, and we feared a terrible fate for him. In addition to all the misadventures that Fblthp he is living on the plane, now one is about to happen that will completely change the appearance of the Multiverse of Magic: the Gathering as we know it.

Nicol Bolas, whose conquest and dominance plans began millennia ago, is about to wage war against one of the main planes of the Multiverse and is doing so in the most devastating way possible.

But let's take a step back.

Who is Nicol Bolas?

Pages on pages would not be enough to describe what the Ancient Legendary Dragon has accomplished over the millennia of its existence, and it will certainly be an interesting topic to be explored in a future article.

This Ancient Dragon is the villain par excellence, the iconic evil figure for the Wizards of the Coast, comparable to a sort of Loki united with Thanos if we were to make a comparison with Marvel. And just as there are heroes in the world of comics, this game also has heroes who oppose this Planeswalker (Dimensional Wayfarer for the older ones): the Gatewatch (The Guardians).

Nicol Bolas in his fierce evil
One with a smile like this cannot be Bad, can he?

For several years, in the timeline of the game, Nicol Bolas has lengthened his claws on various levels, amassing resources, inventions and relics to encourage his ascent to divinity. The final part of his plan concerns the invasion of the plane city of Ravnica and the definitive defeat of all the other Planeswalkers, scattered throughout the Multiverse, who have not sworn loyalty to him.

How will the attack take place?

From what we understand from the "lore" of the game, through an invention called "Planar Bridge", previously stolen by Tezzeret, one of his subordinates, then implanted inside himself, the Ancient Dragon opened a portal from a Multiverse plane in Ravnica and unleashed a horde of semi-immortal zombies (a novelty in short) against the population. Why just undead? Because the portal allows passage only to non-living objects, hence the choice to use corpses.

Here actually begins the War of the Spark.

In a defensive rush of his Plan, Ral Zarek activates an interdimensional beacon to rally all, absolutely all, of the Planeswalkers to face the threat, with a capital "M".

Here the second part of Nicol Bolas' plan begins. Having already calculated the possibility of being betrayed by the aforementioned Ral Zarek, who had previously sworn loyalty to him, he has a powerful relic stolen by the Planeswalker gorgon subjected to him, Vraska, delivered to the plane. This relic known as "The Immortal Sun" prevents anyone from being able to rely on their "Spark" to escape or move out of the Plan.

There is no denying a well-planned trap, and in which the Planeswalkers fall into it with all their shoes.

What is the Dragon's ultimate goal?

Will the War of the Spark end like this?
A vision of the future? Maybe!

Nicol Bolas has always longed for immortality and to rise to a real divinity. To achieve his goal he is thus gathering, like a Reaper, the "Sparks" of the other Dimensional Travelers trapped on Ravnica through a spell. The arcane he is using is known at this time as "Elderspell", and it is not clear whether in addition to depriving the victim of the "Spark", it can also end the life of the unfortunate, but again we assume yes.


The War of the Spark will bring about a change within the narrative universe of Magic the Gathering, perhaps not on a par with an Avengers: Infinity Wars, but hopefully it will at least give a considerable shake to the story. However, the reality is different: everyone is worried not so much about the Planeswalkers who will surely win, but about the fate of Fblthp!

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer!