What Thorkell will be doing in Vinland Saga Episode 15? Will he be able to find Canute and Askeladd after they have escaped?

After the efforts of Lucca Comics & Games, let's go back to talking about Vinland saga! We presented the manga Thu and now we have reviewed the episodes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13 e 14 of the anime.

This episode is titled After Yule, and it's not a Christmas special!

Sweyn and infamous Floki in Vinland Saga Episode 15
Sweyn and Floki infamous in Vinland Saga Episode 15

Vinland Saga Episode 15: the plot

Vinland Saga Episode 15 opens with Floki infamous that reports to kings Sweyn, naked on a large bed, cared for by a slave.

It is not clear what Canute's fate was, as he disappeared during the forest fire. Sweyn comments that, even if he were still alive, his son could only be rescued with the arrival of spring. The infamous Floki comments that the king must be really worried about Cnut, but Sweyn retorts that if the prince had been as capable as his brother Haraldthe major would not be lost.

A depressed Thorkell in Vinland Saga Episode 15
A depressed Thorkell in Vinland Saga Episode 15

Rest in Gloucester of Thorkell

Meanwhile, Thorkell and his men are safe in Gloucester, in the kingdom of Mercia. Although they have plenty of food and are protected from frost, Thorkell is sad for losing Canute. He hoped he could crown him king, to start a new dynasty!

To bring down the sadness, Thorkell asks the British who host them more beer, with the utmost despair of the hosts. In fact, it seems that the Danes are running out of supplies.

In the meantime, Thorkell is restless, since he is a warrior and a warrior can only be such on the battlefield. Asgeir, however, has some news: apparently, in fact, the Wessex council has decided to recognize Sweyn as Bretwalda. This will lead to end of the war and the total conquest of England by Denmark.

Thorkell is further saddened by the prospect of peace: maybe the world was perpetually at war with him! But suddenly, a messenger appears.

This is a manga in which fathers are often problematic figures
This is a manga in which fathers are often problematic figures

Moral doubts about the love of fathers (and of the Father)

Meanwhile, Askeladd and his men are still wintering in the looted English village. Ear he is left out, lurking to pick up noises from any enemies, but the snow cushions the sounds and even he cannot be very effective.

Rather, Ear is concerned that Canute, Ragnar and the priest kneeling outside in front of the peasants' grave might attract attention. The priest prays for the souls of the villagers slaughtered by the Danes, under Thorfinn's grim gaze. But the priest falters in his faith, and ask God why he tests them, although they are defenseless, and if you really love his faithful ones.

But Canute cannot bear his words and tells him not to speak in this way. After all, says the prince, every father loves his own son. Hearing it, Thorfinn can't help but think about his own father.

The poor English in Vinland Saga Episode 15
The poor English in Vinland Saga Episode 15

Good news for Thorkell!

In the meantime, we find that Anne she came to Gloucester, informing both the British and the Danes of the presence of a hundred Danes at the mouth of the Severn River. Thorkell has few doubts: after pretending to take the sea and now stuck in the snow, Thorfinn and Canute reappear.

The British hoped to get rid of the intrusive guests, but Thorkell orders them to prepare supplies for his 500 men: the hunt begins! And, if they play it well, they can enjoy the war for a long time!

A Canute suddenly cook in Vinland Saga Episode 15!
A Canute suddenly cook in Vinland Saga Episode 15!

Rabbit soup for Thorfinn

Ear, however, manages to perceive the attackers, although he cannot determine their precise number. Having communicated the bad news to Askeladd and Bjorn, they inform the two carpenters at work on the sledges to finish everything by night.

Askeladd orders Bjorn to track down the commander of the English who are reaching them. Plus, he adds, this could be a good chance to do something else as well. Meanwhile, Askeladd's men prepare for battle, but some are worried: their commander's luck is running out!

Meanwhile, Ragnar notes that Thorfinn has caught a nice rabbit and invites him to eat with him and Canute. Thorfinn is speechless to see the prince cook expertly, and even more thrilled when he tastes the delicious soup they need. He is genuinely amazed that Canute knows how to cook, but the prince replies that it is his passion, although he must keep it hidden.

Thorfinn notes that there is nothing wrong with knowing how to cook. Canute, however, tells him that he cooked cod for his father Sweyn, which he did not appreciate, however, outraged by the fact that his son behaved like a slave. Ragnar however suggests cooking for Sweyn again, after the end of the war, when the king would be less busy.

The ambush in Ragnar

The discussion is interrupted by a messenger from Askeladd: the enemy found them and a battle began in the woods. Ragnar is furious: after slaughtering the innocent peasants, they were discovered anyway! Ragnar wants to talk to Askeladd about his plan to cross Mercia anyway, but the messenger points out that their commander is at the front. If he wants to talk to him, Ragnar will have to go there in person.

So, grumbling and cursing, Ragnar follows the messenger, but realizes he is not being led to the battlefield. Thus, he realizes that he has been led into a trap. But before he can draw a sword, Ragnar sees a spearhead coming out of his stomach: a soldier hidden in the snow has pierced him from behind.

Knowing that he is going to die, Ragnar asks his assassins to bring Askeladd to him, in order to reveal something to him. In the meantime, Canute is annoyed, because Ragnar's soup is getting cold.

Ragnar and Askeladd speak at sunset

Sweyn's true plans

Upon reaching the prince's guardian, Askeladd compliments him for keeping Canute alive. Now, Ragnar's death will make him grow even more, and Askeladd will take care of the prince, after his guardian has been "killed by the British". Ragnar makes Askeladd swear to protect Canute at any cost.

At this point, Ragnar reveals to Askeladd that the Danish court is arguing over who should succeed Sweyn's throne, whether Canute or Harald. These two factions ignore what the king's two heirs want, exploiting them to gain power. For fear of a split, Sweyn has probably already decided to kill one of the two princes. To be precise, the king decided to send Canute to die in battle, against Thorkell in London.

Ragnar begs Askeladd to take Canute into exile to save him: in Gainsborough, his brother will host them. Collapsing to the ground, he asks to be able to see the prince he raised for one last time, but Askeladd denies him this kindness. Thinking back to the promise to cook with Canuto, after the war, Ragnar dies.

Ragnar's death
Ragnar's death

Ragnar's death in Vinland Saga Episode 15

What should I tell you? Vinland Saga Episode 14 e Vinland Saga Episode 15 they were great carriers of magone.

Whether Ragnar liked us or not, his death hurts, because we see him having it many regrets. Not being able to protect Canute, of course, is the main regret.

After all, he was the only person who saw Canute as a person, not as an opportunity to gain power or an automaton that has to fill a role. His political supporters don't care if the prince is happy, safe, or will die to pursue their aspirations. Even Askeladd does not care that Canute survives, if it is not useful for his purposes. Even his own father, Sweyn, doesn't care about Canute's life now that he's become a problem.

Compassion: a quality that can cost dearly

Basically, since Thors died, Ragnar is the most compassionate person we have met. Despite his gruff manners, we see that he cares about people and that he is a loving and kind person.

In this last episode, we even see it approach Thorfinn, who for the first time in years finds himself in a familiar, peaceful environment, similar to what he had known with his parents in Iceland. One wonders if Thorfinn could have regained a normal life, being with Canute and Ragnar. Especially if we think about the fact that Thorfinn seems to be one of the few people who has no problem with Canute cooking!

However, although we knew that Askeladd planned to kill Ragnar, the fact that he really dies catches us almost off guard. However, this again shows us something that Vinland saga has always made it clear: too much trust in others and the desire not to be infamous, in this manga, you pay dearly, if you are unable to survive. And Ragnar, in Vinland Saga Episode 15, he paid too much.

Askeladd is always photogenic, however
Askeladd is always photogenic, however

Conclusions on Vinland Saga Episode 15

In short, another depressing episode, apart from the good times with Thorkell. Thorkell is becoming my greatest source of joyin Vinland saga.

In fact, in Vinland Saga Episode 15 there is a lot of pucciosity and we see a lot of good moments between the characters. Unfortunately, the shadow of a new chase and Ragnar's death don't help anyone's morale, including ours. But it's nice to see Canute and Thorfinn interact in an almost friendly way.

We can also better understand the motivations of the prince, raised by a father who does not love him, but who he still wants to please. Canute apparently doesn't know about Sweyn's intentions and he believes, or desperately wants to believe, that his father loves him.

As usual, Askeladd is an excellent character, who does not stoop to petty revenge, but de facto listens to Ragnar and vows to defend Canute. How sincere he is and how much he will actually do to make sure the prince survives is all to be seen.

Special mention for i beautiful colors of the episode: between sunrises and sunsets in the snow, we have spectacular palettes. It is very beautiful, then, as the light turns more and more towards sunset during the episode, until it darkens in a twilight, at the death of Ragnar.

Hopefully they will maintain this quality in the next episode too!

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