vilupera, book born from the now consolidated partnership of Luke Mazza e Jack Sensolini, founders of the collective Heroic ignorance and now established authors of a literary genre of their own: the lead.

vilupera it is their first novel of the genre grim-dark and represents a shining example of how dirty, and at the same time funny, the literature of this genre can be.

Penumbria, Kingdom of Taglia: a land without saints or heroes, at the mercy of mercenaries and outlaws, caught between the blades of an eternal crusade and the hunger for monstrous fauna. While Lutti and Malavita compete for the fiefdom of a heretic and a diabolical cardinal conspires to establish a new and lasting order, two strangers with no past shed blood and legend in the districts between the Apennines and the Maladriatico. I am a bounty hunter and a beast performer and call themselves the Leper and the Barber.
Nothing epic, nothing ethical.
Between a wedding and many funerals, only shadows and steel.
Deadly like the fangs of a vilupera.

Back cover

But let's analyze the book in its form.

vilupera to the prints

The book was published and sent to print via Amazon's publishing system. These allowed the authors to publish in a short time, to the detriment of the quality of the paper that is used by other publishing houses. However, although this may seem bad for many, for this genre of books that are very "IgNoranti" on a heroic level, paper gives the volume a very particular quality: the aspect of lived experience.

I am almost certain that these books could be quietly committed to beating someone up and staying untouched at the same time.

As for the editing I was pleasantly satisfied, not finding any typos, no orphans or widows. Except those that were created and created in the book by the blades of the protagonists and the antagonists!

Ultimately, despite being a product printed through the Amazon service, the final level is really high, especially compared to other books I've had the "pleasure" of reading.

one of the coats of arms of the families present in Vilupera

What is it vilupera?

Vilupera is a riot of killings, violence, brutality of all kinds in a country without any hope of salvation, without the Renaissance that has distinguished us and without the slightest will to change things.

Like our medieval and Renaissance Italy, one city fights the other in hopes of increasing its influence. Marriages are entered into only to increase power and form alliances, just like in our past. Pillars of mercenaries invade cities, plunder and leave only rubble, both human and non-human.

And in the background of the novel what moves? Revenge? An indomitable beast? An atavistic memory of an end like that of Count Ugolino and his family?

Yes, yes and again yes, but that's not all, trust me. There is much, much more and my advice, without a doubt, is read it!

Vilupera bestiary


I was pleasantly surprised by vilupera. I often find myself uncomfortable with grim-dark books, because sometimes certain situations of violence are treated a little too lightly. Here, however, every man, more or less evil, receives his due, in terms of steel, blood or baiocchi (the money of the Kingdom of Size).

I literally finished the book in less than two days and then, I don't pay, I immediately reread it.

The authors had fun citing some iconic scenes, by ignorance pure, taken from films. I was amazed not to find a beautiful Brogio Guilellmi among the characters of the story, ready to join the good guys and kill all those who did not behave properly.

If you want something brutal, where the count of corpses rivals the film Commando or with the series Mercenaries, vilupera it's what's right for you.

Here you can find the paper version of the book, while at this address you can find the version ebook.

Make us a little thought, really!