Venture is a new scientific card game to fight the FAKE NEWS and for those who think that ad Atlantis you only deal with myths and legends, well you're wrong.

So why was Venture born and why a science-themed game?

Playing with science has never been easier: Venture is the new board game completely made in Italy that allows players to have fun with science and challenge opponents, up to winning the Nobel!

As the authors declare, we will not find, in this game, any of the typical topoos of board or card games.

No dark elves and dragons, there isn't even a butler: Venture's goal is to fight disinformation and ignorance with scientific information, historical notes and author references.

Born from the team of BeeZarre Games, new born Italian play society founded by Joseph Morandi e Nicole Pallares Ferrer, and launched internationally thanks to a Kickstarter completed successfully, less than a year ago, Venture, in all respects it is a perfect party game. The non-illustrative graphic sector was managed by Roberto Morandi who took care of the logo, the layout of the cards, the graphics of the box, while the drawings we have NobuTheMonkey.

How to play Venture

Waiting for the actual game, which will be submitted to an old professor of genetics, here is some information on Venture. The game currently has three to six players, ages twelve and up, and will keep players busy at the table for up to an hour. Inside the box you will find six role cards divided into mathematician, chemist, physicist, biologist, geologist and astronomer, twenty-four mission cards e eighty action cards of which ventotto, instruments.

Each player draws a role, four mission cards and five action cards, and the aim is to complete their missions while sabotaging scientific discoveries. You steal ideas, unleash against an opposing scientist theInquisition ("Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition" cit.), In short, you will do everything to project yourself towards the Nobel.

the Nobel of Venture
To pencils NobuTheMonkey

The strength of the game is verisimilitude

Anyone who says that a board game can be educational, at least moderately, as well as fun, finds in Venture the perfect example.

In the past I have already dealt with particular board games, an example of all was Timeline, a game that made me collect incredible cacin figures, but here in addition to the educational character there is a part of science that is treated with precision, that is the hatred of the scientific community.

Competition is fierce as we have always been able to imagine. Just think of Watson, crick e Rosalind Franklin and to all the diatribe of the academic world on the photo of the double helix of DNA, or the "clash" between oparin e Haldane on the hypothesis of the composition of primordial broth.

So don't let them steal your ideas or the Inquisition get you!

Inquisition in Venture
To pencils NobuTheMonkey


We recommend that you first go and visit the place of the game because it is truly a joy for the eyes.

Ultimately I can't wait to play it. And hopefully we will get an expert opinion right after playing, but until then, we still have to figure out if the cat in the box is alive or not, but from this illustration there are currently no doubts!

To pencils NobuTheMonkey