Vampires Screen and Aid for the Narrator is a small but incredibly useful extra for fifth edition of Vampires. The luckiest ones will have found it at the Need Games stand at Modena Play, the others can always retrieve it on their site for just under 25 euros. The product is made up of the screen for the Narrator and a booklet of aids that can serve as an excellent aid in building a report.
Given the more than modest price and the ample resources available, we absolutely recommend the purchase to all Vampire Narrators.

The screen for the Narrator

The screen of the Narrator is a supplement of fine workmanship. Made up of 4 large folding doors, it allows you to quickly consult useful tables in order to control: Difficulty of actions; instant png (also for combat); power of the Blood; humanity and combat statistics. Combined with the Narrator's Aids, the screen allows you to cover most of the improvisation that a master can find having to do at the table.

Subsidies for the Narrator

It is a 40-page booklet containing ideas and suggestions on how to make the feeling felt by the players at the table more realistic. At the end of this small guide you will find ideas for 100 victims and 100 places to use in a chronicle, especially if you find yourself improvising.

Bringing the news to life

This section deals with all those tips, reflections and ideas that are the basis of a good Vampire narration. The paragraph deals with a large part of the human senses, as all of these contribute to creating visceral sensations in the players (and perhaps also in the Narrator himself) and to assist in identification. It is also suggested, if there is this possibility, to produce documents and props. In the section concerning the sense of hearing, in addition to the possibility of reproducing the noises (also in this case, it must be possible), the aid offers the possibility of not describing the music but of putting it at the table.


Special mention is made to the Larp directly on the first page, which describes the type of game (very different and whose test is highly recommended) and its importance for Vampires. The origin of the Vampire Live RPG, certainly one of the most famous if not THE most famous in the world, dates back to the creation of the Mind's Eye Theater rulebook. Some events are organized and sponsored by White Wolf itself!

It is played to feel emotions, not to win

This mirror is very important to understand one of the focuses of Vampires 5 Edition. Role-playing games are, historically, born with a structure to complete the objectives: explore the dungeon, kill monsters, etc ...

Vampires, since its first edition, has shifted the focus on making feelings and emotions live, rather than on giving a goal to be completed in order to feel gratified. Although this emotion-laden approach is obviously not suitable for everyone (you want it for interest you want it for sensitivity), the sensations and feelings are the backbone of this fifth edition.

Popular culture as a source of inspiration

This section of the aid recommends television, film and literary works that can help create a mental image of the vampire. As we well know, in Vampires we do not find a unique image of the Cainites but, according to the clan, the inspiration is different and takes from a source in itself. In particular, strongly pushing away romantic works, it is advisable to focus on horror, Gothic, thriller.

100 victims and 100 places

This section represents the longest part of the grant. It contains ideas to insert victims into the narrative to be seduced, killed or simply to feed on based on the concept and blood. These characters are obviously outlined in a very summary way but, given the wide range of cases treated, they always come in handy. Small flaw for local players: the names are not particularly suitable for playing in Italy and must obviously be adapted or reinvented.

Complementary to the victims, the places represent for me a fundamental point of this aid. These are one hundred places that it is plausible to visit at night (obviously depends on city to city) with relative advice on the NPCs to put on and the type of blood to be found. Also very interesting is the comparison with the Italian counterparts of certain buildings, which are not always open after sunset.