You know what it is valheim?
valheim, created by the Swedish developer iron gate studio, is what can be defined as a real case. Released on the Steam platform with early access on February 2, 2021, it has already exceeded the quota of over two million users who have purchased the product, although to date the language is only English (simplified). I too am one of those who trusted the game, otherwise I wouldn't be here talking about it ...

The rediscovery of Viking culture, without a shadow of a doubt, is greatly helping this game to stand out from other similar titles. The Vikings and American Gods TV series, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, are just some of the shining examples of how Norse culture has made its way into the hearts of many. In mine, there was already a place for Alto, Equally Alto and Terzo. You know how it is, when at the age of four instead of the stories of the Bible, Gods and Heroes of Viking mythology are read to you, maybe things get complicated.

Let's get back to us. What is special about this game? Why is it having such a strong following? So many questions that I can only give a personal answer.
Before starting to look for a solution to these questions, however, let's introduce the game a bit.

History of Valheim

The worlds of Norse mythology, up to the beginning of February 2021, were nine. Now, with valheim, they became ten!
The story is one of the simplest, and at the same time full of references. Your character has been brought to this place by the Valkyries and one of Odin's two ravens, Huginn, is at your side from the early stages of the game to accompany you in your exploration.

It is he who takes you to the stone circle and reveals your fate to you. You are a keeper now! You are the keeper of this world and your job is to defend it from creatures that even Odin would not want to face.

The first minutes of the game

At first you will find yourself completely lost. I cursed many times during the first moments of the game and, honestly, I tell you that I deleted my character a couple of times to do it again. The truth is I deleted it because I didn't like the hair color, it didn't match the name: Herger. I guess it's pretty obvious that I like the movie 13th Warrior true?

Being a survival game, what you have to do in the first few minutes is to get familiar with the movements, start collecting resources around the world and start expanding. It is essential to build an ax and start cutting some trees, do not worry you will also have the opportunity to plant them again at a later time.
However, after collecting a considerable amount of wood, build a hammer and a work station. Through this structure you can begin to give life to your first settlement.

Please be careful when building something, try to do it on as flat ground as possible, otherwise your structures will collapse. Yes that's right, they will collapse. No pinpoint accuracy is required, mind you, but trust me, it's no fun when the roof falls on your head.


Like any self-respecting survival, the management of the character's nutrition is fundamental. Initially you will have to feed on the fruits of the earth. Mushrooms and blueberries will be available around the map, but your diet will become more variable later on. I recommend always cook the food. Whether they are lizard-like tails or game meat, cooking will make it all better.

As the exploration of the world continues, you will be able to find new types of food, from fish to carrots, to have yourself a beautiful crop of wheat to prepare your bread.
But, in the beginning, be satisfied with the fruits that Iðunn will give you.

Valheim environment

Some important things to remember

The world of valheim it's a living world. The passage of time is marked by an excellent system of day and night, during which the cold falls and monsters of the most disparate types roam. The best thing you can do is build a shelter, a roof over your head, a bonfire and a bed.

Keep in mind that, as in the real world, even more so, objects, houses, thatched roofs, can be damaged and broken. Rain is the enemy of wood and straw, as are giants who throw rocks at your home, so remember to make the right repairs.

Build an operations base right away and start exploring the perimeter. The map will expand more and more as you move around the world. Also remember that, being a living world, the Earth's biomes are well represented in this game, so certain types of resources will only be available in certain places.

One last little tip, always keep some carrots in your inventory (as soon as you find them), mushrooms and blueberries. You will see that they will be useful to you and you can make friends!

Conclusions on Valheim

It was since the time of Rune that I had not been so fond of something Viking. The ability to share a world and fate with other players is something exciting.
In fact, the game, which is still early access to date, allows you to play with other players, for a total of ten Vikings. It would have been perfect if they could have been 13, maybe with a foreigner, but I'm confident for the future!

Before I leave you and immerse myself, again, in the world of valheim, I ask you the following question: is there anyone interested in a direct where you can find some advice for exploration, and a short guide about the first precautions to take to try to survive this world?
Or, does someone who plays it want to visit me in the world that I have started to explore?
What do you think instead if you did a series of tutorials, on the site, where you can find any recipes and tips to save your character's time and life?

Let me know! I am open to everything!