Vaesen is the latest product of the Swedish publishing house, Fria Ligan (Free League), which has become famous in recent years for publishing titles such as: Tales from the Loop, Coriolis e Forbidden Lands. This product is distributed by Modiphius publishing house that we began to know thanks to the articles on Star Trek e Mutant Chronicles that you can consult on our portal.

Vaesen, like its predecessors, it saw the light thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, with the milestone crossed in less than 15 minutes. There Fria Ligan this time too, she did not contradict herself, in fact she managed to offer the vast role-playing game market a product of exceptional workmanship, starting from the quality of the materials to the overall aesthetics, everything has been taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Meanwhile, here is the trailer!

What is Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplay?

Vaesen is an investigative horror RPG set in Uppsala, Sweden in the 1800s, in the middle of the industrial revolution.

The interesting and different thing from the other investigative horror RPGs, which already abound in our libraries, is that it is completely detached from the style of The Call of Cthulhu, looking instead at the country's past and its myths. THE Vaesen they are in fact the creatures that populate the fairy tales and legends of Nordic mythology. Some of these echo in the Brothers Grimm fairy tales we read as children

The players will find themselves interpreting the "Children of Thursday". These people, after having suffered a traumatic event linked to one of these Vaesen, have developed the ability to see and recognize them. Precisely for this peculiarity, i Children of Thursday are gathered in a kind of Society now almost completely forgotten, based in a ruined castle in the heart of Uppsala.

Peculiarity of the title, which makes it unique, is also one of the pillars of the game, namely that “i Vaesen they are neither good nor bad". Players will never face evil creatures interested only in destroying the good in the world, but creatures that live their own lives, sometimes even going so far as to collaborate with humans. 

In recent years, however, the attitude and behavior of several Vaesen has changed. Perhaps, precisely because of the industrial revolution, some of them have decided to find their place in this new world. Others have decided to face it and try to recover what was taken from them.

Players will have to extricate themselves from moral choices and dangers far beyond their means.

The key to the game is not muscle and brute strength, but knowledge and ingenuity. THE Vaesen they cannot be defeated in a direct match. Each of these creatures is characterized by a precise system, a ritual, a prayer, or whatever, to be removed. Furthermore, this final conflict will never be resolved through dice rolls and randomness. The players, if they have been able to discover the right information, will have to interpret the execution of the ritual in order to succeed.

A creature of Vaesen

The system

The game system of Vaesen is the same as other Fria Ligan titles, lo Year Zero Engine.
Each character is characterized by a unique archetype, two players cannot in fact choose the same. Four macro attributes (Physical Performance, Hand-eye coordination, Logic ed Empathy). One Talent and twelve Ability. Last, but not least, there are some aspects that best characterize and define the background of who we are going to interpret. There Motivation, what drives us to go on and investigate. The trauma, the event that caused the awakening of the Vista and that has left a deep mark on the soul. Finally theDark Secret, something that hides from everyone else, your own skeleton in the closet.

When a skill check must be made, the value of the same plus that of the corresponding attribute is added and the same number of d6s are rolled. If there is at least a 6 among the results, the action is successful, additional successes have different effects depending on the skill.
Like any title of the Fria Ligan that uses this system, this too has undergone slight changes to make it more similar to the type of game.

The system also has a part related to combat, which, however, takes a lot into the background compared to the rest, precisely to accentuate the little importance that these should have within the sessions. A character would hardly survive a direct confrontation with a

A game of chess while playing

The Structure of the Mystery

Inside the manual there is an entire chapter dedicated to how to build the mystery. Reading these pages you can clearly perceive the particular approach to the game that Vaesen requires, especially from the side of the master. The writing of a mystery is extremely precise and codified making it very difficult, although absolutely possible, to improvise. Timing and atmosphere are crucial, a Vaesen it will not wait for players to do 2 + 2 to implement their intentions. 

The Vaesen

The chapter concerning the "Bestiary" is unmissable. In these pages some are collected and presented Vaesen, with their own legends, stats, unique abilities and the ritual to banish them. The writing of the Mystery, to return to what was mentioned above, it must start from here.

It must always be considered that i Vaesen they can hide anywhere. Our neighbor could also be one of them and quietly go to the factory every morning.

Conclusions on Vaesen

Did you like the TV series "Grimm“? Here, now imagine it in the 1800s and you may have an idea of ​​the game world. If you like the idea then I highly recommend this title!

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