You know Unglorious?
I'm almost certain not, but that's why we're here.

What we are going to talk about is the new house project Ace Games. We have already known this reality in several of our insights, do you remember them? In this article Simone Morini had undergone, a few days before the results of the "Role-playing Game of the Year", to a somewhat invasive interview about some games he created, and in this other article he had confided in us about the use of dice.

In short, we never lost sight of him and once again we got to talk to him.

What is Unglorious?

Let's start with the problem eternal par excellence: you are dead. Undead "well", far from it! You died badly, in a stupid way, without any possibility of appeal. Has it ever happened in your sessions to say "come on, I'm just goblinAnd among them was the infamous champion goblin who only rolled 20 on the master's die?

Here, more or less you died badly. But did this stop you? It seems not. In fact, in addition to the damage, the hoax. Based on the corpse you left behind, you became undead. Recently died? Welcome zombie. Is only the skeleton left? Well I don't think there is a need to explain. Ah, you no longer have the body and have you left an ectoplasm behind you? You have become a ghost, and you are lucky that the Ghostbusters have not returned yet.

So here we are, undead and happy, now eternal joy and happiness awaits us, our ancestors. No, huh?
Have you ever read Dylan Dog? In some old issues, such as "The Guardian of Memory", Hell is referred to as a bureaucratic monstrosity. Almost worse than the Vogon bureaucracy of “Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” or the “state” office in Beetlejuice. Here, this crossing point where our characters will "wake up" called "the Garden", is the sum of the lines you have done in the offices, at the post office and the time lost in the waiting rooms. A real nightmare!

I mean, we're screwed, huh?
Maybe not, come on, there is still hope. You are the last, the ones who would never have chosen anyone, but in the war that will come, perhaps, you will be able to find the fame and glory you have always wanted in life. Better late than never, don't you think?

An undertaker from the Unglorious Garden

A little bit of mechanics

The mechanics of Unglorious, to date that we are in the pre-beta phase, are already all defined and Simone has missed something for our readers!
The first thing you will have to do is fill in your "death certificate", your card in short. In addition to determining the characteristics, you will also have to write your "Kit from the Dead, which is what you had when you died.
The Vikings knew a lot, you know? They even filled a drakkar with weapons, armor, gifts, and more, to make life a little easier after this.

Here, your "Kit from the Dead" is an integral part of you. Do you remember MediEvil and Sir Daniel Fortesque? What you are wearing will never leave you because it is an integral part of you. Maybe, and I mean maybe, if you're lucky, you can upgrade your equipment a bit and take out that damned piece of blade that pierced your tailbone leading to your death.

So to summarize: you died, you filled out the certificate, took back your weapons and now what do you have to do? Bring 1d10, a lot of irony and get ready to go.

Resurrecting has never been easier ...

Simone “Undead Aces” Morini

Too early to give Unglorious an opinion?

I have known Simone for years now (a good eight!), He knows well that I am not influenced by the fact that his curls are perfect or by his bike (which I envy him a lot), but that I want to be able to read and play the product before giving a sincere judgment, so the first thing I asked him was a one-shot to try it! And if he didn't understand, I can't wait to play it. I am very confident of the product

In any case, to understand each other, I have always dealt with the concept of death in role-playing as something that would have brought even more game to the table and, although I never managed to make a TPK at my tables, not even in the Last Torch, now I know what get my players to play in case this happens.

Or even if it doesn't! I confront them with the death of their previous alter-egos and invite them to the Unglorious afterlife. You understood the word play of the title, right? Inglorious but with a nice U of Undead in place of the I.

Spirit is important when dealing with death, but so is being a zombie or a skeleton, so don't be sad, death is just a new beginning, or maybe the beginning!

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