The Ubisoft Forward 10, the digital presentation in which the software house presents the new upcoming titles to the public, was held on Thursday 2020 September. It was an event lasting an hour, full of gameplay and trailers at the end of which we all found ourselves satisfied. However, it would be incorrect to call everything that has been shown to us as pure gold and, game by game, we will find out why.

Fenyx Rising Immortals

The most promising title is the opening one, as if Ubisoft had wanted to play the ace up its sleeve in the first hand. Immortals Fenyx Rising is a new ip of the French house that promises to be interesting. In the open world game we will play the role of the warrior Fenyx, the only one able to save the lands of the Olympic gods from the fearsome titan Typhoon.
Through a system of skills, magical items and potions, Immortals Fenyx Rising should prove to be a title that more than lives up to expectations and, thanks to its open world mechanics, perhaps wink at Breath of the Wild.
The game should have two exceptional narrators, Zeus and Prometheus, who from the top of the mountain where the titan is chained will observe the deeds of the heroine.
Particularly appreciable a sort of character editor, in the form of the "chair of Aphrodite's beauty" in which players will be able to change the aesthetics of Fenyx, even coming to be able to put a beard on her (although there is no doubt that the red-haired warrior is already the perfection of course!)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake

A very heavy Leak had ruined the great surprise, which had been rumored for some time now, of the remake of the first chapter of the Sands of Time Trilogy. Prince of Persia was a very important series for the gaming world, belonging to the time when reading "Ubisoft" on a title ensured a high quality, and the remake operation did not leave everyone satisfied.
From a graphic point of view, the trailer proved to be absolutely insufficient and having entrusted the job to an Indian studio is not enough to resolve the matter. Ubisoft must remember that quality must come before multiculturalism. The fact that the first Assassin's Creed opened with "This title was developed by a multicultural team of different creeds and ethnicities" accompanied the quality and representation of Christian, Jewish and Islamic cultures.
It also worries the fact that the game, according to the developers, will be equal to the original. Having replayed it recently, although always full of charm, I can say that the title has not aged very well in terms of difficulty, longevity and themes. I would have preferred a different operation but still one of rediscovery of the trilogy.
The good news is that, hopefully, this could also be done for the sequel “Warrior Within” which to this day remains the most popular title in the trilogy.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbox Six Siege fans have been rewarded by Ubisoft Forward 2020 with an ad hoc trailer for the next addition to the roster of operators. Samuel Leo Fisher will make his appearance with a dedicated operation and, who knows, maybe something more.
Fans are hoping for a deeper union between the Splinter Cell and Rainbox Six Siege titles, worlds that could easily intersect with their protagonists.

Watch Dogs Legion

In the era of Brexit and the controls for the Covid pandemic, what better title to warn us about the risk of the drifts that "Watch Dogs Legion"? In this third installment of the now famous saga, we will play the role of rebels who will oppose the British government, now out of control and oppressor.
Excellent surprises are also coming for the fans of this title: first of all, the possibility of recruiting every single citizen of London, each with strengths and weaknesses, malus and bonuses that can come in handy in the various missions; to this is added the arrival via Season Pass of the protagonist of the first title of the Watch Dogs series Aiden Pierce, who will have his own side story full of events to explore.
It will be very interesting to observe the recruitment process, to understand how much Ubisoft wants to push on the psychological aspect, of discontent and rebellion of the people, rather than on the mere mechanics of the game.

Hyper scape

Ubisoft's new battle royale title seems to have generated very good reactions in the Twitch audience, since the entirety of the presentation on this game was dedicated to the most exciting and unlikely plays of the streamers. It is useless to deny the importance of this category of players in the panorama of a battle royale game, given the millions of dollars they are able to move from one game to another.
The big announcement of the Ubisoft Forward concerned the Turbo mode, in which everything will obviously be faster and more adrenaline. The matches in theory should therefore last less and be more action-packed.
It will be interesting to note the evolution of this title over the seasons.

Riders republic

The Ubisoft Forward 2020 has also given us light-hearted titles, which do not take themselves at all seriously, such as "Riders Republic". In the multiplayer game we will find ourselves racing on the road, sky and snow to compete in games on the verge of madness. A mixture so strange that, if exaggerated in the right way, it could also prove tremendously interesting to play. In this title of extreme sports, competitions, over the top competitions, colors and stratospheric flights we could perhaps find some laughter and a rediscovery of multiplayer as group fun.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition

After ten years, the full edition of the Scott Pilgrim vs The World game has been announced, one of the most irreverent side-scrolling beat'em up games ever. In the title we will assist young Scott Pilgrim in his battle for survival against the fearsome exes of his current girlfriend: Ramona Flowers. There will be laughter and fun, because the title had aroused great hilarity at its release for its high-level achievement. We can't wait to see the adventures of sweetheart Scott return to our screens.