Why can the combination of “trans people and Green Pass” lead to privacy violations, outing and the risk of violence? Here are some tips to avoid unpleasant situations!

We thank Marta Palvarini for the precious advice during the writing of the article!

In recent weeks we have seen several fun activities and events adopt the Green Pass, not without being aggressive review bombing by no-vax.
September will be a month very full of events and fairs related to the field of role-playing and board games, and with the arrival of autumn, the activities of many playful places will also move indoors. Consequently, the use of the Green Pass will be mandatory.

However, in the past few weeks it has been seen how the use of the Green Pass has proved problematic for many transgender and / or non-binary people. The problem is serious, because in many cases those who, at the entrance of clubs or events, ask for the Green Pass end up violating the privacy of the people in front of them, thus risking to expose trans and / or non-binary people, putting them in a dangerous situation.
In this article, we will try to explain what are the behaviors that, when checking the Green Pass, violate the privacy of trans / non-binary people and endanger them. In addition, we will offer some useful tips to avoid problematic situations.
In this sense, we resume the information reported by Gruppo Trans, which we advise you to contact for doubts, requests for help and reports.

Disclaimer: this is an article designed to be "down to earth". It is mainly aimed at those who will find themselves checking the Green Passes in recreational events without knowing practically anything about gender issues, the LGBTQIAP + community and transgender and / or non-binary people.

A necessary clarification

Before we begin, let's specify that the editors of the Seekers of Atlantis are not no-vax. We support the use of the Green Pass and encourage readers to get vaccinated and continue to use all necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from Covid-19, including an indoor mask even for those who have had the vaccine.
That said, the Green Pass is not a perfect solution or one that does not present critical issues, as it is problematic for some categories of people such as trans / non-binary people and migrants. It is important to discuss these problems so that solutions can be found.

Screenshots with the results of the Green Pass check, via the Verification C19 app
Screenshots with the results of the Green Pass check, via the Verification C19 app

Trans people and the Green Pass: what problems can there be?

The problem of the combination of "trans people and Green Pass" is very simple.
Many trans / non-binary people do not have documents that match their gender, and therefore their Green Pass may also bear the name by which they were known before the transition. In fact, the process for changing documents in Italy tends to be very long and expensive, so it often happens that trans and / or non-binary people have documents that they no longer recognize.

Let's take an example. Luca is a trans man and is making his transition path and presents himself to the world with his true gender identity, that is, the male one. However, Luke's records still carry his old name, which is feminine. In jargon, this "old name" is also said deadname, precisely because for a trans person it tends to be a name somehow "dead and buried".
In this case, Luca's documents do not coincide with his gender identity. So, even his Green Pass will carry a female name, perhaps going to clash with the appearance of Luca, which could be clearly male.

It goes without saying that whoever has to check Luca's Green Pass could have doubts about the identity of the one in front of him. Moreover, maybe Luca could be accompanied by people who know him, precisely, as "Luca" and not with the deadname reported on the Green Pass. Therefore, problems can arise from similar situations.

Trans people and Green Passes: tips for those who check Green Passes

Here are some useful tips for those who check the Green Pass to enter fairs, events or clubs. These recommendations are directly based on the three guidelines proposed by Gruppo Trans.

Do not say out loud the name and data written on the Green Pass

First, whoever checks the Green Passes of people entering should always keep in mind that they are accessing private data, and therefore should act accordingly.
In particular, it is always essential to protect the privacy of those in front of us. This means that what you read when checking a Green Pass should never be said aloud, or otherwise expressed in such a way as to be heard by people other than the one to whom the Green Pass belongs.
This is a practice that obviously applies to anyone and not just trans and / or non-binary people.

This is to avoid doing outing to trans and / or non-binary people

Second, it is vital to remember that trans and / or non-binary people can find themselves in unpleasant situations or even dangerous, should their transgender status be revealed to complete strangers. In fact, as we have also said in other articles such as this on JK Rowling o this about Diego Luna, unfortunately it is not at all uncommon for trans and / or non-binary people to suffer aggression (verbal or physical) and / or discrimination, especially when their transgender status is evident. In this sense, revealing to everyone present that a person is transgender without their consent is also said to “do outing".

For example, calling a trans woman by her deadname in front of strangers can potentially put her in danger. In fact, what do we know if the group of boys behind her, hearing everything, will decide to mock her, inside the fair, or even to follow her when she goes out to beat her? Or that maybe the person who accompanies her into your club is a work colleague of hers, with whom the trans woman did not come out (and she certainly did not intend to do so)?

In short, in general it is important to remember always protect privacy of the people whose Green Pass you control. And if the name on the Green Pass seems somehow difficult to associate with the person in front of you, just follow a few small tricks. Let's see them right away.

How to ask for clarification on documents

Quite simply, you have to make sure you ask for clarification in a way that is respectful of the person and their privacy.
So, first of all you have to avoid assuming gender of people that we have in front of and of make comments or questions that are not strictly necessary. So let's avoid saying things like "Are you a boy or a girl?" or to comment on his appearance, because they are both intrusive and unnecessary: ​​just ask if the name on the Green Pass is that of the person in front of us, we don't need to know his gender.
To put it in the words of the Trans Group: “do not ask the person questions during forced coming out”.

Secondly, if you want to ask for clarification on a person's documents, it is important to do it without a scene, but simply taking the person aside and, in a low voice, ask the questions they need. In this sense, it is essential that this exchange of information is done privately, respecting the privacy of the person.
In addition, Trans Group is also recommended to avoid reactions that could expose the person in front of us. So, if this turns out to be transgender and therefore you have outdated documents, you definitely shouldn't react by saying aloud "Ah, I get it, so you're trans!" (goodbye, privacy!), or with a strong "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" of understanding (not exactly discreet!), or by squaring the person from head to toe (always not very discreet, as well as rude!). Just nod, say "ok, thanks, I get it" and move on.

The Trans Group help card to explain the discrepancies between trans people and Green Pass
The Trans Group help card to explain the discrepancies between trans people and Green Pass

Trans people and Green Pass: a useful tool of Gruppo Trans

Gruppo Trans has also created a tool that could be useful for transgender and / or non-binary people who find themselves having outdated documents.
It is a help card, which can be discreetly shown to those who control the Green Pass, without therefore needing to speak. You will find several models here . This note reads:

I am a trans person *.
Name and gender on my documents do not match my appearance.
Please avoid any questions or comments that may publicly expose me.

Furthermore, in case any trans and / or non-binary person has problems or faces unpleasant situations while checking the Green Pass, Gruppo Trans makes its own legal team. You can report having suffered discrimination or having experienced difficult situations by filling in the form at the bottom of the page linked here.

We hope there are no problematic situations in the game fairs

This article was written to focus on a problem that part of our community experiences every day and which we hope will not have to live at the next fairs and recreational events.
So let's take advantage of the opportunity to remind those who organize role-playing and / or board game events to take half an hour to give a minimum of training to their staff on these issues.
Let them read the Gruppo Trans vademecum and remind them of the privacy rules. In this sense, we also remind you that the Privacy Guarantor has a very updated page on the management of personal data for the Green Pass.

The playful events of the next few weeks are a wave of nerdy sociability that all the people of our community were missing. It would therefore be very sad if a part of it was made uncomfortable and discriminated against right at the entrance.
We can do better, so let's get down to business!