It was May 25, 2001 when, exactly two weeks after the disappearance of Douglas Adams, his most loyal readers decided to set a date to celebrate his memory: the Towel Day, the day of the towel.

In the cycle of novels inaugurated with Galactic Guide for Hitchhikers (1979), Adams narrates the hilarious adventures of Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect, two intrepid travelers aboard the Cuore d'Oro spaceship. Among the thousands of very useful information reported on Guide - from the dangers of Vogon poems to thoughts of a vase of petunias - the vital importance of carrying a towel is underlined, "Perhaps the most useful object a galactic hitchhiker can have".
And this is why today, like every year, fans scattered throughout the galaxy put one in their backpack, hide it in their purse or proudly carry it around their neck, commemorating their author of the heart. 

But now we come to the reasons why you should always carry this indispensable strip of sponge with you, listing all the advantages listed on the Guide same.

# 1: HEAT

"You can wrap it around to keep you warm when you are about to cross the cold Jaglan Beta satellites. "

You don't want to get cold like that, do you? Even on Jaglan Beta there are no more seasons: just a blow of air to get a bad stiff neck. Now multiply it by the number of heads you have and evaluate whether it is worth it. We have warned you.



"You can lie on it when you are on the beaches of the brilliant marble sand of Santraginus V inhaling the intoxicating vapors of its sea. "

In short, a nice beach towel is also fine; we are not here to point out the dimensions.



"You can sleep under it on the deserted world of Kakrafoon, with its stars shining reddish."

It is not a trivial cover, mind you, but a real companion of adventures. Even astronaut Tim Peake showed it off on the International Space Station, so we can be sure it is very useful.



"You can use it as the sail of a mini-raft when you are about to follow the slow course of the lazy river Moth."

Why take a solo trip with a luxury catamaran, when you can build a splendid raft and sail with your trusted towel? We can't tell you if it works even for spaceships without an infinite improbability engine. Let us know.



"You can wet it for use in hand-to-hand combat."

There is not much to say: if you have played a team sport or you have had a grandmother chasing you with a wet tea towel, you know perfectly well what lethal weapon is being talked about. We show you a practical demonstration of the fight to the death between Kassidy Cook and Michael Hixon, during the Rio 2016 Olympics. We are not entirely convinced that the attack on the shoulders is regular, in hindsight.



"You can wrap it around your head to ward off harmful vapors or to avoid the gaze of the Voracious Beast Bugblatta di Traal (an abominably stupid animal, who thinks that if you do not see it, he too cannot see you: he is crazy to tie, but very, very voracious)."

Why use the anti-smog masks, so unsightly, when you can transform yourself into a nice living burrito? It seems that Professor Raptor, on the other hand, strongly supported the use of the towel to avoid prying eyes directed at his ... second face. To each his own.



"Infine you can use your towel to make reports in an emergency and, if it is still clean enough, to dry yourself, of course. "

A little trivial as you use, perhaps, but it was worth mentioning them.


Whatever adventure is on your way, now you know why it is essential to bring a soft towel with you to face life, the universe and everything.

In short, do not panic: grab your favorite, point your thumb at the stars and get ready to go.