With "Conquering an Empire“We come, after the tragic events of the last issue, to the central chapter of the mini-saga of the reconquest of the Erondarian throne. We are one step away from the end of the Rebellion!

Conquering an Empire is the second installment of the three-part mini-saga of the Erondár liberation campaign.
The symbol on the title page indicates the mini-saga of the Erondár liberation campaign

As usual, those interested in the history of the "Dragonero the RebelCan find it in this article summary.
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He who sows the wind shall reap the storm!
Can you hear me? Can you see me?

Fall - when the new day will break
Die, bury yourself - a castle made of sand
Fall - when the dark sky will awake
Die, bury yourself - the tide begins to rise
Die, bury yourself Die, bury yourself when the day will break!

Oh fail!

Fall Of An Empire, Malady X, 2018, Nothgard

Conquering an Empire

Conquering an Empire is the second chapter in the closing trilogy of the Dragonero the Rebel saga

The night is darkest just before dawn.
The grip tightens around Valhendàrt. The war machines incessantly bombard the imperial citadel, the clouds of the Technocrats are the undisputed masters of the sky and the army of Nahim and the Swords of Justice is welcomed by the people as a liberator. The showdown with Leario and Roney is approaching. It is with Roney that Ian and Gmor clash under the walls of the besieged city!

Conquering an Empire sees the final confrontation between Ian and Gmor against Roney

Alben, on the other hand, prepares the definitive attack on Leario through the divine magic of the Lady of Blood Tears!

Episode analysis

Stefano Vietti leaves a Luca Enoch the second chapter of the final trilogy of the Dragonero the Rebel saga.

"Conquering an Empire”Is a book in strong continuity with the previous one, at least in the first tables, but there is no time for pain. We are in fact plunged into the whirlwind of the events of the last siege of Valhendàrt.

It is a succession of several fronts, in which each of our heroes is engaged: Nahim and Ausofer approach the citadel acclaimed by the population, Myrva, on the other hand, commands the siege engines and the clouds of the Technocrats loyal to the Emperor. Sera rages through the skies with the griffiners descending on the defense forces, Alben is immersed in preparations to counter Leario and the Lady of Blood Tears.

Alben knows that in order to conquer an Empire he must do something against the Lady of Blood Tears and her via Leario.

Aura although in support of Ian and Gmor, "feels" that Alben is in danger and leaves them to deal with the Gate of Dawn.

Aura chooses to go to Alben's aid rather than support Ian and Gmor

It's right there, in thatSunrise smeared with blood, which Ian and Gmor face Roney. In that clash a myriad of emotions are concentrated, also emphasized by tables without white spaces, it is black that reigns supreme: it is the abyss of despair into which everyone has been precipitated. Shattered dreams and hopes are mixed with pain, guilt, loyalty, revenge, pity.
Enoch builds a worthy conclusion, long overdue and longed for, also as a consequence of what happened in the past, but above all in the previous register.

All that remains is to wait for the clash of Alben (and Aura) against Leario ...

Last threat to the reconquest of the Erondár is the Lady of Blood Tears and her High Priest Leario

At the opening

In Chronicles of the Rebellion, Luca Barbieri accompanies us on the last journey of a much loved character from the Dragonero saga, pointing to the two creators of the work, Stefano Vietti e Luca Enoch, those responsible for such a tragic death. The death of [SPOILER] is bound to leave a deep scar in our hearts. Already from the cover, in shades of gray broken by the red drape with which Ian supports his daughter Elara, we should have expected it, moreover several clues had been disseminated in the books of the past months regarding what would happen in this issue (have you identified them all?) .
What to add? We will never forget you, and Ian certainly won't… goodbye [SPOILER]!
If you want to recover the story of its debut, it was recently reprinted in the bookshop volume The tales of the scouts.

Drawings & lettering

The cover of Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors), which sees Ian and Rooney engaged in a duel to the death, is the sum of the entire book and a natural conclusion after the tragic events of the last issue. The fantastic duo got us used to impactful covers and once again met expectations!

It falls on the shoulders of Fabiano Ambu narrating with images what Enoch's pen has masterfully scripted. Ambu is equally masterful in designing a story so full of action and feelings, in fact each table is profound with a unique strength. As already mentioned, the deep blacks of Ian and Gmor's fight against Roney fully merge the two founding lines of this story.

The lettering is entrusted to Marina Sanfelice also for the second chapter of the grand finale.

With the next article, dedicated to "Death of a tyrant” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N. 36, October 2022), we close our journey, which began more than two years ago, along the events of Dragonero the Rebel.
After all, the next is both the last issue of the mini-saga for the reconquest of the Erondár, and the last issue of the series The rebel!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár