The timeline of Mutant Chronicles continues after last week, in this article, we had started talking about the events that took place in our solar system.

Things obviously get more and more complicated for mankind but, fortunately, a beacon of hope begins to glimpse on the horizon. But let's not delay and continue our search among the documents of the Brotherhood, to unravel the last shadows of the timeline of Mutant Chronicles. Remember that, as always, the Brotherhood may have covered some information. There will be omissions in the text.

XXVI ° Century

After Fall, the Megacorporations attempting to regain control over the lost sectors and in doing so they discover the "splits". This new resource will be studied in the years to come at the cost of huge loss of life and many credits. The analysis of these "splits”Allows the development of a new type of ships capable of traveling much faster than the previous ones, but also increases the level of militarization of the various megacorporations.

It is because of the attempt to control this resource, which in 2530 begins the FIRST CORPORATE WAR.

From the jungles of Venus to the red planet Mars, passing through the asteroid belt, Mishima, Capitol, Bauhaus e Imperial they begin to clash for the control of their respective territories without being able to give the decisive blow for the conquest.

The most important event of the FIRST CORPORATE WAR is "The Sad Fight" a sort of internal war within the Imperials. Clan Kingsfield try a hammer blow against the Murdoch clan, currently in power, in an attempt to play a central role over others. The end result is the annihilation of the Clan Kingsfield and the loss of power of the Murdoch clan in favor of the Clan Bartholomew.

The birth of the Brotherhood

It is in this period of unrest that the Brotherhood. From the jungles of Venus three brothers unite to bring a message of peace. Nathaniel, Alexander e Peter durand they begin to preach and try to help the war-torn population.

It is Nathaniel who is the first to speak ofDark Symmetry and how this is moving their tentacles to gain control over everything. Initially ignored by the Megacorporations and religious leaders of the Old Earth, stationed on the Moon, it shows its power using theArt, what Nathaniel himself defines as the only defense againstDark Symmetry.

Billions of individuals, scattered throughout the solar system, receive his care, and the comfort of his words for their minds. The megacorporations therefore decide to kill him by sending their best killers, but thanks to mystical divinations Nathaniel is able to stop any attack and, thanks to his charisma, convinces i hit men to join his Crusade.

Faced with this test of power and seeing their forces reduced with the birth of the Brotherhood, the Megacorporations sign the Treaty of Heimburg which ends the FIRST CORPORATE WAR assigning to the Brotherhood control of the Moon.

Timeline of Mutant Chronicles, the Brotherhood

New enumeration of years in the Mutant Chronicles timeline

A new beginning for humanity

During the first year of the new course, the Cardinal Nathaniel Durand establishes the Curia and founds i Four Directorates (Mystics, Inquisition, Mission e Administration) to prepare the population for the battles to come. The thinking machines are outlawed and the Brotherhood, to improve collaboration between the Corporate Powers, establishes the Sign. However, the Cardinal's foresight is not absolute. The worst is yet to come.

XNUMXst Year of the Cardinal

Annus horribilis. During the explorations of the Imperial Conquerors, a new "split”Which leads directly on the XNUMXth planet of the solar system: Black.

This planet, never explored until now, is characterized by a surface dead and nightmare. A shocking feature is its conformation half machine and half organic, and is subjected to repeated bombardment by meteorites and asteroids which bring to the surface ancient structures that are thousands of years old. While exploring of a citadel the Imperial Conquerors find a portal wrapped in a swirling cloud of crystals. As soon as it is touched, it reactivates and the first emerges from the portal Apostle of the Dark Soul, Ilian the Lady of the Void, the most powerful of the children of the Great Darkness and consequently the greatest enemy humanity has ever known.

The arrival of the Mistress of the Void in the solar system causes catastrophic effects. A wave of terror and madness spreads through all the planets, in particular the Moon and only the determination of the Cardinal is able to stem this plague of madness and nightmares. In order not to forget what happened, Cardinal Durand also orders the engraving on the walls of the Cathedral itself chronicle of such events, to everlasting memory.

VIII - LIII Year of the Cardinal - Beginning of the first War against the Dark Legion and death of Cardinal Durand

The following years are dominated by war. Dark Citadels arise in all planets of the system and, with liberation di Ilian, the power ofDark Symmetry gets stronger and stronger, so much so that it is able to turn back, in a sort of non-life, the fallen against the forces of Ilian, and to call others Apostoli ready to wage war on humanity.

Venus undergoes the appearance of the second herald ofDark Symmetry: Algeroth the Apostle of War and Lord of Dark Technology. Despite the strenuous resistance of Humanity, no one has the strength to stop, or at least slow down, the advance of its troops.

Following the trail of deaths left during the attacks of Algeroth, third Dark Apostle rises and begins feasting on the dead by creating new diseases: Demongonis the Corruptor.

As the war continued, even the last two Dark Apostles make their appearance: Muawijhe the Lord of Visions e Semai, the Lord of Hatred and Vengeance. The combined power of these two Apostles manages to turn warriors against each other and "brother against brother".
At the same time, enormous metal seals depicting the Mars appear on the surface of Mars, and on its satellites Phobos and Deimos.Dark Legion. The powers of these, however, are not yet known.

LII ° Year of the Cardinal - The Venusian Crusade

It is in the LII ° Year of the Cardinal that things take an unexpected turn. Durand issues a call for applications to all the forces of the megacorporations. It requires every skilled soldier to take up arms, so he began the Venusian Crusade. The most interesting and unexpected act of this crusade is that, from the Old Earth, the naval blockade and the forces of the Whitestar join the attack on theDark Legion. The crusade continues and the following year the Cardinal, together with his soldiers, besieges the citadel of Algeroth. The clash between the Dark Apostle and the Cardinal is so violent that, although the latter loses his life, the enemy is defeated. The forces of humanity thus find, in the death of the Cardinal, a new impetus that leads them to annihilate, almost totally, theDark Legion who is forced to retreat. With the latter's defeat, the Whitestar returns to the Old Earth.

In the Mutant Chronicles Timeline, you can see the best warriors of the Megacorporations fight against the Dark Legion.

XCI ° Year of the Cardinal - The Black Plague

Following the wounds of the war against theDark Legion, in the places of the greatest clashes, those killed by the faithful ofDark Legion they begin to come back to life. From the jungles of Venus to Mars, the Megacorporations and the Brotherhood they are looking for a way to eradicate this scourge.
On Mars the situation degenerates to such an extent that the Capitol is forced to bomb its own capital from orbit, Neo Jeresy, in hopes of ending the plague.

It is right after the "Black Plague" that the Brotherhood decides to unearth any influence of the dark cults on the population. The Second Directorate, theInquisition, thus decrees to brand as a heretic anyone who has decided to help and embrace the cult ofDark Symmetry.

DCC ° Year of the Cardinal

In the six hundred years following the "Black Plague" the megacorporations try, on several occasions, to wrest control of certain areas of influence from each other. Every confrontation, every internal civil war, every struggle for power does not lead to any improvement in the conquest of these resources, on the contrary, the result is a further weakening of their power.

It is precisely because of this loss of interest of the Megacorporations towards theDark Legion that the power ofDark Symmetry begins to strengthen again. Paranoia and clashes are rampant incessantly reaching even the Brotherhood same.

CMVIII ° Year of the Cardinal - The Neronian Heresy

So, just when the Brotherhood is about to rise to a beacon of hope for Humanity, she too is touched byDark Symmetry. In this year, following secret experiments carried out for nearly nine hundred years, what should have been, at least in intentions, the reincarnation of Nathaniel Durand rises to power. This clone, but corrupted by the power ofDark Symmetry, almost leads to the destruction of Moon City same. Horrors and violence rage on the city streets and many lose faith in Brotherhood.

But it is precisely in this power vacuum that the Mishima founds the School of Enlightenment and begins to research and teach his followers the power of Ki.

MC III ° Year of the Cardinal - Birth of a new Megacorporation

Through the manipulation of the financial market, the exchange of prohibited technological resources and illegal financial activities, a new megacorporation begins to make its way through the big ones: the Cybertronics.

This new consortium does not officially recognize the power of the Brotherhood and first breaks the Second Edict by Durand ("Travel beyond the orbit of Jupiter will no longer be allowed in order not to disturb the Dark Symmetry"), Starting to terraform Ganymede and joining together more asteroids, through a particular latex, so as to be able to give a home to millions of people, and subsequently also the First Edict ( "Thinking Machines will never be built to replace humans“), Starting to study the development of a new one again Artificial intelligence.
The blatant violations of the treaties and edicts issued by the Brotherhood cause the lattersecretly support the attacks of the Imperial forces towards the Cybertronics.

Despite the clashes, however, the power of the Cybertronics turns out to be so large, that it is the third richest megacorporation, so much so that all its other competitors, with the sole exception of Imperial, establish lasting commercial agreements with her.

The Second Corporate War (MDDLV - MDDXC Year of the Cardinal)

With the arrival of the new megacorporation, the balance of power is shifting further. Cardinal Durand XVII, in an attempt to unite under the banner of the doomtroopers and Sign, asks all forces to meet at the Peacekeeper Station on Eos to discuss the crisis.

Unfortunately, at the most critical moment, the station is destroyed by a catastrophic explosion, caused by the powers of theDark Symmetry, thus causing the relations between the megacorporations to fall even further into chaos. The clashes erupt into open conflict causing what is known as the eruption SECOND CORPORATE WAR.

Only thanks to the Sign, which imposes specific rules of engagement for clashes, the war is not as catastrophic as the previous one.

Meanwhile a new one Dark Citadel is discovered on Mars.

MDDXCI Century - Second War of the Dark Legion

It is the present. After decades of inactivity, the forces of Apostoli they are ready again to fight against Humanity. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Moon. No place is safe anymore.

This is the end of the FIRST CHRONICLE.


With these events the analysis of some of the documents found in the headquarters of Fourth Directorate. If you want to learn more, I invite you to read the page of Wikipedia on the subject.

In any case, I hope that this article and the previous one may have been interesting for you and I invite you, next week, to continue following us with an in-depth study on the powers ofDark Symmetry and the organization ofDark Legion.