The Wretched is the new solo role-playing game presented by "The Company of Twelve Gems". This manual, located in Italy by Valentina Agostinelli, tells the story of a ship adrift and its only occupant.
Your traveling companions are dead, an alien creature is outside your ship, the engines are gone and you are holding this tug together with lots of scotch and creativity. What could possibly go wrong?

The conditions for your survival are not the best. So, before it all falls apart, let's talk about this game.

Analysis of The Wretched game

It is always difficult to talk about a solo role-playing game. To face The Wretched you will have to recover, (yes, you can learn it), a tower to play in Jenga, a tool we have seen used in Dread, a six-sided die, ten tokens of some kind, and a deck of French cards.
The tower will serve to be able to test the structural integrity of the ship. By the time the tower falls, well you can already imagine the obvious consequences.

Now that you have everything you need, it is essential to equip yourself with another tool. An interesting part of the game, in fact, is to record the activities of your game. Whether it's a sheet of paper with your notes on it or a video or audio recorder, keeping track of what is happening is essential. And what science fiction and horror story would it be without a logbook, or a personal diary?

The die will instruct you on how many cards will be drawn during your working span. Each card and each suit will show you a part of the ship to be repaired and finally, after working all day, you will need to register your diary. Maybe it might be interesting to do this during repairs.
I found it cathartic to do it at every "end of the day". Seeing is believing!

Security issues and systems

The themes of The Wretched they are the most varied. As soon as the volume is opened there is a page that tells you about the security mechanics.
When we play a game alone, the only limits we have are ourselves. We are the arbiters of our feelings. We know what it is right to talk to ourselves, what to face and what to move on. The game revolves around various fundamental themes: fear, loss, abandonment, loneliness and survival. We're not always ready to talk about specific topics in public and I've noticed just how much this game, and another one I've gotten to try lately (Magus Dreamlord), helped me to deal with certain situations.

In the game we will be invited to deal with fairly raw and complicated topics, but not always all negative. Physical injuries, dead companions, an atavistic fear of an alien monster, claustrophobia, autophobia. At the same time, however, there may be a thread of hope, an exultation when a survival system is brought back into operation.
All of these ideas can overwhelm even the most granitic person. If this happens, the game itself advises you to disconnect, take some time for yourself, and tackle certain actions or events at a later time.

Always remember that even at the table alone, safety is the most important thing to consider.

Conclusions on The Wretched

The first question I would like to answer is this: did I like the game? No doubt.
Did I find something that didn't satisfy me? Let's say that, considering the indie nature of the manual, I found it a bit lacking in images. When I saw the cover I instantly felt some sort of attraction, but I was surprised at the absence of further high-caliber images.
A good layout, however, managed to make me quickly forget about this small obstacle.

But let's get to the most important part. While I was reading it, I immediately contacted a friend who deals with podcasts and I explained the game to him in broad terms with an idea: to record the adventure born from the gaming experience, enrich it with ambient sounds and make it a real multimedia experience. .
The more I recorded the diary, the more I felt the experience of cargo specialist Richard T. Goldengaul of Seeker Inc. Obviously listening to myself again I was ashamed as a thief for my bad pronunciation, but I invite future players to share their adventures!

Mine didn't end very well. Unfortunately the The Wretched it was destroyed by our editor who, in a certain way, played the alien creature: Norah. As I was pulling out a block of the Jenga, the cat jumped onto the table and with a bold swipe of her tail knocked everything over. It seemed fair to me to play the fact that it was the creature that totally disabled the ship's systems!

Immediately after I gave her to eat ...

This playful curtain has greatly lightened the narrative and, at the same time, convinced me to want to play the game again and tell a new story.
I really hope, in conclusion, you want to give this a chance manual and that you will share your adventures with us!