"The voice of the deep forest”Is an important register within the great tapestry of Black Dragon, because it deals with the character that has been most marked by the stories told so far: Frondascura evening.

Since we began our journey alongside the Rebels of Erondár (Thu), we have always focused on the fact that the characters (Thu and in this other article), and the world (Thu), are constantly evolving and this time the story is no different.
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What they did to my limbs
it's not a mystery,
they raped me massacred, spread the poison
which now infects my veins
and there is no way to ease these pains of mine
... "

"Roots", 2020, Nudes Under The Rain

"The voice of the deep forest"

Cover of the issue 6 of "Dragonero, the Rebel": "The voice of the deep forest"
Sera is the undisputed star of this book

As mentioned above, the book we hold in our hands presents three narrative arcs that are wisely interconnected; after all, as we are told in the editorial "Chronicles of the Rebellion", The story is the fruit of the three minds of Dragonero: Stefano Vietti, Luca Enoch, the curator Luca Barbieri and not only! The three acts are entrusted to three different authors (Gianluca Pagliarani, Giuseppe Matteoni e Giuseppe De Luca) whose traits, although different from each other, manage to merge with the progress of history while maintaining their uniqueness in support of the treated moment.

The "main" events, ie Evening returning to her ancestral homeland, Darkbough, driven by a call that cannot be denied, they bind to the memory of a traumatic event experienced by little elf time ago. But the future hangs black on our heroes, it is in fact the resurfacing of these dramatic memories that opens an equally dramatic glimpse into what the Erondár awaits in the near future.

The voice of the deep forest provides dark glimpses of the future of Erondár
The future is far from bright
Giuseppe Matteoni deals with the vision in dark colors

As early as the next issue, in fact, the new plots will be unveiled that will, month after month, change the life of Ian, Gmor and Sera, until culminating in the November 2020 register, in which the world of Dragonero will again be upset .

And if you peer into an abyss for a long time, the abyss will also peer into you

The fundamental passage of "The voice of the deep forest", in which Sera looks into the most abject recesses of the human soul
Sera peers into the Abyss ...
Sera's memories are entrusted to Giuseppe De Luca's pencils

"The voice of the deep forest"One can rightly consider the Keystone for the evolution of the character of Sera. She is the undisputed protagonist of this episode, during which she will perhaps find herself confronted with one of the most intense moments of her life!

Since its debut in the graphic novel "Black Dragon"(2007, then re-edited in 2015 with the title"Black Dragon. The origins“), Sera has undergone several internal and external changes within our trio of heroes, going through a not indifferent series of upheavals.
He abandoned his Frondascura home, never to return, to help Ian and Gmor in their mission beyond the Vallo. She moved with the two to Solian and here she found, thanks to their love, a new home. But the War against the Black Queens hit her hard, in fact she lost her left leg, and with it the innocence, which until then had distinguished her.

From then on, the little elf we had known, from a delicate flower to a woman full of anger, unable even to communicate with her closest friends. He left the path of peace by starting to cut lives as if nothing had happened, not driven by a thirst for blood, but only by the desperate need for help.

But maybe this change had started well before ...
In the book we will throw ourselves together with Sera in the abyss of the most dormant memories, but capable of poisoning such a pure source. This journey will finally help us to fully understand her evolution and her to find a new self-awareness.

The voice of the deep forest rises to scream his despair
… And the Abyss of memories peers into Sera

The final plot twist, then, opens to an uncertain and ambiguous future for Sera, but perhaps necessary to expand the already complex mosaic of this splendid character.

Ruda Mama

It is emblematic that some of the turning points of ours no more small elf, seem to be marked by the apparitions of the inscrutable Ruda Mama.
This old hag, with great magical powers and the features of a huge monstrous spider, is an incarnation of the Spirits of the forest, and hides deep within the Old Forest. He is as intelligent as he is cruel and instills terror in the hearts of those who know he exists, be they orcs or elves. The latter in fact call it with the epithets of "Saevha Mathe", That is" cruel mother ", or"Sinhecorde“, That is,“ heartless ”.

The Ruda Mama

The paths of Ian, Gmor and Sera have intertwined with her several times, the last of these after the amputation of Sera's leg.
In "A new dawn”Ruda Mama gives the desperate elf an artificial leg, made from the wood of the wowthus violating one of the laws of the gods vetwasilvhe. It is precisely this connection with the sacred trees that triggers the events narrated… and closes them.

Sera listened to the voice of the deep forest. Now he is able to smile again
Sera smiles again in the end, yes but for how long?

What will that strange sign that appeared on Sera's leg ever mean?


I will never tire of writing it, and I hope you will read it, the fantasy genre (and science fiction) unfortunately has always been too often pointed out as escape literature, fortunately in recent years we have seen a turnaround. The great merit of Sergio Bonelli Editore has always been that of dealing with historical, social and personal issues, and with Dragonero it does so in an adult and effective way.

Next month (May 9) we will go on "vacation", together with "Dragonero, the Rebel", On the Island of the Orcs with the register"Keyra's fate"(N ° 7), we read around!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár