What is it The True OSR?
It's the answer we've all been waiting for!

Well yes, this game born from the mind of Tin Hat Games, which will soon be financed on the platform Kickstarter, will be able, as I said, to give you the answer to the question that every family member asks you when you go role-playing with friends.

When your mother, aunt, grandmother, sister or father and the whole family tree ask you "but who won?" you will finally be able to answer: “I WON!”.

A few words about Tin Hat Games

Before delving into this “deep” multifaceted phrase, allow me to introduce you to an old acquaintance of ours: Tin Hat Games.
For those who have been following us since the dawn of our site, this name will not be so new, on the contrary! Tin Hat Games is a small but industrious Italian reality that has been involved in the creation of role-playing games and boardgames since 2014, the year of the Kickstarter of their first project: Urban Heroes.


But not only that! They also launched into the world of board games with Dungeon Digger e Fantasy Pug Quest and then complete the work with Xenoscape.


A respectable resume for Alexander Rivaroli, Matthew Botti and the whole gang, isn't it?
After this dutiful parenthesis, let's present the project!

The True OSR – Only One Left!

Let's start immediately with a very strong afformation:

Masters (DM) and Players (PG) will have to challenge each other in a duel to the death (on the game table, huh?!) and only one will remain!

What you're going to finance is a perfect game for one shot fun and light-hearted and is designed to gather around the table the old grumps who started with the red box and the new recruits. This alone should make you understand the kind of clashes that will arise around the table.

The True OSR it has a lean system, tabular and perfect to be adapted to any other role-playing game (take the game tables and do what you want!). Their intent, in fact, was to create a game without crashes, which was ready to play the same evening, without preparation and by reading a few simple rules.

But let's go ask some questions.

How about we talk a little about the theme of the game?

The True OSR is a parodic RPG beautifully illustrated by Roberto Toderico that embraces all the typical themes of classic RPGs (horror, cyberpunk, fantasy, etc.) and mixes them together in a bizarre and fun narrative. Imagine a crazy episode of Rick & Morty hybridized with the metal world of the 80s and 90s and you will have an excellent starting point to understand the chaotic potential of OSR!

And instead of the rules, what can you tell us? OSRs are often full of tables and much more. What can you tell us?

In The True OSR you will find further 40 random tables with thousands of elements that can be combined generating new, unexpected and fun combinations seasoned with simple rules but able to transcend the narrative level!

But how does it work?

Simple: there is no authority over the manual to which GMs and PCs must scrupulously follow, he is the incarnate truth, the generator of worlds, the beacon that lights the way, understood, right?

Each question that a player makes to the GM generates a roll on a corresponding table and the GM doesn't have to invent anything but insert the result of the roll into the narration.

If you're wondering if players can encounter a flock of flying jellyfish the size of a skyscraper, the answer is yes; the answer is actually yes to pretty much every question you can think of! Players and Masters have tokens, called XPicks that represent their power: players can use them against the GM to succeed in bad luck or perform heroic deeds beyond their means; the GM can use them to directly get in their way (an example? Changing a couple of words in a player's statement! From I attack the troll a I attack my friend the step is short… and deadly!).

And now the question everyone is asking: player vs. GM clash? For real? What does it mean?

It's very simple. The PCs have traversed fetid tunnels, defeated monsters of all kinds, tamed beasts, avoided traps and pitfalls, collected treasures and killed the end-of-level boss; it's over?

No it's not over!

One last great enemy is missing: the Master himself! In The True OSR in fact GM and PC will have to confront each other in one last fatal confrontation at the end of which the multiverse will be free from the yoke of the evil story creator or his reign will continue forever (or at least: until a cooler group defeats him).

Conclusions on The True OSR and expectations

Here we are at the final part of this project presentation article The True OSR.

What do I expect from this game? The speaker has never been in much contact with the OSR world but, in the last period, he has recovered many volumes of this movement to "get in order" (a bit like for taxes!). Making me advise and approaching me to Dark Albion, the most famous Mork Borg, Lamentation of the Flame Princess, I noticed one thing. These games take themselves very seriously, maybe too seriously sometimes. Attention eh, it's absolutely not a bad thing for any reason, but a little levity at the table and a healthy brawl between all the people present at the session is never to be disdained.

When the Kickstart arrives at home (which you can download at this address), the first thing I noticed was the explosion of colors. Boisterous and chaotic like the fisticuffs that will arise during the evening in which you will play a The True OSR.
I believe that, if all expectations are met, we will be faced with an excellent job. And then remember that the Kickstarter di The True OSR will gather national and international collaborations from the RPG and rock scene, scary illustrators and a lot of Kickstarter exclusives including an adventure reserved for early bird by Title Shitfrost, a mega dungeon and even an app that randomizes all game elements!

What to ask for even more? That it is already funded before you start!