The throne of Eldraine, who will sit on it?

But this is not an opening! Like any good self-respecting fairy tale, you have to start with the right words: "Once upon a time... "

Or better: "There will be a time ... "


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Brief chronology of Eldraine's throne events

We are in a midsummer dream, autumn is still far away but we already know what the next story will be called ... hum... expansion of Magic: The Gathering out in October: Throne of Eldraine / The Throne of Eldraine. On July 18, during the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), the veil was lifted and it was not a return on Lorwyn, as feared / suspected by many given the fairy nature of the invitations, but on a completely new level.

An invitation to the presentation event of the new expansion of Magic: The Gathering Throne by Eldraine
The “fairy” invitation to the Magic: The Gathering panel during San Diego Comic-Con

It's all about Lore

The throne of Eldrain is Magic's 82nd expansion and will be released on October 4 this year. It is a set "top-down“, That is, the developers started from a general idea (lore and flavor) and then got to the detail (single cards and mechanics). Here the possibilities are two, or among the developers someone has reviewed "Excalibur”By John Boorman recently, or the echo of children's fairy tales still echoed in their heads. It is more likely that the sources of inspiration are both, as the setting is born as a fusion of the Arthurian cycle with the "Hearth tales”By the Brothers Grimm.

What boils in the pot?

Before delving into the evocative images released during the presentation event, however, it should be emphasized that The throne of Eldrain it will be the first set to introduce particular innovations. To make opening an envelope more exciting, more beautiful versions of the cards have been added (“borderless” planeswalker, extended artwork, “showcase” template), then the frequency of foil cards has been increased.

Magic cards with alternative designs
Borderless planeswalkers and extended art cards
Goldilocks in full trim as a bear hunter, a new type of Eldraine throne card
Riccioli d'Oro in all its splendor surrounded by the “showcase” template. Can you find the three bears?

Which envelope do you want? One, two or three?

In addition, the structure of the envelopes has been completely rethought, since from the beginning, that is, from the Limited Edition (Alpha), Magic offered one and only one type of envelope. Now players can choose between three different types: the Draft envelope (the classic envelope of Magic for 26 years now), the Themed envelope (focus, in this set, on the five colors) and the Collector Envelope (containing the most expensive cards in terms of price, most difficult to find, foils, extended templates, etc.).

Three boosters containing Magic: the Gathering cards from the Eldraine Throne expansion

There is always time for a good "fight"

Among the products available there will also be four pre-built decks for the Brawl format, “A new era of Brawl”? It would seem so since the format will soon be available on MTG Arena, and October 26-27 will be the master as it will be a Magic Weekend: Brawl during which you can play multiplayer Brawl!

The legendary creature "Chulane, Teller of Tales". A very Arthurian druid ...
The first of the four new commanders of the brawl decks. A very Arthurian druid ...

A kind of Art! A collection of exceptional images from the Throne of Eldraine expansion

Let's go find all the quotes taken from the Arthurian cycle and the fairy tales of the Grimm brothers, the journey will be exciting since the images revealed so far are very evocative.

A witch with an apple in her hand as in the fairy tale of Snow White illustrated by Mila Pesic. A Cinderella-style stepmother illustrated by Matt Stewart. A mermaid who mirrors herself by seeing herself as "human" as in The Little Mermaid, illustrated by Livia Prima.
The witch who offers us an apple was not even Snow White, Cinderella's stepmother and the Little Mermaid
The gingerbread house illustrated by Chris Ostrowski. Hänsel baking the witch illustrated by Zoltan Boros
The gingerbread house and a new Hänsel firing the witch
The Frog Prince illustrated by Chris Seaman. The gingerbread man revisited by Vincent Proce. Rapunzel designed by Howard Lyon.
The Frog Prince, the Gingerbread Man (even if he is not from the Grimm Brothers), Rapunzel
La Dama del Lago imagined as a mermaid by Livia Prima. Some riders around something Round, but it's not a board.
The Lady (or Mermaid?) Of the Lake is something Round, but it is not a Table
Planeswalker Rowan Kenrith featured in Eldraine's Throne expansion
The planeswalker Rowan Kenrith (very Little Red Riding Hood), however the presence of her brother Will has also been confirmed

E-book, and not Magic Story, that is the question

It is yesterday's announcement that on September 4, but already pre-orderable from tomorrow July 27, an e-book will be published, written by Kate Elliott, the same author of "The Chronicles of Bolas“, Which will detail the events of the history of the Throne of Eldraine. It seems that reading the e-book will be "the only way to delve into the history of the set, in addition to what will be presented on the cards". Perhaps it will mean that there will not be Magic Story related to the Throne of Eldraine, or perhaps that the Magic Stories will focus on something else, for example on the continuation of the main storyline


The tone of the new expansion of Magic The Gathering "Throne of Eldraine" leaves the dark tones of war just passed on the plane of Ravnica, but we still have a question. How are you Fblthp?