Levata is "The sword to the sky". It all starts there!
In recent months there have been books that have dealt with the rise of the Rebellion (Thu), some have analyzed the interiority of some characters (Thu), up to the excruciating test of Sera (Thu). We then addressed (Thu) our attention to the attempts of the Theocracy to subdue the Erondár, and the countermoves of the Rebellion in seeking support (Thu), allies (Thu) and ways to move faster (Thu), up to the mission that hit one of the nerve centers of the Empire (Thu). Ian, then, is finally back as the protagonist of a story (Thu) full of interesting future implications, so we had a long run, it's the right time to stop and look back on the very first days of the Rebellion.
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A sword to protect the peace in troubled times.
A sword made to battle and to take a life.
... "

The Sword, Blood on Ice, 1996, Bathory

The sword to the sky

Cover of issue 11 of "Dragonero, the Rebel": The sword towards the sky
The Rebels of Erondár

What does it mean to rebel? It is to follow the path dictated by one's heart, doing what is considered right, even taking up arms, if necessary ... tyranny must in fact be overthrown by any means. Here, this is the feeling that unites the "brothers of the sword" gathered under the symbol that represents all of them: the sword to the sky!

The desire for freedom makes all rebels the same, but each has a different story to tell about how the fight against the Empire began and what the fate of the Erondár was during the early days of the rebellion! And who better than Gmor, an elderly Gmor, master ofOrder of Destinians, to tell it?

Three stories that happened during the "early days of the rebellion”Are recalled to be transcribed in a new diary destined for the monastery library. Sera and the squadron of the griffoner Ayla, in the first days of the rebellion, took care of the shooting down of as many imperial balloons as possible; Yanna and the half ghoul Rehka, on the other hand, were grappling with an information retrieval mission, which then turned into an escape from the imperial forces, finally, Alben and Aura went to the silent halls of the secret headquarters of the Keepers of the Light, in addition to meeting and recruiting two apprentices from the ranks of the rebels luresindi, found themselves facing the threat of an imperial military magician enhanced, to the point of corruption, byUm-Haad's eye.

Episode analysis

Since the beginning of the new course of Ian and his companions, Stefano Vietti and Luca Enoch have thrown us readers into the middle of the action. Month after month, they built a succession of events and emotional situations that had roots in the past. By wisely dosing a series of targeted flashbacks in the books, they revealed part of some of them, but something was still missing.

Stefano Vietti, in the dual role of scriptwriter and scriptwriter, in the pages of this month manages to construct even a fourfold story. It is the future narrative line, bearer of hope for the future of the Erondár but at the same time of doubts regarding the fate of Ian and his companions, of the elderly Gmor, to frame.

In The Sword to the Sky it is Gmor by now old who recalls the events of the beginning of rebellion
Elder Gmor recalls the beginnings of the Rebellion

We are witnessing the first steps of the Rebellion. It is not yet that organization led by Ausofer and with Ian as champion and motivator. His steps are uncertain, his actions against the imperial forces are measured out to test his limits, of strength and strength. However, these missions are still inflamed with anger and revenge, the effort that the (former) scouts must make to continue to follow the morality that once guided them, to avoid turning into their enemy is dramatic.

Also in this issue the strongest emotional weight is due to Sera. We all remember well the scars in the body and soul of the little Elf following the War of the Black Queens, and just as unforgettable is the memory of the dramatic events dealt with in "The voice of the deep forest". The mission together with the griffins is the backdrop to the meeting with Ewyan, the wood elf with whom it seemed there was some tender, but who had disappeared after the end of the war. Now let's find out why, thus revealing the last (?) Piece of the reasons for the fall into the abyss of desperation and violence that characterized it so well in the previous books. 

Yanna and Rehka's mission, the recovery of basic information for the Rebellion, is set against one of the places where the scouts gathered annually. Inevitable and strong is the aura of nostalgia for times gone by and for lost friends.

The sword to heaven is an opportunity to explore the feelings of the other Rebels as well
The boulevard of memories of Yanna and Rehka is filled with nostalgia

While carrying out this assignment there is also an opportunity to enlist a possible new rebel and clash with the imperial forces. Clash that, as mentioned a little earlier, will sanction the difference between the forces of Theocracy and the morality of ribelli, embodied by Yanna, ready to do anything to convince the other side in words.

Last but not least, the one concerning the mission of Alben and Aura, in search of still intact Relics. We are in front of the perfect background to remind us that the world of Dragonero is always evolving and its characters with it. The relationship between Alben and Aura, previously studded with contrasts, is becoming more and more mentor-student, and not only.

In the sword to the sky there is also time to deepen the relationship between Alben and Aura
Alben and Aura in the halls of the Keepers of Light headquarters

The magic of Luresindi, formerly an exclusively male prerogative, it seems to be open to women as well. Also, the magic itself seems more "frees it"The institutions that channeled their power have now ceased to exist, emblematic is the clash against the imperial agent, corrupted by the unfair practices that War Mages they learned from Cenobites Jikima.

The threat of the two Luresindi apprentices that Alben and Aura face in the sword to the sky is little compared to that represented by the military magician
The threat of the two Luresindi apprentices is small compared to the one they will face later

And all these are memories of the past, albeit recent. Much is told and explained, but Vietti and Enoch know how to devise broad narrative arcs, disseminating ideas and clues, so we will still hear about the developments of the events that we have seen here begin today.

At the opening

In the editorial Chronicles of the Rebellion, the inevitable Luca Barbieri tells us, in addition to a brief analysis of Myrva's role in the Rebellion and the bookstore of the book "Kraken hunters", Which collects the double story of numbers 28 and 29 of Dragonero, the genesis and the graphic evolution of the symbol of the Rebels, the sword to the sky, by the imagination and talent of Luca Enoch.


The cover of "The sword to the sky”Is, as always, by the excellent duo Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors). This time, however, the portrait moment is not steeped in movement and tension, on the contrary, it seems to be in front of a snapshot, almost a photograph, albeit full of emotions, which portrays some Rebels posing (Ian, Sera, Ayla the gryphon, Yanna and the half-ghoul Rehka, and Sashima the half-elf recruit). Among them stands the symbol of rebellion, engraved on the stone: the sword to the sky.
The drawings in the register are by Cristiano Cucina, Giuseppe De Luca, Fabrizio Galliccia and Vincenzo Riccardi, the lettering is signed by Marina Sanfelice.

Next month we will go into "Where the light dies” (“Dragonero, the Rebel”N ° 12, October 8), I don't think torches will be enough to protect us!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár