The Guardians of Stone they really wanted to be found!
In these days, in fact, I tried my luck in the newsstand under the house to see if, by chance, the number of "Dragonero, the Rebel"(We also talked about it here e here) of January ... so it was.
Go with the intro!

This tumultuous epidemic
this endemic disease,
this prodigious nemesis,
this nebula spiral,
of the story has the same circularity
and the same damn ambiguity,
daughter of the abyss as of the summit
brings forgiveness and revenge at the same time. "

"Golem", "Der Golem", The Sign of Command, 2002

Luca Enoch returns to the command (subject and script) of Dragonero in the January register, "The Guardians of Stone”And it does so with a story that is not only intended to broaden our vision on the changes taking place in Erondár.

Dragonero on the cover while facing two stone giants
It will be a tough fight

The main actors in the story are the members of the community of Eleusis di Floriluncar, whose fate is evoked by the tree that appears before Ian and the other rebels, while they are grappling with their mission.

Dragonero in front of a tree with people hanged
A hanged tree is never a good sign

Who are the Eleusis?

The Eleusis are a minority in the world of Dragonero, present since the beginning of the series ("In the kingdom of Zehfir", N ° 7, December 2013). They dedicate themselves to alchemy and herbal medicine and for this reason they travel throughout the Empire in search of rare and precious plants and mushrooms. They have peculiar physical characteristics: they are completely hairless and all have black lips, as a consequence of the consumption of the mushroom Olleana, considered the physical manifestation of divinity in this world. Needless to say, this custom is frowned upon throughout Erondár, as it is believed to turn away the favor of I breathed [Khame Morhea is (or rather was) the official religion of the Empire].

It goes without saying that the diversity of appearance and customs, their food preferences and their work make them the victim of prejudice and contempt by the majority of the population. They are often held responsible for epidemics or famines, which makes them easy scapegoats resulting in popular uprisings and military interventions against them, the most famous of which was told in the double story "The contagion"(N ° 30, November 2015) and"The agony of Yastrad"(N ° 31, December 2015). These purges are so frequent, that the Eleusis have coined a specific term to indicate this situation: Pusztulash.

But let's go back to "The Guardians of Stone"

I 'revered', the spokespersons of the Eleusinian community of Floriluncăr, will find themselves having to face an intolerance never seen before, a hallmark of the new religion of Lady of Tears, which has now supplanted the previous Khame cult.
How will they deal with it? Just read the episode to find out!

Watch out for the spoilers
To fight the followers ofEye that Tears they will become just what people have always wrongfully accused of them.
The leader of the Eleusis rests the Vhédök, the Stone Guardians
Vhédök do a lot of Golem, don't they?

The Rebels, "Swords of Justice“, Engaged in escorting the few Eleusis left in their exodus, they will not witness the tragic conclusion of events, as predicted by Ian.
Fleeting, like a tune whistled in the night sky, is the only note of joy in the episode: beware of the "Aki houzå a pöle” (“The one who carries the stake")!

To conclude

The stories that speak of hatred and intolerance dictated by ignorance, are universal (just look at the real history of humanity), but it is always difficult to deal with such sensitive topics. So what better way to tell them than through fantastic narratives? In this way we are able to weave a timeless warp, which can always work, precisely because in whatever age you look at it, there will always be those who will use force to subdue others.

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár