"The Sleeper" he woke up!
Dragonero will forgive me if I open the article quoting Dune, with with the scream of Paul Atreides.

After following the close departure of the Rebellion (Thu), we spent a few months dwelling on the interiority of some characters (Thu), culminating in the excruciating test of Sera (Thu). We then addressed (Thu) our attention to Theocracy who, like a bird of prey, tries to seize the Erondár with its claws, and the countermoves of Rebellion in seeking support (Thu), allies (Thu) and ways to move faster (Thu), until their mission that hit one of the nerve centers of the Empire (Thu).

This month Ian is back in the spotlight, even alone, with a task that only he is able to solve.
Go with the intro!

Holy wars unleashing bloody raids
The sacred Earth without a face
Consumed by murderous sinners
Psychotic leader
Insane - insane - insane - insane!
... "

Under Siege (Regnum Irae), Under Siege (Regnum Irae), 1991, Sepultura

The Sleeper

Cover of issue 10 of "Dragonero, the Rebel": The Sleeper
Ian collides with Slæmůr, the Sleeper

The Erondarian Theocracy finally decided to move against theEnclave of the Mountain. What at first seemed like a confrontation of armies, spades and shields against axes, soon turns into an uncertain otherworldly clash between divinities: the terrible Lady of Blood Tears against Big Ash of the legendaries Sons of Olhim!

Dragonero is summoned, we will not tell you how not to take away the surprise and the smile, just know that he is at the center of a funny family curtain with Briana, from Zhabèle, once known as the She-wolf of Vetwadart, and now She-wolf of the Mountain, Ädhle (clan leader) of the Children of Olhim. Ian will have to research a very rare healing herb, necessary for the warriors of the Enclave, now allies of the Rebels in the fight against the ambitious Leario and the insane Roney, but the difficulty of this mission lies in the special nature of the keeper of this mystical herb: the Sleeper.

Zhabèle asks Ian for help against the Lady of Blood Tears. Dragonero will have to face the Sleeper
Zhabèle, Ian and the oppressive presence of the Lady of Blood Tears

Who are the Sons of Olhim

I Sons of Olhim is the collective name by which the different clans that inhabit theEnclave of the Mountain, a vast mountainous region north of Erondár (the Algêndàrt mountain range) perennially covered by snow and ice but which, thanks to the intense volcanic and geothermal activity, is surrounded by large forests with a mild and fertile climate. These populations have long been fighting against the Erondarian Empire which considers them, with a not so badly concealed contempt, "Brutes of the North".

The Sons of Olhim represent a people who reject the Khame Morhea of the imperial and venerate religion Olhim, progenitor, The "First of Men“, Who planted the Big Ash at the center of the Enclave, and the Great Mother, personification of the power of Nature, a primordial force capable of giving and taking away life.

Episode analysis

With "The Sleeper"We are facing an important register within the history of"Dragonero, the Rebel”As we see that even the strength of Leario and the Lady of Blood Tears has a limit, what this will entail, only time will tell us.

As far as themes and character development are concerned, we will never stop writing it, and I hope that those who follow us will not get bored reading it but, book after album, we are spectators of a living world, always in constant evolution. This path that we embarked on years ago, we browse, perceive and savor thanks to the characters that populate the pages of Dragonero. Yes, Ian is the main hero, but we always see a choral story.

Also this time Enoch, while unloading the totality of the action entirely on Ian's shoulders, joins him as supporting actors who give depth to the narration, completing and expanding the totality of events.

First of all Zhabèle, which creeps between Ian and Briana, but it is not only the desire and need she has for Dragonero that gives her depth, but the strength and cunning that have guided her through painful choices and lost opportunities, which have followed one another between the pages of the books in which it appeared, which make it so truly authentic.

Brianastrong in her independence and “fragile” in her role as future mother. Heartbreaking is the choice of the name of the heir of the Varliedarto family, the name of another very important character to whom Ian is linked by a deep love.

Another mysterious player, or rather a player, faces the game of the Erondár throne, making his way through Leario's failures and incapacities. A skilled and insidious manipulator, it seems, ready to weave her plots in the imperial palace.

Finally the Sleepy. Ian takes back on himself the cloak of "dragon hunter". During the confrontation with Slæmůr we retrace the teachings of the Varliedarto, but with a final revelation, a new piece that Ian, "virtuous and just man“, He adds to the complex mosaic that is his soul.

The teachings of the Varliedarto
  1. The most powerful of dragons is able to stop time. Only a Varliedart can move, with his sword in hand, in that immutable space. This is the first lesson.
  2. First the Dragon erupts the flame. The guard keeps the Valiedarto high. And the flame cannot harm him. This is the second teaching.
  3. Now the Dragon attacks directly, lowering his head and reaching his neck towards the Varliedarto ... his jaws open, ready to bite! He discards the Varliedarto to the side, ready, rotating with his torso but always keeping his gaze on the Dragon who instead reveals the neck to the warrior's blade. This is the third teaching.
  4. Then the Varliedarto cuts the blade into the Dragon's neck, with a sharp movement, from top to bottom. This is the fourth teaching.
  5. Going mad with pain, the Dragon raises his neck and immediately ready the Varliedarto must be, because he will have no other chance. With a precise thrust the blade pushes, the Varliedarto, into the Dragon's body, over the cusp of the sternum, straight to the heart. This is the fifth teaching.
  6. Spoiler
    Il sixth and last teaching it is the precept that is not taught, but that every Varliedart must learn by himself within himself, it is Mercy in the face of the enemy who has surrendered, the strength not to give in to the destructive lust of one's sword, spare the dragon no more able to harm and hold back the blade when one has already won, choosing not to give death.

At the opening

In the editorial Chronicles of the Rebellion, Luca Barbieri presents some information, both to refresh the memory of old readers, and to provide a more complete picture of the new ones, of the Enclave of the Mountain and the Sons of Olhim.


The cover of "The Sleeper”Is, as the duo Gianluca Pagliarani (the drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors) have accustomed us in recent months, splendid in capturing the tension of the movement of the two predators (the dragon and Dragonero). The drawings of the register are by Antonella Platano, from whose tables the depth of the feelings of the characters and the force of the action of the events shine through, while the lettering is signed by Luca Corda and Marina Sanfelice.

Next month, with "The sword to the sky” (“Dragonero, the Rebel”N ° 11, 9 September), we will discover, thanks to the testimony of those who were there, how the Rebellion against the Empire began. From the Rebels depicted on the cover, perhaps we will see an issue with more stories told by Ian's companions, as has happened other times in the past.
Before leaving us, this column has been going on for a few months now, read and / or know Dragonero della Sergio Bonelli Editore? What do you think?

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár