An old story from the Mist

Two years ago, while wandering around the stands under the Carducci pavilion at Lucca Comics, to protect myself from torrential rain, I went to a table where a trailer of a game was running that would shortly go on Kickstarter, “The Silence of Hollowind”!

I have to be honest, my tastes at the time were pretty boring, science fiction titles were indigestible and I couldn't stand Urban Fantasy in any way. However, in the last year something has changed: either because I was lucky enough to receive good reading advice, or because, as tastes change (seeeee ...), the fact is that our Christmas Nerd (aka Lucca Comics) has just arrived , one of the first stands I went to was that of "The Silence of Hollowind" born from the mind and hands of the creative group "The Evil Company"Which is based in Milan.

At the stand, in addition to the designers very prepared to explain the product, it was possible to find the "Historical Treaty", three Investigation Dossiers, the city map, the city newspaper, the menu of the Jazz club and the fateful city detective badge .

Today, after months during which I had the opportunity to read the whole Historical Treatise, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is one of the most accurate setting manuals I have ever read. Not only for the quality of the paper and the binding that are of the highest level, as for the layout, and for the idea that the manual itself follows.

But what is “The Silence of Hollowind”?

How many times during the film noir have we had the opportunity to see the folders of the police, the FBI or the most scrupulous private investigators? Hundreds of times without a doubt and this manual follows them perfectly. Police reports, photos, handwritten notes complement each other very well to form the manual, but the attention to detail I was talking about earlier can be deduced from having used the typewriter font. Have you ever tried typing? I advise you to do it and to press space. More than once you will have a double space between a word and the guys from Silence of Hollowind have managed to voluntarily recreate this kind of mistake. In addition to this little foresight, from time to time, it is possible to notice some coffee stains in the manual. How many times does a careless policeman put his mug on the paper he is filling out? A common cliché in every story and in every good film that makes it even more unique what these authors have managed to bring out in the work.

But "The Silence of Hollowind" is a setting completely devoid of any reference to a specific game system. At the same time, the creative team released all the specifications for playing with the systems mentioned above on Google Drive. This choice, in my opinion, is a very intelligent and I hope a winning choice.

However, this absence of a native system should not be seen as a limit, on the contrary. As you will see on the conversion sheets, everything has been considered in the smallest details, how to manage the Fog and Arcane Plague (the curse that afflicts those who use / abuse magic or who come into contact with the Fog), monsters and playable races, equipment and everything you need to go on an adventure. In fact, at the end of the manual, you can find various dossiers to immediately play some investigations and start exploring this magical world.

What about organized play?

Ready to board the organized game train?

From the latest news that has been released on the page Facebook of the game has also been made official that the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons will be used as a pivotal system for organized play, thus enriching the park of settings for this system.

To my taste instead I think I will use the Savage Worlds system, because the Benny system (Benefits) will be fundamental for my future games to make the actions of the players even more epic.

Ultimately Silence Of Hollowind is perhaps one of the best Italian products released in 2018 and we hope you will be able to play and launch yourself headlong into this world so detailed, with the flavor of the United States of the thirties, with all their strong themes. All that remains is to hope for the release of new material that will enrich the existing one in order to play those who oppose magic in all its forms.

But until then, remember to follow the code of conduct: Order, Reveal, Pursued.