Let's see where you can catch the Seekers at Lucca Comics & Games: dates, times and places! You can certainly search for them, but will you be able to find them?

Lucca Comics & Games is getting closer and closer and today, on the eve of the fair, we are ready to tell you broadly where you can find us Seekers in Lucca!

Obviously, as an information site we do not have a stand, so we will be free to roam the fair. Therefore, we will participate in events, we will go to live shows, we will listen to concerts and we will go through every single banquet in Lucca!

Unfortunately, for work commitments we will not all be in Lucca for all five days of the fair. Nor will there be a day when all four of us will be together. The day when the four Seekers will be gathered in one place, will be a day when strange things will happen.

Moreover, it should not be forgotten that this year the Seekers in Lucca bring the pins! You can see them in the cover image of the article. So, if you meet us you can easily ask for them, or you will have to dodge them while we throw them at you to show you our love. They are obviously free.

The Seeker R who looks forward to this Lucca Comics!
The Seeker R who looks forward to this Lucca Comics!

The Seekers in Lucca: the dates of the Seeker R

Our Seeker R, Riccardo Gallori, has the great advantage of being Tuscan, therefore not only equipped with gorgia, but also with useful logistical proximity to the fair.

Riccardo will be in Lucca on Wednesday 30, Thursday 31, Friday 1 is Saturday 2. On Wednesdays and Thursdays he will spend them hunting for role-playing games in the Games area, al Carducci pavilion. Instead, on Friday you will find it in the area of The Citadel.

You will certainly recognize it, since it is very high. But do not be intimidated and ask him quietly for a pin and a chat, why Riccardo is one of the kindest people we know. Has a role-playing culture (Thu, Thu e Thu some of his reviews and considerations!), esotericism (you have read his guides ad alchemy e astrology?) and practically endless literature, so yours will certainly be a stimulating conversation!

The Seekers in Lucca: the dates of the Seeker S

Among us, the Seeker S, Simone Maccapani, is the only one who will remain in Lucca for theentire duration of the fair. Straight from the buzzing Milanese RPG scene, Simone is now on the train and ready to see, do and experience everything Lucca Comics & Games has to offer.

Wednesday 30, Simone will participate in the special session di Codex Venator (of which he keeps the Hunter's Diary). Thursday 1instead, will participate in the live of Dark Ages Vampires - Carmen Saeculare, after reviewing most of the publications of Vampire The Masquerade in Italy (Thu, Thu, Thu, Thu e Thu). Finally, Sunday 3 you will find Simone at the closing concert of the fair, that of ANIMEniacs Corp.

If you have frequented the Milanese environment or have seen our lives, you will surely recognize Simone for his appearance, for his voice and for his gab. He doesn't hold back at displays of affection, so approach him safely and have a beer with him!

From left: Seeker S, Seeker G and Seeker Y, from Modena Play! With the Seekers in Lucca, we will make sure to take new photos together!
From left: Seeker S, Seeker G and Seeker Y, from Modena Play! With the Seekers in Lucca, we will make sure to take new photos together!

The Seekers in Lucca: the dates of the Seeker Y

Fourth four, even the mysterious Seeker Y, Yari Montorsi, paw up to Lucca Comics & Games. It is not very clear how long our editor from Modena remains at the fair, so you could find him behind you in an unexpected way!

Know, however, that Yari on Saturday 2 November will be at Carducci pavilion chasing role-playing games. After his reflections on the topic and the beautiful countryside a Coriolis (told in MADAR Diary), Yari is ready to discover new titles!

If you followed our live on Coriolis, you will easily recognize Yari, his Emilian accent, his mustache and his round glasses. Unfortunately it is not said that there is also his animal companion, Balu, so don't rely on the dog to find it. It is confirmed that Yari is an embraceable person.

The Seekers in Lucca: the Seeker G

The undersigned Cercatrice G, Glory Comandini, will make the person very snobbish and unsocial and will be in Lucca, but only for one day. And that day is tomorrow, Wednesday 30. Probably in the rain. Yay!

Visiting Lucca Comics in the day, I obviously cannot be everywhere, but I will definitely stop for several hours, in the morning, at Carducci pavilion to buy and play as many RPGs as possible. Also, I want to get my hands on the new de translation The Fellowship of the Ring, at the AIST stand. After the flame of War and lawsuit and then this article, I certainly don't want to be left behind on Tolkien's gossip! You will probably also find me atIndie RPG Palace, to greet the known faces and try some titles.

Gloria is not easy to find, because she is really low and can literally pass under your nose. But if you see a bespectacled girl, with a round face, her hair devilish from the humidity, and you hear her talking to the r fly, then you will have found me. I write vitriolic articles, but I assure you that I am in real life relatively kind.