Are you ready to discover "The secret of the Ubiqui"?
Last month I had hoped for a break from the tribulations for Ian and Gmor, and instead I have been proven wrong, in this book the narrative pulls the oars a little in the boat. So to speak!

As mentioned above, the events inherent in the Rebellion have been tightened since its inception (Thu). We have experienced the mood changes of some characters (Thu), above all the emotional inner ordeal, but also physical (?), by Sera (Thu), we have assisted (Thu) to the consequences of the Theocracy's hold on Erondár, and the countermeasures that the Rebellion has put in place to procure support (Thu) and allies (Thu).

This month's adventure is, at least apparently, a "simple" rescue mission, but not for someone, but for something.
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If you saw a door leading to another dimension… would you walk through it?

The Travelers (Sliders, 1995-2001)

The secret of the Ubiqui

Cover of the register number 8 of "Dragonero, the Rebel": The secret of the Ubiqui
Where will Ian and Gmor ever go?

In times of war, every resource is essential as well, when the Erondarian Empire begins to destroy the sound stones of ubiquitous to prevent the Rebels from using them as portals to instantly move from one place to another, Ian, Gmor and Aura find themselves forced to seek them out, defend them and hide them from the forces of Theocracy.

The whimsical curiosity of the sorceress about these portals, however, transports her friends to unknown places. Ian and Gmor thus have to “jump” from land to land, perhaps even to other worlds, in order to finally be able to return home. During the return trip, the two friends, in addition to having to face exotic dangers, find an old acquaintance, and come back with a new friend.

But who are the Ubiquis?

It is certainly not the first time that we have heard of the ancient people of ubiquitous ( "Threat from the deep“, Dragonero n ° 12, May 2014), perhaps even the oldest in all of Erondár, so much so that they are known as the“ first people ”. Their civilization was extraordinarily advanced, but now gone; in the time of Ian, in fact, only a few underground cities and some large carved stones remain.

Cover of the book Threat from the deep, linked to The Secret of the Ubiqui
The first time we heard of the Ubiquis

What are the stones of the Ubiqui for?

But what will it ever be "The secret of the Ubiqui“? The surfaces of the stones they sculpt are furrowed with deep grooves which, when vibrated to the right harmony, produce a pure and crystalline sound that activates instantaneous passages to distant places, and even other worlds.

Using The Secret of Ubiqui allows you to move anywhere, even on strange, new worlds
Are Ian and Gmor still in the Erondár?

Already once again Ian, Gmor and Myrva have explored a strange, new world, meeting bizarre heroes, reaching where no Erondarian had ever gone before: the Darkwood Forest, home of Zagor ("Adventure in Darkwood“, Special Dragonero n ° 2 July 2015, proposed again in hardcover volume in March 2019)!

Cover of the special Adventure in Darkwood where, thanks to The Secret of Ubiqui, the world of Dragonero and Zagor come into contact
Of course these portals make you meet really interesting people!

Episode analysis

"The secret of the Ubiqui"Plays a very specific role within the narrative of"Dragonero, the Rebel", It is as if it were a bridge on the waterfall of emotions of the two previous episodes ("The voice of the deep forest"and "Keyra's fate“) And the next steps of the Rebellion.

Within long-term series there is always a need for episodes thanks to which you take your breath away in anticipation of what will come next. It is thanks to these moments in which we stop, that we digest what happened, we rethink the characters, the situations. They are the building blocks of the world of Dragonero.

Luca Enoch tells a fresh story, made up of explorations at the edge of the known world, of encounters with races and monsters never seen before, without however neglecting the cornerstone of the series: the deepening of the characters, be they main or supporting characters. The new friend who follows Ian and Gmor, is a character that we hope will have an important role in the future of Dragonero, but it is Aura who shines, especially thanks to the complex facet she has been endowed with.

At the opening

As always the editorial, Chronicles of the Rebellion, is signed by Luca Barbieri, who has the twofold task of refreshing the memory to us readers of the first hour, and of deepening some aspects for newbies.

The drawings

"The secret of the Ubiqui”Is the third consecutive register made by three designers. Alessandro Bignamini deals with the events in the Erondár, while Alex Masacci and Luca Bonessi have the task of sketching the adventures of Ian and Gmor in the exotic “other” worlds. The cover, needless to say, is by Gianluca Pagliarani with the colors of Paolo Francescutto.

Double appointment with Dragonero next month. Are you ready to go with Ian, Gmor, Sera and Myrva in the "Heart of Darkness"(Special Dragonero n ° 7, July 9) and to give"Checkmate in the tower” (“Dragonero, the Rebel"N ° 9, 10 July)?
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