After reading this month's issue, we all understood the meaning of the title "Yannah's sacrifice"!
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Go with the intro!

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave
... "

Glory to the Brave, Glory to the Brave, 1997, HammerFall

Yannah's sacrifice

Yannah's sacrifice is made dramatic by the woman's abandoned pose, pierced by arrows, in Ian's arms
Prepare the handkerchiefs!

A traitor has long been lurking in the ranks of the Rebels. He remained in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike one of the leaders of the rebellion: Ian. The return of our heroes, from the delicate diplomatic mission in the kingdom of Raghnar, through the narrow rocks of the Passo di Golkana is the ideal theater for the trap hatched by the ever more ruthless, and less and less human, Roney.
What will be the price that the companions of Black Dragon will they have to pay to shield him and make sure he survives?

Yannah's sacrifice has Golkana's narrow step as its stage
Of course the narrow steps are ideal for a good ambush!

Episode analysis

First of all, it is necessary to make a premise. "Yannah's sacrifice"Came out about a week ago, the online communities dedicated to Dragonero (Dragonero Forum e Dragonero - Sergio Bonelli Editore collection Italy) are already talking about the episode, as well as several posts on the official Facebook page Dragonero - Sergio Bonelli Publisher.
However, this article is not here to tell you in detail what happens in the register (buy it and read it!), But to give you ideas and push you to know what, I will never tire of saying it, is currently among the best, if not the best, Italian fantasy opera.

The curator Luca Barbieri left us last month with a cryptic message, which he picks up in the editorial of this episode, pushing us to “finally find out if the cover and title of the register were a sensational spoiler or a simple diversion ...". Moreover, the pose of Yannah pierced by numerous arrows and the red background, do not allow for misunderstandings. However, as I said, it is not the moment and the event in itself that I am interested in analyzing.

The concept of sacrifice, outside the religious context, is an effort, the renunciation of something in view of an end. How many times have we seen the hero, or heroes, sacrifice himself to save someone, or defend an ideal?
Leonidas and his 300 Spartans at the Thermopylae pass (480 BC), the team of spies of "Rogue One"(G. Edwards, 2016), Tony Stark in"Avengers: Endgame”(Antony and Joe Russo, 2019), Lilly and James Potter in the Harry Potter saga, and many others.

But what does it contain "Yannah's sacrifice“? It is as if it were a stone to which Stefano Vietti has given many facets.
In this book, Yannah is forced to decide whether to be a Rebel or stay with her family. Allowing his comrades, but above all the "symbol" of the rebellion, Ian Aranill Dragonero, to survive and continue the fight or save his life.

Yannah faces her sacrifice without taking a step back
We told you to prepare the handkerchiefs!

But she is not the only one who has to face these questions. In fact, what are his sister Erta and his father Faram willing to sacrifice?

Yannah's sacrifice isn't the only one in the episode. The farewell of sister Erta is another!
The farewell between sisters is also a sacrifice to be faced

Regarding Sera, silent supporting actor of the story, we know what she has sacrificed and what she is still sacrificing, of Gmor and above all of Ian then an article would not be enough to talk about it!
But sacrifice is not only the prerogative of the Heroes, even Roney will find himself in the situation of having to sacrifice something ...

Even the hated enemy Roney will find himself having to sacrifice something!
What will ever come to sacrifice Roney?

These decisions, indeed, real sacrifices, bring consequences, open up possibilities, but most of all they leave scars. If you want to deepen and address these issues within your role play sessions (and not), the Seeker R long ago found, and proposed in this article. an indie / micro-rpg game, with an explanatory name: Death of a Hero.

I had already talked about it in another Dragonero article, in the essay "The Hero's Journey"(1992) by Christopher Vogler, inspired by"The hero of a thousand faces”(1949) by Joseph Campbell, death (and rebirth) are the Abyss, the Revelation, which the Hero must face in order to emerge transformed.

Yes, all right, but allow me the only "real" spoiler of the article, with the outburst of Ian at the end of the episode.


The closing of Yannah's Sacrifice through Ian's mouth is bitter: "Dragon's blood ... that always sustains me ... it's true ... but meanwhile the brothers are dying next to me."
It is a sacrifice that all heroes are forced to face: the death of those who are dear to them

At the opening

Luca Barbieri in his editorial, Chronicles of the Rebellion, once again meets the readers who have recently approached Dragonero, and those of long standing who need a refresher. In fact, he presents us with some characters, which we will read about in the following pages, who have already appeared in the great tapestry of history. Yannah, Ian's "sister in arms", we have already known her since "The gathering of the scouts” (“Black Dragon”N.5, October 2013), his sister Erta and their father Faram, plus another mysterious character. And what better way to do it than to let us know the deluxe version is out (you can find it Thu or order it in the library) of Special no. 5 “The Wall of the Trolls”?


The cover of the register is dutifully charged with emotions, heightened by the looming presence of the narrow mountain pass, almost as if it were a caudine gallows. Tension, uncertainty, sacrifice, tragicity, Gianluca Pagliarani managed to portray them all, while the colors of Paolo Francescutto embellish the moment.

The drawings of "Yannah's sacrifice”Are entrusted to Luca Malisan and Alex Masacci, who best embody the (double) story conceived by Vietti. Each of the two designers focuses and emphasizes moments, situations and clashes closely linked to each other by cause and effect relationships, some that arise in the episode, others that have their roots within the entire Dragonero saga.

Next month we will join the Rebels to launch the "Attack on Vàlendàrt” (“Dragonero, the Rebel"N. 18, 8 April 2021), don't miss it!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár