I hope you are prepared to join Ian in pursuit of "The runaway demon".
First, however, let's continue with the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of the Sergio Bonelli Editore. In this issue you will find the Gmor commemorative medal as a gift!
If you want to deepen the saga of "Dragonero the Rebel“, You can find the previous stories in this article summary.
Go with the intro!

You better stay awake
The dark comes knocking so you better start running
Fear the demon ...
... "

Feed The Demons, You Only Live Twice, 2011, Pain

The runaway demon

Ian on the cover collides with the runaway demon
Ian crosses his sword with the twin blades of the demon man. But will he be an enemy or a friend?

The village of Woden it is strategic in the Empire's struggle against the Rebels. But when Ian and his companions break in, they find it ominously empty.

Ian and his companions search a village that has remained deserted after the passing demon
A completely empty village is never a good sign

It is only thanks to an in-depth magical investigation of Alben that they will discover that the person responsible for the elimination of the imperial garrison is a being with demonic features.

Ian then embarks on a long journey in pursuit of the fleeting assassin, during which he will discover that his origins have roots in an old mission never fully completed. Dragonero will cross, cornered, his path with that of the man-demon with twin blades. But will he turn out to be a formidable enemy or a future and unexpected ally?

Ian is being chased by some bounty hunters. Is the runaway demon among them or will it help him?
Ian stands with his back to the wall. Will the demon join the assailants or will he stand alongside him?

Episode analysis

The runaway demon might seem, at first reading, a typically story "Vietnamese“, Almost with a hint of Nathan Never. There is a mysterious enemy (?), A pursuit, a clash, a character bigger then bigger, but above all seeds sown throughout the entire series, and which are now starting to sprout.
But this only if we want to stop at the mere events of the register: as always when it comes to Dragonero we have to change levels.

We have already said, in a previous article, that Ian fully fits in the wake of the theories formulated there “The hero of a thousand faces"(1949, Joseph Campbell) and"The Hero's Journey”(Christopher Vogler, 1992), and here I would like you to follow me in another level change.

What we have been witnessing from some number now, but if perhaps always, is that it is the work itself that is traveling and has gone through, is going through and will go through every phase: new thresholds to pass through, new guardians to collide with. , challenges, temptations, shadows and abysses to climb.

Stefano Vietti she is skilled at pulling the strings of the tapestry, closing knots apparently left behind and opening new ones that will see their completion at the right moment. As happens this month with a masterfully narrated story, in balance between Ian's "search", punctuated by popular legends joined together by a subtle Fil rouge, and a clash that is both the fulfillment of an old unsolved question, and the beginning of something new in the life of our Dragonero.

There was actually a need for a story that saw Ian as the only actor, if only to take stock of the latest events and see how he had internalized them.
We are faced with a Hero who no longer wants to be just a symbol, who is moved on a chessboard where he is most needed. There is a hero who wants to understand, face the "demons" of his past, make the decisions he deems right and take responsibility for the wrong ones.

At the opening

In the editorial Chronicles of the Rebellion, Luca Barbieri remembers the Speciale released in the summer of 2018. The roots of this month's register, in fact, can be found there. History, "Black Dragon. The wall of the trolls“, Has recently been re-proposed, in a deluxe version, with a hardback bookcase. He also introduces us the sole designer for this issue, Giuseppe Matteoni, after his brief appearance in n. 6 of the Rebellion.
Last, but not least, is the emotion felt and shared with us readers, for the eighty candles blown out by Bonelli's "dream factory"!


As mentioned above, in Ian's solo adventure, the artist is also lonely Giuseppe Matteoni. Matteoni manages to grasp the essence of history and make it vivid in each of his tables, from those of investigation that mark an extended time to those of action, where it reaches its apex.

Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors), after the brief vacation of the last issue with the “static” cover, they are back with a dense violence, at the center of which the mysterious runaway demon stands out.

Next month we will always be on these shores to listen "When the waves sing” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N. 20, 9 June).

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár