Nickelodeon is ready to tell Kyoshi's adventures in a series of young adult novels inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender, written by FC Yee and supervised by Dante DiMartino: The Rise of Kyoshi

Avatar: The Last Airbender It will also be over for 10 years, but in the hearts of his fans there is still a little place dedicated to this wonderful animated series, which has now become a milestone of the genre.

The infinite works dedicated to Avatar
The infinite works dedicated to Avatar

Precisely for this reason, Nikelodeon is trying to continue riding its success, first with the new animated series, Legend of Korra, and then with several series of comics and graphic novels. And if commercial gain was the watchword for these products, their quality and beauty made them in turn loved by old and new fans. And, apparently, the news is not over yet!

Indeed, Nikelodeon has entered into an agreement with the publishing house Abrams Children's Book, this time to produce a new series of young adult novels, focused on the life and vicissitudes of one of the most fascinating characters in the series: theKyoshi avatar.

Kyoshi: why her?

Kyoshi, was one of the Avatars that preceded Aang, the protagonist of The Last Airbender, establishing himself as one of the longest-lived people in his world, dying at the age of 230. In its two centuries, Kyoshi has definitely left its mark, by dropping the warlord Chin, founding the order of the Kyoshi warriors and creating the Dai Li secret police in defense of the King of the Kingdom of the Earth in exchange for greater rights for the population.

In short, Kyoshi's was undoubtedly an adventurous life, the details of which fans never seem satisfied. It was therefore natural, says the co-creator of Avatar Dante DiMartino, catch the ball and delve into its history.

Furthermore, as the vice president of Abrams Children's Book, Andrew Smith also points out, being able to tell the story of a strong female protagonist falls exactly within the ropes of the young adult genre. Smith's hope is therefore of attract new and old audiences, based on the popularity of the franchise and Kyoshi's closeness to the heroine typical of this type of literature.

What should we expect?

At the moment two books have been agreed, which will be written by FC Yee (The Epic Crush of Genie Lo) and supervised by DiMartino himself. The first volume, The Rise of Kyoshi, is expected for July 2019 and, of course, all the events it will tell will be considered canonical and an integral part of the series' lore.

For the moment, the new works produced in the wake of the franchise of Avatar they have always proved to be excellent (no, there is no film), so we sincerely hope that this series of novels will also keep the quality high. In addition, it will be very interesting to find out if these new books will take into account the Kyoshi bisexuality, revealed by Aya to Korra and Asami in one of the latest published graphic novels, The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars - Part One, published by Dark Horse Comics.

But will they have the courage to give her a companion in the new books?
But will they have the courage to give her a companion in the new books?