If you are curious to find out against whom he will seek his revenge "The Returning“, All you have to do is take the book of the same name on newsstands these days.
We have reached the fourth release in two months, the Sergio Bonelli Editore she really pampered us this summer, and to think that it is her birthday, the eightieth, and it is she who gives us the gifts!
As usual, those interested in the history of the "Dragonero the RebelCan find it in this summary article.
Go with the intro!

Risen from the dead
Risen from the dark
Buried deep, left to rot
Yet (S)he still returns
... "

DMR, Vampyre, 2017, Dead Man Risen

The Returning

The book La Ritornante deals with the violence and killing of Gheal and his desire for revenge that goes beyond death
Will Returning Gheal ultimately be an opponent or a valid ally for Ian?

Ian and Gmor are undercover again in an attempt to gain support for the rebellion. The lever to get to the powerful, and independent, Baron of Lungwall is the commander of the city militia, ardean, an old fellow soldier of Ian. To complicate everything in the city are the relentless bounty hunters of the gods Bestiaries. The situation risks further precipitating when a returning girl is revealed who has only one purpose: to take revenge. Ian and Gmor will thus find themselves having to manage three fronts. Will they succeed in their delicate mission?

Gheal La Returnante's luck is to meet Ian and Gmor!
Being a Returner is already a trauma, seeing then, first of all, the ugly face of Gmor aggravates the situation!

Episode analysis

Luca Enoch, once again, he manages, with mastery, to build a book with a purely vertical plot which, however, extends, deepens and links the great horizontal plot of the saga of "Dragonero the Rebel". In this issue there is everything: yet another mission, of a Rebellion increasingly with water in the throat, pursued by the inexorable mallet of the ruthless Erondarian Theocracy ready to strike down on those who oppose it, old acquaintances that find themselves. There is also a dramatic situation against a woman, always outlined with the particular sensitivity of Enoch, who will make her a new ally of the Rebels.

Ian and Gmor free and care for La Returning Gheal
Ian and Gmor (almost) always manage to do the right thing!

Please excuse me if I repeat myself (for the third time), but the land where the adventures of Ian and his companions take place is a world with such well-developed environmental and narrative engines that it practically has a life of its own [half quotation from "Planetary”(1998) by Warren Ellis (texts) and John Cassady (drawings)], and in this book we are once again confronted with this fact.
Everything moves, every character we met is walking his way, faces just mentioned return, situations and emotions already seen are proposed to us from new points of view, the other editorial proposals of Dragonero intersect, as we have seen in past books. , in short, Vietti and Enoch once again show themselves to be skilled architects!

At the opening

Luca Barbieri, in the editorial Chronicles of the Rebellion, delves into some moments of the last issue. As we saw in the last article, Ian celebrates, "On the track of memories” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N. 21bis, August 2021), four birthdays. That of the ten years is linked to a short history of the Adventures ( "The troll bridge“) Written and designed by the same authors, Enoch and Bonesso. The birthday for the twenty years has as a background Ian's period at the Academy, with some of his companions (of unenviable fate) seen in "The undergrounds of Roccabruna” (“Black Dragon"N. 49, June 2017) and "Prisoner!” (“Black Dragon"N. 57, February 2018). In the well of the Academy, Ian also has the opportunity to see even poor Burba, who was also enrolled in the company of fortune of the soulless ( "Fame"). For the thirty years, another fellow soldier has a bad end ... in reality we already knew Ney's fate from "Revenge” (“Black Dragon"N. 50, July 2017).
As already happened, so, at the end of the editorial, Barbieri drops yet another ace of trump:

Other references, on the other hand, are more cryptic; but only for now ...

Drawings & lettering

It goes without saying that the cover is from Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors). This time, however, I have to express a less enthusiastic judgment than usual. The image certainly evokes a strong sense of danger and movement, especially thanks to the blade, dodged by Ian, which flies towards the reader, and here the skill of Pagliarani and Francescutto is undoubted, but fails, in my opinion, to grasp and convey the profound problem and the drama of the Returning, Gheal.

There are two artists who sign the register. The drawings of Manolo Morrone they manage to communicate the sense of urgency of the mission of Ian and Gmor, increasingly short of allies and surrounded every where by the Theocracy, and the sense of revenge of the Returning. Pagliarani does "to forgive"The cover, managing in fact to blend Enoch's screenplay with his own drawings, conveys, in a few plates, the tragicity of the last moments, marked by an unprecedented violence, of the (previous) life of Gheal.

Gheal is the victim of unprecedented violence. Maybe that's what made her a Returner
Gheal's last, terrible moments… and then one must not become a Returning!

The lettering is always excellent Marina Sanfelice.

It seems that the time has come for the Rebels to start fighting back. Free the Emperor Nahim is of primary importance, but attacking Vàlendàrt could result in suicide, the option of a raid from the sky would remain ... there would be a need for "The assault of the Sparrowhawks” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N. 23, 9 September).

Who knows if many readers, who lately have "complained", in various social groups, about the lack of a sort of continuity in the saga of "Dragonero the Rebel", In the coming months they will be" satisfied "by a series of books with a tighter history ...

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár