We are all eagerly awaiting to discover "Alben's past"!
Once again I have to apologize to those who follow us for the delay with which I analyze the February issue. For personal engagements I prevaricated and, since the story about Alben was split in two, I waited to read it in its entirety. I wanted to release an article that included the two books, but I retraced my steps. In the next few days I will try to bring out the analysis of the second part of the story. As usual, those interested in the history of the "Dragonero the RebelCan find it in this article summary.
Go with the intro!

Behind the stone walls of centuries,
they breed their black art,
boiling their spells
in cauldrons of black gold
... "

I Am the Black Wizards, In the Nightside Eclipse, 1994, Emperor

Alben's past

Alben's past is a double story that follows two tracks: the thread of memories and the mission of Alben and Dragonero
Raim Dekra is a dark and powerful opponent. Not the most powerful, which meanwhile waits in the shadows ready to strike ...

Ian accompanies Alben on a journey that has the distant "Empty Country" as its final destination.

Alben's past is a long journey, between memories and the mission of primary importance for all of Erondár
Everything always starts with a journey, in memories as well as for the mission

At first Dragonero is unable to understand the true nature of this long pilgrimage, after all Alben has always been sparing in providing explanations, but in the continuation of the journey, even along the tormented memories of the magician, the veil of mysteries is lifted. allowing him to get to know the old Luresindo like never before.

Alben's past is full of action and memories
What enemies have they ever faced?

But why right now, after all this time, did Alben decide to tell his life? What is behind his decision? And how all this is linked to the tight fight against Leario and the immanent threat of Saul Jeranas?

At the end we will get to know a little about Alben's past!
Eventually we will get to know a little about Alben's past!

Episode analysis

We are in front of the register 1 of 2 concerning the past of Alben, a past closely linked to the present of the fight against Leario and to the gloomy future that awaits the Erondár, and there could only be the pen of Stefano Vietti, one of the two creators of Dragonero, behind this double story!

Alben has always been a pivotal figure for Ian and his companions (especially for Ian), despite his being so hermetic. He's a luresindo after all, isn't he? He alone is able to see far (and will be better understood in the second issue), plan and place the pieces in the right places and moments. But this behavior, acceptable towards those who lead the rebellion, is a bitter mouthful than usual to be thrown down for those who have always considered him a friend, it seems ...

Ian is no longer ready to accept the initiatives of the old Luresindo in a poke.
We have said several times that our Dragonero has stopped the role of the Hero who arrives at the Threshold accompanied by the Mentor, and that he has expressed all the insecurities of being a man, which inevitably has become a Symbol, a bulwark against Evil , today Leario, tomorrow who knows ...

Alben's past will make us peer into the abyss of his memories, and beyond ...
"And if you peer into an abyss for a long time, the abyss will also peer into you."

But it is Alben that we have to talk about, we have said so much about Ian and so much more we will write!
Vietti is masterful in writing two books characterized by different but complementary levels. The story in the present goes in the only temporal direction possible, but it is the past that starts from the most "recent" events and then moves towards the most hidden areas and the most hidden memories of Alben. Several events were known to us, but they are presented to us again, with explanations, emotions and insights. New aspects, new stories and answers that have long been growing in our hearts, finally give us an image, albeit still incomplete, of the great puzzle that the authors have composed in recent months.

At the opening

Luca Barbieri, in the editorial Chronicles of the Rebellion, "reveals" to us a little what has been the leitmotiv, the red thread of the last few months, a series of clues that have been disseminated, more or less openly, that herald a definitive showdown between Leario and the Rebels, but also another and much more sinister and disturbing threat, even perhaps more than the descent of the Black Queens on the Erondár,

The trend of "Dragonero the Rebel"It was not easy to please in the tastes of those who followed him month after month (I too candidly admit that sometimes I have read and placed the register there without leaving me that feeling of satisfaction), so I will follow the advice by Barbieri, when the rebellion is over (with the bowls stopped, as they say) I will re-read the whole story in one go!

Drawings & lettering

For this month's cover image, Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors) have decided to show the primary actors of the register. They did not focus on a particular moment, but to evoke the sense of fragmentation, either of the world, certainly not by Raim Dekra pawn of Leario, but of another and much more powerful necromancer, you want some memories of Alben.

As for the designs, we also have a well-proven tandem here. Fabrizio Galliccia deals with the history that unfolds in the present. Fabio Babich he was concerned with evoking the memories of Alben's past.

Lettering has been increasingly present Omar Tuis.

We have repeatedly mentioned the plans concerning the "immediate" future of Erondár, conceived by the two authors, Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti. Both on the website of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, which in several other platforms, a curious image has emerged, by Matteo Brembilla, which embodies Dragonero's 2022.

The future of Erondár in the next few issues will be marked by four major events
The future of Erondár in four "Simple" images
  • Il first symbol heraldic is that of the Luresindi, the “Keepers of Light” magicians. It is the double story entirely dedicated to Albums and its past. In these two books it is narrated how he became a magician and the nature of his relationship with his archenemy, Saul Jeranas.
  • Il second symbol it is more mysterious. It refers to the most nefarious of necromancy works, a terrible plague that will shake the capital of the Empire and the contiguous lands and which will be told in a dramatic four-issue saga.
  • Il third it is perhaps the least complex to interpret. The sword, symbol of the Rebellion, is stuck in the emblem of the Erondarian Empire. Three albums in close continuity will tell the dramatic showdown between Leario and the "Swords of Justice".
  • Il fourth symbol anticipates what will be the new season of Dragonero. A catastrophe of continental proportions, which has its origin in the distant past of Erondár and which will drastically and irremediably change the lives of all our protagonists.

At a close turning point we will talk about the second half of the story centered on Alben, "The Luresindo” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N ° 29, on newsstands and in the comic shop as early as March 9)!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár