While waiting for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds to reach us in Italian, today we talk about The Orville.
For those unfamiliar with it, this science fiction series was created by Seth MacFarlane, known to the American public for his dubbing of Peter Griffith in the homonymous series.

But let's get to know The Orville better

History of The Orville

The series, set four hundred years from now, is about the voyages of the USS Orville, a medium- and long-range exploration ship of the Union, a federal-type intergalactic democracy, much like the more well-known United Federation of Planets in the universe of Star Trek.
The crew of the spaceship is quite varied, in fact it includes various forms of life. From humans, to Moclan, passing through the Gels, a gelatinous species which reproduces by mitosis, ai Xeleyan and last but not least, a kind of androids i Kaylon.

Each of these has its own particularities, its prejudices and its culture. A fundamental part of the show is the relationship between the cultures inside the ship. In fact, in some of the episodes, we see the various species not understanding certain behaviors of others and yet, looking for common ground to understand each other.

If Spock had been there he would have said:

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations

The crew will evolve over the course of the series. We will delve into some characters, while others will leave their posts.


The Orville

Props and Flops from the series

The first reception of the show was not the best and even myself, when he saw the first episode, was a bit dumbfounded. I couldn't figure out if they were kidding me or not, but I put my skepticism aside and gave the show a chance, not regretting it at all.

R, the "well-known" (or "notorious") website that collects reviews, information and news on the world of cinema and TV series, however, massacred the first season, as regards the judgment of the critics, while the public I adore. The data was not very encouraging for the former who gave it a very low review. An approval rating of only 21 and a lapidary review. I quote verbatim:

"A strange mixture of affectation and sincerity, of homage and satire, The Orville can't take off completely "

However, the show had a critical rating of 100 in its second season. It is really true that, sometimes, the seasons don't take off right away.

The series has also generated a lot of hype, especially among science fiction devourers, so much so that many initiatives have been born to support it:

  • A complementary comic series written and created by the executive producer of the series
  • The World of the Orville, an official book, written by Jeff Bond that describes the creation of the show
  • Exploring The Orville, a series of treatises and themes written to explain the concept of space for Seth MacFarlane
  • An authorized news podcast about the series called Planetary Union Network
  • Two video games created by fans entitled The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience e The Orville - 2D Rescue
  • Lots of web shows shot by fans here A Planetary Step e The Mariana's Trench
  • A parody radio series called The Orville Radio Hour


The labor of the third season

From June 2, the third season of The Orville, now called The Orville: New Horizon, has passed into the hands of the HULU channel after being broadcast via Fox for two years and it is now possible to retrieve them on the Disney + platform.

However, his fate remains uncertain and there is still no news on the possible renewal for a fourth season. My hope is that all narrative strands find a worthy closure for this series which I hope will teach a show like Star Trek how to renew itself. And realize that I say this as a passionate trekker!


The Orville: New Horizons

Conclusions on The Orville

Space, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the starship The Orville, its mission is not to bore you too much with philosophical humpbacks! Actually I'm kidding, the series is very serious and not at all obvious.

Very sensitive topics are dealt with and, even if it is often done in a light-hearted way, one stops to reflect and think that perhaps this series is not a mockery at all ...
With the beginning of the third season, then, the narrative evolves further, dealing with increasingly complex themes and gradually leaving aside the breezy and casual tone that it had held over the course of the previous two seasons.

Personally, I found it a breath of fresh air in the sci-fi landscape, especially after the profound disappointment I felt in seeing the second season of Star Trek: Picard.

Have you got to see it? Did you like her? Would you change anything? But above all, who is your favorite character?