The Order, a TV series created by Dennis Heaton, made its appearance on Netflix on March 7, 2019. Like all the series produced by the well-known streaming company, it has been released in its entirety, so it is possible and almost necessary to watch it. Despite the excellent premises and a plot that, in itself, should be captivating, the series borders on the ridiculous on more than one occasion.

Plot of The Order

Jack Morton is a promising young man who is chosen to enter Belgrave University. Orphaned as a mother and living with his grandfather, Jack will do everything to be chosen and admitted to the Order of the Blue Rose. The group, or rather the secret society, is only a means of destroying his father, Edward Coventry, who is not not even aware of its existence. Young Jack will soon find himself in the middle of a fight between sorcerers and werewolves.

Defects of The Order

The Order is a series to watch, as mentioned before, but to keep very far from repeating certain mistakes. Except for the protagonists Jack and Alyssa, the other characters are almost all of an aberrant flatness.

The werewolf trio wins a special prize for being able to ruin any mood the series can create. Are you talking about killing someone? What better way to decide whether to take a life than with beer pong? Wonderful to call yourself a knight and then consider murder the best alternative. Only in the last few episodes, after interesting developments, werewolves acquire a minimum of decency. For most of the series, a remarkable narrative ballast remains.
The large and powerful Order of the Blue Rose, which hosted world-famous figures inside, proves to be the classic order of magicians dedicated to black magic. Their location, of course, is in the old abandoned and haunted building. They talk a lot about potential but, in fact, they do little to grow it. A pyramidal society where, unless actually noticed by the upper echelons, it is easy to get stuck. I would add that, in fact, it is not clear why knowing magic should make you become a world famous person. The cost for a spell is so high, most of the time, that it makes no sense to want to use it.

Visual aspect of The Order

From a visual point of view, despite some convenient choices to lower expenses (not to show the werewolf transformations), the series is very pleasant to watch. The historic buildings present really catch the eye and the interior of the temple is really well done. The series should have horror hues but, in fact, there are very few occasions that arouse the right sensations in the spectator. You want the questionable acting of the actors, you want beer pong, the series is more of a teen drama.


If anyone had seriously tried to write the draft of The Vampire Diaries, it probably wouldn't have been as successful. The Order is a tasteless product at its best and completely ridiculous at its worst. The vision is recommended only to those who seek healthy trash, aware that they will often find themselves wondering how certain ideas may have come to mind in production.