We came to the showdown in "The Mandalorian". In this episode full of surprises, in which we even discovered the name of our favorite Mandalorian, some elements have appeared that deserve a specific study. Among the blaster shots, the R series droids with last minute hands and feet and sacrifices, "The Mandalorian" comes to its explosive conclusion.

Since many have not yet seen the episode of "The Mandalorian" when this guide is released, we thought we would not do a spoiler review. We will follow the series telling you the background and everything you might not know about the world of Star Wars. You are ready? Welcome to the Mandalorian.


The finale of the episode revealed how the antagonist of the first season, the Moff gideon, is in possession of the Darksaber. It is a unique lightsaber, created by the first Mandalorian to be admitted to the Jedi order. Not much is known about the sword and it remains one of the most fascinating topics of all Star Wars. Assembled by Tarre Vizsla a thousand years before the battle of Yavin, the sword was kept as a relic in the Jedi temple of Coruscant until the Mandalorian Wars. On that ominous occasion, the Vizsla clan stole it and took it to the planet Mandalore.

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Culturally, the sword has a meaning that could be defined as important or, even better, absolute for Mandalorians. Closed the pacifist parenthesis of the planet, with the return of the way of Mandalore and the exaltation of the warrior, the clans are required to gather around who owns the Darksaber. It doesn't matter if it's an enemy or a childhood friend, that lightsaber lets you rule over Mandalore and Mandalorians. (In this passage an error is hidden in the last episode of the series, but we will talk about it at another time). Just like Afro Samurai's number 2 sash, anyone who owns the Darksaber can be challenged by everyone for power. Recall that the Mandalorians have a warrior culture and, consequently, the strongest or the most skilled fighter has every right to reign. The sword cannot therefore be stolen but must be conquered in battle.

Aesthetically the sword differs greatly from the others created by Jedi and Sith. The design is purely Mandalorian and recalls a katana, with a guard and a slightly shorter blade. Its unique black crystal could naturally be linked to the dark side. This is only speculation, of course, but the fact that the sword reacts to the owner's strong emotions by releasing lightning strikes should make more than a few bells ring.

R series droid

R-series droids are one of the cornerstones of the Star Wars saga. The most famous exponent is R2-D2, one of the few characters to have appeared in every single film and to keep the memories of every conflict.

An R-series droid stands 96cm tall. It moves on three “legs” (including a removable one), has a cylindrical body surmounted by a hemispherical head equipped, among other things, with a monocle for seeing and a holographic image projector. It has several mechanical devices inside the body, including an arc welder, a circular saw and a key for interfacing with the most varied access devices and computers in use in the Galaxy. 

Like all astroids, it is often used as a navigator aboard starfighters and other spaceships, therefore it has the ability to establish routes, perform the calculations necessary for the hyperspace jump and maneuver the ship's commands in concert with the human pilot, who communicates with him through voice commands.

It is able to interface with any computer, which makes it very valuable in infiltration and espionage missions, being able to take control of all systems in enemy bases (for example elevators and automatic doors). He also has a good ability in mechanical repairs.

He has limited fighting skills, but thanks to his artificial intelligence clearly superior to that of a battle droid, he is able to defeat much more dangerous and better armed opponents than he does.

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The unique specimen, or almost, that we see in the last episode of the first season of "The Mandalorian" is distinguished by the presence of removable arms and legs. This type of droid does not seem to be used for its usual functions but, oddly enough, to steer a boat on a lava river. It is obviously not the first time that we observe vehicles capable of accomplishing this feat but, as a rule, we have never seen R series droids dealing with transport.