This episode of "The Mandalorian" brings us inexorably closer to the end of the series, or at least its first season. The episode allows us to find the faces known during the past episodes and prepare for the final battle. The Mandalorian will have to defend Baby Yoda one last time, in order to guarantee him a safe future far from the bounty hunters. In this episode a son of Dathomir appears, so we will take advantage of this appearance to talk about the planet.

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Since many have not yet seen The Mandalorian episode when this guide is out, we thought we would not do a spoiler review. We will follow the series telling you the background and everything you might not know about the world of Star Wars. You are ready? Welcome to the Mandalorian.


Dathomir is an Outer Rim planet that gave birth to the Rancor species and the Night Sisters sect. Became famous during the Clone Wars for being the birthplace of Darth Maul and for the collaboration between Count Dooku and the Sisters of the Night, the planet has always stood out for the violence of its flora, fauna and inhabitants. Without doubt it is one of the strongest dark side planets ever to appear in the canon, enough to be able to cast dark spells of tremendous power.

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Although the two cultures most closely related to Dathomir were the Kwa, an alien species of space traveler, and the Dathomir Witches, a group initially made up of humans, which merged with the Zabrak, giving birth to the Dathomiri race, overlooked the fact that at the apex of the planet's food chain were the monstrous Rancors, semi-sentient creatures. 

Sisters of the Night and Dathomiri

The Sisters of the Night were a sect of Dathomir Witches who chose to embrace the Dark Side of the Force to guide their magic. During the Clone Wars, General Grievous attacked the Sisters of the Night after Asajj Ventress's betrayal, forcing Mother Talzin to summon the Ghost Army. The efforts of the Sisters of the Night were to no avail, who managed to escape the wrath of the Separatists and the dark lord Dooku only as long as they proved adept at delivering Dathomiri (mainly Zabrak) to be trained in the ways of the Dark Side.

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The Rancors were reptile-mammals 5 to 10 meters tall that came from the planet Dathomir. Although they could be found on other planets such as Ottethan, Tatooine, Felucia and others, those of Dathomir were stronger and more intelligent, and could be tamed, albeit with difficulty.

The Rancors walked using two stubby, massive legs, and had long arms to catch prey. The face of the Rancor held a long row of sharp teeth. Its hide was very thick and tough enough to repel Blaster's blows, making the animal a good war machine. Jabba the Hutt kept a Rancor as a pet in a quarry inside his palace, feeding it victims through a trap door.