This episode of "The Mandalorian" offers the opportunity to talk about some of the most fascinating alien races of Star Wars. The franchise has always been characterized by the dichotomy between the Empire, seen as human-centric and racist, and the undergrowth of crime from the most disparate races, cultures and ethnic groups.

Since many have not yet seen The Mandalorian episode when this guide is out, we thought we would not do a spoiler review. We will follow the series telling you the background and everything you might not know about the world of Star Wars. You are ready? Welcome to the Mandalorian.


Twi'leks, sometimes referred to as Rylothians, are a species native to the planet Ryloth. Featuring a pair of tentacles protruding from the skull, the Twi'leks are one of the most fascinating and famous races in Star Wars. Their characteristics are colored skin, whose pigments vary from individual to individual and a pair of harmonious and prehensile tentacles that grow at the base of the skull. These tentacles are called "brain tails", "lekku", "tchun tchin" or "head tails". These advanced organs are very important for the communication and cognitive functions of the species. Twi'leks have a fairly standard vocal structure and are capable of learning multiple languages. However, they prefer their native language, which also incorporates the subtle movement of the lekku. When the need arises, they can also communicate in complete secrecy using their versatile brain tails. 

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Due to their beauty, Twi'lek females are used as slaves or dancers. Slavery is Ryloth's primary currency, tolerated by the galactic republic. Some see it as a chance to make money by kidnapping or selling orphaned children. A number of Twi'leks believe that slavery is an efficient way to proliferate their species and preserve their culture. Regardless of how it happens, many Twi'leks live as slaves or entertainers and are considered status symbols, especially females of the rarest skin tone. The Twi'leks who have managed to escape from captivity usually fall into a spiral of theft or prostitution, making use of their powers of seduction. 


The Devaronians are a humanoid race with horns native to the planet Devaron a place of low mountains and large valleys connected by hundreds of rivers. They are believed to be descendants of a primate breed native to the mountain ranges, and that their horns are a genetic mutation that helped them defend themselves against numerous predatory bird species.

The females of the species have a sedentary culture, are dedicated to the growth of offspring and the governmental management of Devaron, whose economy is mainly based on the money earned by men in their extraplanetary trades. The planet is characterized by low mountain ranges and deep valleys, connected to each other by an intricate river network. Devaronian women tend to be wise, bright, scrupulous and pungent, a perfect counterpart to men who, in the face of a brave and courageous disposition and a direct and concise way of posing, are often stubborn, reckless, unscrupulous and stingy.

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The profound difference between the two sexes of this species can also be found in their physical appearance, so dissimilar as to be able to barely trace them back to the same genetic stock. The average height of males and females of the breed is approximately sixty meters, the males are hairless, with bright red skin, their teeth are entirely formed by sharp incisors and a pair of large horns adorns their forehead; ultimately their appearance is similar to that of the demons of thousands of myths and legends.

The females of the species are instead covered by a thick fur whose color varies in the range from brown to white, are devoid of horns and are equipped with protruding canines. The commonly spoken language is devaronese, language with low and guttural tones, whose consonants often have a loaded, almost growling pronunciation; many, especially men, also speak the basic.

Due to different habits and modus vivendi, Devaronian males and females only meet on the very rare occasions when the former return to Devaron; this does not bother women, who consider the culture and demeanor of their men to be disruptive of domestic peace.