The Mandalorian recently finished the pilot of the series, consisting of first and from second episode, and finally put meat on fire.

Since many have not yet seen the episode when this guide is released, we thought not to do a spoiler review. We will follow the series by telling you the background and everything you might not know about the world of Star Wars. You are ready? Welcome to the Mandalorian.

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The race of Yoda

One of the greatest mysteries of Star Wars is, without doubt, the name and origins of the Yoda race. Over the years, when the franchise was still under the strong hands of George Lucas, the creator of the series has always actively refused to reveal information about it, going so far as to cancel entire projects related to it. According to his jokes, Yoda is said to be the illegitimate child of Kermit e Miss Piggy. I would say that this answer counts quietly as "do your own business". 

In some cut parts of the script of episode III, reference was made to the "Species of Yoda" to identify the greenish humanoids, about seventy centimeters tall with a very long life perspective. Since all members of this breed have belonged to the Jedi order to date, the clue to age could be confusing. After all, it is known that the masters of the Force can lengthen life expectancy, so the presence of this child in the The Mandalorian series can give us a lot of information. Is it finally time to get to know more about this phantom breed?

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What are vibratory blades?

During the episode, a weapon appears which, to date, I don't think has ever appeared in the films of the series. So many people may not know vibrolame, one of the many choices when it comes to melee weapons. Yes, Star Wars is not only divided into blasters and lightsabers!

Vibrolama is a generic term used to describe every weapon equipped with an enhanced blade: from small stilettos to one meter long sabers. Over time, the name has been extended to all vibro weapons of the length of a sword, therefore there are axes, daggers and rifles with the same characteristics.

Vibratory blades use ultrasonic generators to produce thousands of micro-vibrations per second along the edge of the blade, increasing its ability to slice through dense materials. Most of them are equipped with an ignition switch, but certain models could be programmed to activate at the moment of extraction. In the past, the Sith used these weapons instead of lightsabers as the pain inflicted is arguably greater.

"This is the Way"

This wonderful new piece of Lore is one of the first really successful attempts to make the Mandalorians perceive not as the original race of the planet Mandalore but as a culture. We already know that the Mandalorians are warriors, we could call them the Spartans of Star Wars, but we have rarely seen anything that could identify them. Well the clan of which our "Mando" is part seems to be very clear on what it means to be one of them. The strength lies in the number, somewhat in contrast to the Fett family, and helmet and armor acquire a new importance. We have seen in the Rebels series that the Mandalorians of the other clans are not reluctant to remove their helm, so clearly it must be something new, introduced by this series.

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