The Mandalorian recently received his second episode which, along with the first, serves as the pilot of the series.

Since many have not yet seen the episode when this guide is released, we thought not to do a spoiler review. We will follow the series by telling you the background and everything you might not know about the world of Star Wars. You are ready? Welcome to the Mandalorian.

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Who are the Jawas?

Jawas are typically low humanoids native to Tatooine. Often these are seekers of technological remains (Anything that does not have the master less than a hundred meters away) to be sold or bartered, active in the deep deserts, aboard their huge sandcrawlers. They appear from the first minutes of Episode IV, when they find C3-PO and R2-D2 in the Tatooine desert, ending up selling them to Luke's family.

The Jawas have a reputation for crooks, as they have a penchant for selling old equipment, such as antiquated droids, to moisture cultivators, or for reselling things they have "salvaged" to their rightful owners.

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Biology and Society

Most Jawas are about three feet tall, although some reach five feet, and are characterized by their brown robes, bright yellow eyes, and their language, Jawaese. Xenobiologists have discovered that Jawas are frail, rodent-like creatures, with faces obscured by fabric covers designed to keep moisture out, with orange gems embedded in the fabric.

The Jawas are gatherers, as the desert provides an excellent waste hunting area. It is in fact sprinkled with wreckage of space ships resulting from millennia of star travel. The Jawas build anything from these ancient wrecks, and travel through the dunes aboard sandcrawlers, mobile foundries abandoned by old mining operations by foreign companies.

The Jawas live in clans, each with their own territories in which to live and collect. In most clans, half of the entire clan works and lives in sandcrawlers, while the other families dwell in fortresses deep in the desert, where all collected items are stored. 

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What are Reeks?

Reeks are large omnivores similar to horned cattle and with thick skin. They are originally from Ylesia but can be found on Tatooine and other planets. Reeks are herbivorous in nature and brown in color but as they are fashionable in arenas they are often fed with meat. This process tends to turn them red, aggressive, hostile and dangerous. Hence the saying "crazy as a red Reek".