What will the new laboratory consist of The Lord of the Rings which will be held by Wu Ming 4 at the University of Trento? Here is some information!

New year, new ride. After the students of the University of Trento have positively evaluated his last laboratory on The Hobbit (which we talked about Thu!) Wu Ming 4 come back with a new course.

Let's quickly see what it is.

Laboratory objectives on The Lord of the Rings

Similarly to what we had seen for the laboratory on The Hobbit, this course will also focus onanalysis of the structure and narrative themes of a novel, in this case the trilogy de The Lord of the Rings.

Therefore, during the course students will be given a diagram of the de structure The Lord of the Rings. Here you will be able to see theplot trend and identify their fundamental junctions and the parables of the various characters. On the basis of this scheme, then, specific passages or chapters will be distributed, which will then be discussed in class. From these passages it will be possible to recognize i themes touched by the work, so as to be able to study how they are developed narratively.

Based on these themes and the progress of the narrative structure, students and female students will then have to develop one spin off de The Lord of the Rings. These spin-offs will have to be consistent with Tolkien's world and narrative and will serve to cover gaps in the plot or only hinted at stories.

Tip 1: The Lord of the Rings spin-off on Éowyn and Faramir!
Tip 1: spin-off de The Lord of the Rings on Éowyn and Faramir!

Some comments on the laboratory

There is little to say: if I did not have to write the doctoral thesis I would have fallen on this course (although it is designed for language students, not for us in literature). I believe this is a good opportunity for reflect on the macro-structure of a book and how its various narrative components unfold in its length.

It is a useful laboratory both for those who want to better understand the structure of The Lord of the Rings, both, in my opinion, for aspiring writers. However, it is quite evident that we are not dealing with a creative writing workshop.

Spin-offs, fanfictions and the like

Of course, courses of this kind always make me smile, in a positive sense, because de facto teach something that the writers and writers of fanfiction they always did, albeit in a less rigorous or reasoned way. In the end, one What if? or a Missing scenes they can be easily classified as spin-offs. That these spin-offs can then be defined as fanfiction, or stories created by fans as a tribute or to express their own vision of history, is quite another matter. On the importance of fanfiction (and of Archive of Our Own) we had an argument Thu, while we talked about their relationship with the authors of the original works Thu.

It would then be interesting to compare the spin-offs on The Lord of the Rings (come on The Hobbit!) produced in the laboratories of Wu Ming 4 with fanfiction of similar theme written spontaneously by fans. Will adherence to Tolkien themes be the same? Will the narrative places in which to insert the spin-offs be the same? Will the topics covered be different?

To stir your curiosity, I leave you here a fanfiction that qualifies as a small spin-off, set after the coronation of Aragorn. A Lady High and Valiant (you can read it here!), written by Nineveh_uk, is a brief dialogue between Éowyn and Éomer, in which he talks about Faramir and Éowyn's future.

Two words on the "plot voids" de The Lord of the Rings

It is also further interesting to see how courses are organized today in which stories are written to fill “a void in the plot”. On the contrary, a few weeks ago half of the Tolkien pages or groups were raised up due to the fact that George RR Martin had dared to suggest that he would develop more certain themes that Tolkien has only hinted at. We discussed it Thu.

But it is a good thing that someone fantasizes about how certain ideas or certain plots just mentioned could develop, because it is normal that Tolkien had not described every single action of every single character, or that he was interested in doing it. However, recognize this fact and wanting to fill this void is not a crime.

Tip 2: spin-off on Lobelia!
Tip 2: spin-off on Lobelia!

Information and dates on Wu Ming's laboratory 4

The laboratory on The Lord of the Rings will take place every Tuesday, from 5th November al 17th December 2019, presumably at the Department of Letters and Philosophy (via Tomaso Gar 14, Trento) ofUniversity of Trento.

The laboratory can have at most 30 participants, who must send the application form and theirs studio curriculum to Prof. Francesca Di Blasio ([email protected]). Among the other teachers involved, we see Fulvio Ferrari and Andrea Binelli, whose observations on the first translation of The Lord of the Rings we have talked Thu.

The laboratory can be used as an internal internship, making money 2 credits. If you are not enrolled at the University of Trento, you can still attend the laboratory, only without sending the final spin-offs and without earning the two credits.

THU you can download the laboratory information by going to the Download box on the right and opening the folder "Proposals for Languages". THU instead, on the AIST website, you will find the data course specifications.