Maybe many of you won't know him but Fblthp is one of the characters, once secondary but now primary, of the card game Magic: the Gathering.

However, we are not here to talk about this famous card game, although surely in the future we will have the opportunity to spend a few words, but to talk about the most famous Omunculo of Ravnica.

Fblthp is nothing but the comic parenthesis in a critical situation! How many times in our games, in TV series, in books and in films, do we need those minutes to ease the tension to bring the narration back to a more peaceful situation and then start a climax that brings the user towards the plot twist.

In the films of "The Lord of the Rings" we have Gimli relegated to that task, even if there is no trace in the books of all the speck scenes with which his character has been stuffed; in the saga of Margareth Weiss and Tracy Hickman, "Dragonlance", we have Tasslehoff; or in the two Star Wars trilogies we have the very successful character of C3PO and the less successful character of "Darth" Jar Jar Binks.

The history of Fblthp

The story of our little hero is very sad. Left to work in the gardens of the Magistrate of the Senate Azorius, in the city of Ravnica, the little boy passed his life in a carefree and happy way until a member of the guild exploited him to arrest a kidnapper of another guild (Rakdos). Following the action, the little guy was "Completely Lost".

Fblthp is completely lost in the crowd
Careful little boy!

Even the colored text of the card places the accent perfectly on his absurd situation: "Fblthp had always hated the crowd".

Over the course of the expansions, and over the years, our little hero appeared other times and, as he did so, the players and fans launched into the most disparate searches and the poor guy was found inside the sewers ...

Fblthp in the sewers
But how did you get in there?

On a staircase during the riots ...

Fblthp in the midst of a riot
Follow that Boros Fblthp!

And also to a very special theatrical show ...

Fblthp knows that it hurt to follow that Boros
Maybe it was better if you didn't follow that Boros 🙁

In the midst of a marching army ...

Our "hero" in the ranks of an army
Come on! You're almost there! They are coming to get you.

With the latest expansion, in addition to receiving a card of its own that makes it completely understand its inability to find its way home, we can find the little guy on the head of the statue of Nicol Bolas, the current "absolute evil" of Magic: the Gathering .

The homunculus on the head of the statue of Nicol Bolas
And now how are you going to get off?

Send help to Fblthp… please

Now there is a terrible doubt: but how the hell did he end up there, but above all will he manage to survive everything that is going to happen on Ravnica? I sincerely hope so because the little guy has broken through my heart as an old player and arbiter of this game.

If it does something happens not only myself, but also a large slice of fans, would be desperate, as we can see in this heartfelt appeal on the page of Mark Rosewater, chief designer of Magic: the Gathering.

porter222 asked: Maro, I'm really getting worried about Fblthp. He seems more lost than ever in the art of March of the Multitudes… How did he end up there? Will he ever find his way home? Please send help 🙁

It's the "Quantum Leap" of Ravnica. Will he ever get home?

Undoubtedly someone has responded to the message of help as we can see in this image of a possible older brother of Fblthp who goes around the world-city of Ravnica in search of the missing person.

Fblthp's search through the city proved as difficult as filtering the rain to find a single drop of blood.

Fblthp's search through the city proved as difficult as filtering the rain to find a single drop of blood.


I am almost sure that in your campaigns you too have tried to use this small narrative device to be able to ease the tension before the "end" and therefore we ask you if you would like to tell us which little monsters or nice events you staged and then psychologically destroy your players !