With "The grip of the dark"Continues the saga of the invasion of Erondár by a multitude of undead summoned by the necromancer Saul Jeranas.

The title page of The Vice of Darkness is characterized by the heraldic symbol of the mini-saga of the undead
The symbol on the title page indicates the continuation of the mini-saga of the undead

As usual, those interested in the history of the "Dragonero the RebelCan find it in this article summary.
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Fear of the dark
Fear of the dark
I have a constant fear that something's always near
... "

Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark, 1992, Iron Maiden

The grip of the dark

In The Grip of the Dark, Sera faces the undead Black Queen and her dragon on her griffin Nyx.
The darkness holds Ian and his companions in an inexorable grip

The struggle against Leario's Theocracy must necessarily be suspended. This is what Emperor Nahim, Vrill Ausofer, Alben, Ian, Myrva, Gmor, Sera, Briana, Aura and Mimr, the council of war, decide. The population, in fact, has been abandoned at the mercy of the undead horde that inexorably heads towards the capital Vàhlendàrt, and therefore the Swords of Justice rightly decide to intervene. After all, as we know, the victory against the followers of the Lady of Blood Tears also passes only from the "simple" bringing help where the central power withdraws. A cynical thought, yes, but a pragmatic one!

In The Grip of Darkness the Swords of Justice, led by Emperor Nahim, move to help the population abandoned by the forces of Theocracy
The Swords of Justice help the population, left to itself. Tomorrow they will remember to take sides against the Theocracy

Once again the comrades are forced to separate, each with their own mission.
To counter the unclean nature of Saul Jeranas it is necessary to recover the Stone of the Dark. Aura sets out in search of this powerful relic; to do so she will have to go down to the Vampire world to meet the sorceress Savyna.
Sera will be her support but, once separated from the sorceress, she finds herself having to cross arms against a terrible enemy, risen from the ravines of Ekhelas, seeking revenge.

In The Grip of the Dark, Sera confronts Yen Ail, one of the Black Queens, killed by her and now seeking revenge astride her undead dragon.
The most spectacular battle. Evening meets an old enemy, "Animated" from a desire for revenge and revenge

Ian, Gmor and Myrva make their way to the capital. Our hero, however, is mercilessly hunted by the undead, irresistibly attracted by the "song" of his dragon blood ... but also Briana, in whose womb Dragonero's daughter is growing, is in enormous danger!

Alben, Ian, Myrva and Gmor head towards Vàhlendàrt tightly in The grip of the dark
Alben, Ian, Myrva and Gmor head towards Vàhlendàrt who is about to be overwhelmed by Saul Jeranas' undead horde

Episode analysis

After three numbers at the helm of which he was present Stefano Vietti, we witness the passing of the baton to Luca Enoch. It could only be like this, with the alternation of the two creators of Dragonero in such a delicate moment for the equilibrium of the Erondár.

Now, from half sentences said in the editorials and hints in past issues, it is clear that no matter how shocking this invasion will be, it will not be the most terrible event that Ian and his companions will have to face ...

Enoch, with his usual skill, begins to move, "The grip of the dark“, The pieces on the board. Already in the first pages you sow the seeds of what will happen in the next few issues, because in fact the horde of undead is heading towards Vàhlendàrt? What does Saul Jeranas crave? How will their intervention alongside the population abandoned by Leario move the course of the war of the Swords of Justice, led by Emperor Nahim?

Enoch also closes old threads left behind, with Aura's mission in the world of vampires and brings up Sera grappling with a question that not even death seems to have concluded and gives us a real moment badass by Vrill Ausofer!

Here's about Sera, despite the saga of “Dragonero the Rebel"Has been very unanimous up to this point, and our elf has had a very important register completely focused on her, lately it seems a bit neglected, yet the weight of the events of the Battle against the Black Queens has left deep scars on her , so the few episodes where he peeped out didn't leave much room for his inner turmoil. We can only hope to read narrative arcs in the future that see her more present.

To return to future developments again in nuce neither "The grip of the dark", We can only dwell on the need that Saul Jeranas, through his unstoppable horde, has for the dragon blood of Ian and his daughter, Elara, still in Briana's womb.

In The Vice of Darkness there is also room for a tender but heartbreaking greeting between Ian and Briana, heartbreaking because who knows when they will meet again ...
A tender greeting gripped by the grip of the impending darkness. Who knows if when Ian and Briana will be able to meet again ...

To pull the strings of the speech made so far, the answers (few) and the questions (many) on what awaits the future of Ian and his companions in this particular juncture, I can only consider this issue a very important junction for the Dragonero saga.

At the opening

Luca Barbieri, in the editorial Chronicles of the Rebellion, traces in a very summary way the chronology of the events linked to the figure of Saul Jeranas. The first appearance of the necromancer was in the comic novel "Black Dragon“, Released in 2007, his last memory was him plunging into the Mahuōvháco, the Great Void. The story was then re-proposed in the hardcover "Dragonero - The Origins“, Also sold out for some time, and finally one new edition will now be released in late May. Sal Jeranas then reappeared in "The guardians of Malagart” (“Black Dragon"N. 35, April 2016), resurrected by the sorceress Savyna thanks to the Stone of the Dark, and finally recovered his human form thanks to a dark ritual of an ancient vampire lord in "The blood lords” (“Black Dragon"N. 71, April 2016).
Now there is only to wait for the final clash between Alben and Saul Jeranas ...

Drawings & lettering

On the cover, Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors), focus on one of the stories told, not the most important, but perhaps the most spectacular. Since Sera is the undisputed protagonist of that particular fight, perhaps, for once, we would have preferred not to see Ian on the cover ...

As already mentioned, in this issue several events are recounted, and therefore a single artist was called to take care of the drawings: Antonella Platano. The artist has been repeatedly called upon to give shape to the stories of the "Dragonero the Rebel“, So he is completely at ease in portraying the most disparate situations. There is no doubt that the designer is able to move between the most disparate environments, from a meeting in a room, to a siege, to a battle in the sky, to a corrupt parallel world, to a slow and inexorable advance on the seabed. Each of these theaters is characterized in its own uniqueness, but a continuous bottom line is always maintained which gives the register the feeling that a single story is being told.

Back to the lettering department Marina Sanfelice.

In the next issue, "The red streets of Vàhlendàrt” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N. 32, June 9), we can only imagine why the streets of Vàhlendàrt will be red ... let's see if the sword of Dragonero will be able to stand between the undead horde and the population!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár