Ready to fight alongside, or against, "The gods of the arena"?

We got a taste of the start of the uprising (Thu), some political and social aftermath around the Erondár (Thu), we waited with the Rebels for their new assignments (Thu), and now we are ready to follow Ian and Gmor in the mission devised for them by Vrill Ausofer!

The adventure starts where we left off last month, with our two undercover friends at a gladiator arena in Vâchondàr, in the southern territories of Erondár.
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Sink the blade into a man's flesh, and they will love you for it.

Proximo, "The Gladiator", Ridley Scott, 2000

"The gods of the arena"

The aim of Ian and Gmor is to save Prince Sarkis, the last heir to the throne, following the death of his brothers during the War of the Black Queens, of the kingdom of Himyara. It goes without saying that bringing him home unharmed from the arena, where he is also under a false name, would be worth the clandestine support of his father in the fight against the Erondarian Theocracy to the Rebels.

To fully enjoy all the aspects of the episode, the editorial by Luca Barbieri may be enough, or take it off our shelf "The princess of the sands"(Dragonero Speciale n ° 4, July 2017), or even recover in the bookshop, or comic shop, when they reopen, the new Dragonero hardcover that proposes the aforementioned story.

Cover of the special "The princess of the sands", closely related to "The gods of the arena"
The princess of the sands

But what have Prince Majdy, his wife Abayomi and his have to do?shield and sword bride', Gaëlig with the mission of Ian and Gmor?

Dragonero together with Majdy, Abayomi and Gaëlig, who return in "The gods of the arena"
Majdy, Abayomi and Gaëlig

Let's say that this intertwining complicates things a little for our dynamic duo, who juggle the cutting edge, and it can be said that given the setting, between the dangers of the arena and the more subtle fabrics of the nobility, diverting attention of their lanista, the dwarf Kevork (dwarves and gladiator arenas ... someone remembers the dwarf Arack, with his fellow ogre Raag, de "The fate of the twins”First novel in the Dragonlance Legends trilogy by the pens of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman?).

Lenist dwarf Kevork threatens Ian, the life of "The Gods of the Arena" is hard
Kevork and Ian, the threat seems serious to me here...

But there are not only pitfalls in the rooms of the nobles to be solved in the shadow of the alleys, life is perpetually endangered in the center of the arena. The designer Riccardo Latina is able to fully portray the violence of the clashes between gladiators but, while for those who fight it is a question not only of life and death, but of honor, for the spectators it is only a thirst for blood and money.

The final fight, the result of the latest intrigue, keeps us in suspense as it is tight and uncertain in its outcome. How will it end? I'm certainly not here to spoil you. Go to the newsstand, or wait to be able to get it in the comic store, and read it!

The comic medium also talks about something else!

As we have had the opportunity to reiterate several times, the Dragonero episodes have different layers of interpretation ("like onions”Cit., There is always an ogre in the middle!

The "horizontal" plot, the fight against the Erondarian Empire, is linked to the "vertical" one of the episode, that is to save the prince to make himself a powerful ally, which in turn intersects the story of some secondary characters of the saga of Dragonero, and last but not least, the possibility of dealing with complex issues.
Neither "The Guardians of Stone“, For example, we witnessed intolerance towards a social and religious minority, in this adventure, however, Luca Enoch deals with the emotional and intimate relationship between the two supporting actors of the episode. The screenwriter is able to skilfully outline a strong, passionate, sincere, but above all tender bond (illustrated effectively by Riccardo Latina), far from prejudice and exploitation, but the son of a traditional society.

General reflections on the work "Black Dragon"

This is one of the most interesting aspects of Dragonero, namely that the world created by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti is alive and in constant change; the characters we have met in the past can return, and will certainly return, in other episodes, and at the same time their lives have continued, have evolved.

"Dragonero, the Rebel"Will be back on newsstands with"The voice of the deep forest”(N ° 6) on April 8, we read around (we hope)!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár